“End of the COVID Pandemic Hoax” prompts timely nationwide cheer


by Kieron McFadden

The latest announcement from the government regarding a relaxation of the lockdown rules is being hailed as “the beginning of the end” of what is popularly known as the “COVID Pandemic Fraud”.

The relaxation, in essence an admission by the government that its much-touted “pandemic” has been a hoax, is seen as an effort to appease growing civil unrest.

It is the clearest signal yet that the government considers that its pretence is no longer tenable in so far as if there were a true “killer pandemic” occurring, a relaxation even for a week of efforts to combat it  would be an unthinkable act of homicidal stupidity.

As one observer put it, “It would be like quarantining people infected with a real killer like The Black Death so they don’t infect everyone else and then letting them roam around quarantine-free for a week at Christmas. In the context of a real outbreak such an action would be irresponsible nonsense and result in bodies piling up in hospitals and morticians.”

Therefore, many are celebrating this latest evidence that criminal factions within the government itself, aided and abetted by collaborators in the less-honest sections of the media, have lost the so-called War on Truth as the extent of their hoax becomes public knowledge.

As one anonymous source put it:

“This really is good news as it indicates the government has all but given up on its effort to hoodwink the nation. This is understandable given the mountain of evidence stacking up against it, the loss of public confidence and support and the growing demand that the perpetrators of the hoax stand trial.”

The government, however, has suggested that more pointless restrictions may be back with a vengeance, with further juggling of the statistics to “justify” them, after the Christmas easing. Whilst it still clings to power the clique responsible for the operation can be expected to continue to wring as much destruction form the situation as their botched coup has afforded.

However, the architects of the scam are increasingly nervous as it is considered unlikely the public will tolerate more attacks on their liberty and prosperity now that the artificially engineered justification for them has evaporated.

It is believed that many ministers and their henchmen are in a state of near-panic as this latest effort to deceive the nation suggests.

As for the true motives for the hoax, investigations by concerned patriotic citizens’ organisations are ongoing to discover which enemy of the country they are taking their orders from.

“End of the COVID Pandemic Hoax” prompts timely nationwide cheer