“Easing” the Lockdown: How Macron Pursues the Destruction of France

ER Editor: We confess to being completely unable to stomach Macron’s speech to the nation two nights ago. We left it to family members to relay the psychologically manipulative, dizzyingly confusing news of what would be opened up after the recent lockdown and what wouldn’t. And he didn’t disappoint.

As Agoravox journalist Alexandre Gerbi notes below, it’s just opening up sufficiently enough to release the safety valve of public frustration while the demolition of the economy continues. With a population still largely asleep.

Gerbi mentions a curious fact about Macron that was recently going around on Twitter in relation to some other globalist sell-outs such as Tulsi Gabbard. Macron currently occupies the title of Young Global Leader, along with Gabbard and a few other ‘notables’ such as Amal Clooney. Here is their site set to the search function: Young Global Leaders / Community. Check for your very own Young Globalist Sellout there. The results are rather interesting, if not sickening. Several young royals you’ve never heard of are listed. It’s certainly George Carlin’s ‘you’re not in it’ club.

Gerbi offers us 3 scenarios under which this nation-destroying nightmare may be brought to a stop. We’re rather hoping the police and military wake up sooner rather than later.


“Easing” the Containment: How Macron Pursues the Destruction of France… and Three Hypotheses for a Successful Outcome or Not


The bewilderment of the French and the resulting collective irresolution: such is the drama that threatens the country with death, now in the short term. Macron plays like a virtuoso on all the strings, to maintain the greatest confusion in the spirit of the people. In order to paralyze it and lead it towards the abyss.

Analysis of the assassination of a Nation and hypotheses of exit, for a disaster scenario already well underway …


This Tuesday, November 24, 2020, Emmanuel Macron should once again take the floor to address the French people.

According to a now proven technique, the media, duly informed by true-false government leaks, have already drawn the contours of the presidential intervention. An “easing” of the confinement should be announced by the President of the Republic. Small “non-essential” businesses, already dead or dying, should be able to reopen at least partially, according to plans to be specified. Cafés, restaurants, sports halls, and ski resorts should remain closed at least until mid-January. As for cinemas, theaters and other theaters, the vagueness dominates, but it seems that all should remain closed for a long time…

We can see it: these measures, presented as “softenings”, whatever the details, will in fact be a new way to keep the containment creeping. In other words, to prolong its misdeeds.

From a more tactical angle, with the pressure cooker showing signs of an imminent explosion, Macron will quietly open a few valves. With the explosion thus avoided, Jupiter will be able to screw the lid on even more. To better maintain the fire under the pot, and help the fire to spread a little more in the house…

Systematic antiphrasing

It’s a great irony that the one that consists, under cover of relaxing the containment, to ensure its durability…

Macron is a master in the art of antiphrasing. When he expresses an idea, it is the exact opposite that must be understood. These last eight months have brought a long series of illustrations.

Thus, the Head of State, with his hand on his heart, claims to be attached to public liberties, while he never stops crushing them.

He claims to protect the economy, while his policies cause, day after day, thousands of business failures and the unemployment of cohorts of employees and the self-employed.

He claims to have become aware of the importance of the public hospital, whereas in eight months of the epidemic, he has created only a derisory number of intensive care beds and nursing stations.

He claims to be doing everything possible to fight the virus, while his government has banned Hydroxychloroquine, an essential molecule in the Raoult Protocol, one of the only known effective treatments for Covid-19, on spurious grounds.

So many acts and lies whose contradictions are only apparent, since they all point in the same direction: to encourage the continuation of the epidemic, to perpetuate hospital overcrowding, and to put the economy on the back burner.

According to the political opposition and the press, these inconsistencies and untruths are the result of government incompetence. This is a very practical analysis, since it allows the Executive to be cleared of the high treason trial.

But it is true that to accuse the government of deliberately acting to the detriment of the interests of the people and the country is worth the mortal trial of “conspiracy” to its holders…

Incompetence and stupidity as smoke screens

While Macron, the ministers and senior officials around him are anything but fools, their decisions, sometimes absurd, sometimes deleterious, are systematically blamed on incompetence or even sheer stupidity.

In this way, a much more plausible explanation is discarded: cynicism and betrayal. These consist, through a series of contradictory (but systematically harmful) decisions, in sowing confusion in the minds of citizens and ultimately sowing destruction.

This skillful smokescreen prevents any awareness of the true nature of the government’s aims, and consequently defuses any coherent popular reaction, despite the extent of the damage caused.

In another way of drowning the fish, journalists as well as the opposition (1) repeat over and over again that the disastrous government policy is inspired by fear of the courts.

Strangely enough, it seems to come to nobody’s mind that when it comes to banning Hydroxychloroquine, authorizing the dangerous Remdésivir or the lethal Rivotril, trampling on civil liberties in defiance of the Constitution, or taking completely aberrant measures that demolish the worlds of culture, restoration, crafts or small commerce, suddenly the government no longer seems to fear any lawsuit…

In reality, at the antipodes of any fear of justice, what should strike and even astound is the sense of impunity that clearly prevails in the heads of government.

Must the protections enjoyed by Macron and his servants be immense, for them to allow themselves to go so far in the lie, betrayal and catastrophe they fabricate day after day, month after month?

In fact, the facts speak for themselves. And the elements abound, which illustrate this feeling of impunity, this arrogance in imposture, according to the old formula of “the bigger the better”.

Among countless examples, one only has to look at the aplomb with which the European Commission, in which the French government is a stakeholder, has ordered for a billion euros (a dizzying sum, once again…) a notoriously ineffective and harmful drug, the now famous Remdésivir from the American laboratory Gilead. On June 24, 2020, in front of the French parliamentary commission, Professor Didier Raoult (pictured below), with his worldwide reputation and his absence of conflict of interest, denounced the extent of the corruptive activities of the same laboratory Gilead to medical and political authorities…

All corrupt, therefore all united: this is the appalling pattern that presides over the tragic destiny of France and, beyond, of many European countries.

Without saying anything about the rest of the world…

The ruin of the State at the service of the ruin of the economy

According to the Ministry of the Economy, locking down costs 15 billion euros each month. That is 500 million euros per day. An absolutely staggering sum.

But this amount only reflects the cost of containment for the State. The direct destruction of businesses, with its cascading aftermath, bankruptcies and unemployment by hundreds of thousands, ruined craftsmen and small traders, represents as many additional individual disasters and misfortunes. All these ravages add up to well over 500 million euros per day. Taking everything into account, to get closer to the truth, it would probably be necessary to at least double the sum.

Worse still, and this is an essential point that everyone should be aware of: these hundreds of millions of euros that go up in smoke every day are not just a dead loss. Presented as the instrument of a rescue, these gigantic sums are in reality the means of destruction. The billions injected by the government syringe make it possible to anesthetize the people. By temporarily alleviating the effects of confinement, they prevent the awareness and thus the revolt of its victims.

In other words, while seriously mortgaging the future of the state’s finances, the fortunes spent by Macron on the backs of the French, the supreme irony, make it possible to continue the destruction of the confinement that is digging the graves of these same French people.

This is the principle of the “Double Ruin” that we described in a previous article. Every euro spent by the state, synonymous with increased public debt, allows for further destruction in the real economy. The money injected does not just evaporate: it allows the demolition of economic activity. Until a feedback effect is triggered, each ruin – that of the public finances, that of the economy – amplifies each other. At the end of the road, the final collapse.

We can see Macron’s interest in prolonging the confinement as long as possible: the longer it lasts, the more the “Double Ruin” is amplified, and the more the final cataclysm is guaranteed…

And the more inevitable the liquidation of the French social model, at the end of the process, will be.

The “Nuremberg” of Covid-19

The cocktail is detonating: high treason, corruption everywhere and up to the highest level of the State, trampling on public liberties while waiting for human rights (some spokesmen of macronism, deputies or journalists, propose to deprive of social life, or even to intern those who would refuse the vaccine “recommended” by the government …), finally, crime against humanity, since tens of thousands of lives have been sacrificed on the altar of small and large arrangements between friends …

Some invoke the need for a “Nuremberg” of Covid-19, which will necessarily have to close this criminal historical sequence. The relevance of the parallel thus implicitly drawn between the abominations currently perpetrated and those of Nazism will not be discussed here. On the other hand, it will be remembered that in the event of a return to the republic and democracy, a vast trial will be required, as in 1945. This trial will have to establish the responsibilities of each party. Heavy sanctions will have to be pronounced, to prevent as much as possible the repetition of such phenomena in the future.

It will be a question not only of bringing to justice and condemning the corrupt leaders, but also all those who made their actions possible. In particular, the journalistic world, which for months now, instead of assuming its role of counter-power and informing the people, has been flouting the Journalists’ Charter in exchange for more or less well garnished lentil dishes, contributing to sowing the terror that is tetanizing the crowds, manipulating the numbers, protecting the government.

Unfortunately, from these damning observations at a Covid-19 Nuremberg, there is a long way to go from the cut to the lips…

The three hypotheses

And at this stage, several hypotheses can be envisaged.

The first, not the least pessimistic, consists of a coup d’état fomented by the forces of law and order and the army. No doubt that in this case, Macron will soon jump into a Falcon and fly away to more clement skies. On some sunny island, lavishly paid by all those to whom he rendered service by emptying the coffers of the French state in what historians will describe as one of the greatest swindles of all time, the gravedigger of the French economy will be able to spend happy days between champagne, luxury food and other orgies. As for the devastated and ruined France, if the military, for the most part traditionally loyal to republican legality, makes the mistake of giving power back to the political class, its inhabitants will only have to rely on a government turned into a trustee in bankruptcy. The latter will bury the French social model with crocodile tears, while auctioning off the family jewels. Without a doubt, agent Macron will have been succeeded by another agent, probably a “Young Leader” like him, at the price of yet another cleverly orchestrated political and media trick.

In the second hypothesis, even more pessimistic, Macron would manage, by dint of subterfuge, with bogus polls to support it, to maintain the illusion of a majority and gradually establish a dictatorship. Complete enslavement of the press and the media, systematic surveillance and censorship of the Internet, elimination of opponents, rigging of elections by voting machines and postal voting, recurrent use of general confinement under the pretext of health, compulsory vaccination used as a pretext for the digital control of individuals… The main condition for the realization of this scenario would be the credulity of a large part of the population. In the current state of affairs, there is nothing to rule out this possibility, since after eight months of destruction of the economy and the ruin of millions of them, many French people continue to swallow one by one the government snakes skillfully accredited by the media. Notably the totally implausible storytelling of a “health crisis”, even though it is common knowledge that the lethality rate of Covid-19, which according to studies varies between 0.1% and 0.6%, hardly exceeds that of an average flu. The fact that a large number of French people continue to attribute to the virus and to a so-called “health crisis” the misdeeds that are in reality essentially the consequence of the government’s criminal policy, demonstrates the blindness and gullibility of many of them, and leaves them fearing the worst for the future, while leaving the greatest prospects to Macron.

Third hypothesis, the only one that gives some hope to France and its people: that the Macronian swindle should suddenly become so blatant to a large number of French people that they suddenly enter into revolution, take to the streets, rally the police, the gendarmerie and the army, and manage to bring Macron down, to seize him, while imposing a replacement government that is not a new puppet of the plutocrats. This government cannot, of course, be made up of any of the politicians or high-ranking civil servants who, through their complicity or silence, have acted as de facto allies of Macron’s treason.

The latter scenario is extremely unlikely.

The future is decidedly murky.

“Easing” the Lockdown: How Macron Pursues the Destruction of France

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