Dog succeeds in voting in US elections. Not a joke.

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Biden’s silent majority revealed

You’ll get frustrated watching this one minute video, but watch it to the end, wait for the punch line! Time is running out for this video, Twitter is definitely not going to let this one live.

If they succeed in stealing this election –


So far it is limited to national defense, with the firing of Mark Esper.

But there is more: Trump will now be holding rallies to fight the steal. This is BIG, and EXACTLY the right thing to do. Waiting for updates, ONE FIRING DOWN, 2 TO GO. This HAS TO be done if any battle to stop the steal is to be effective.


A woman had a service dog who was being trained at a local college and was therefore registered as a student. The dog’s electronic ID tag had a number format that matched a social security number. The college had it’s database searched by those who stole the election, they took EVERYONE at that college, registered them to vote, and voted for them, INCLUDING THE DOG. The woman then received an e-mail telling her that someone under her dog’s name and age of 18 had voted and that it was a registered vote. She then checked her own legitimately cast vote, and it was not counted.

I obviously have this one saved and when it vanishes, I’ll serve it from here.

I embedded this one, because it is just too preposterous:

If they succeed in stealing this election –

What is done on this site will shift from being conspiracy news to focusing on where Americans can go to avoid genocide. It will happen quick. If Kamala and Biden “suddenly deliver” on that wall that “Trump failed to put up”, the only reason will be to lock Americans in so they are cornered and can be killed off. I am not kidding, it is THAT serious.

IF they succeed in stealing this election, it will prove that both sides of the government are so corrupt they endorse genocide. Communists ALWAYS commit genocide EVERY time they take over a society, with Russia and China being the best examples. Wake up call: America is on the edge of being the best example EVER. Their target? 220 million. And it will all happen with people in medical suits carting away “Coronavirus victims”. They used coronavirus to steal this election and WILL use it as cover for the subsequent genocide. If Trump does not make it amongst all this obvious out in the open fraud, it will mean that a majority of the government does not care about the next election, because if you supported Trump, you won’t be around to vote.

MARK MY WORD: If Trump does not file lawsuits TODAY, en masse, as stated, he has traitors in his immediate circle of association and it will be GAME OVER. Don’t place bets on Giuliani being trustworthy, he’s still lying about 911 and may have done the Hunter Biden leaks to make good and sure it is Kamala that gets inaugurated.

If Trump does not file lawsuits today, and gun owners do not respond by the end of November, you had better pack your bags if you are a registered Republican because they will definitely be coming for you and their stated objective, posted right here on this page, with them saying it live on video, is YOUR ELIMINATION to prevent you from ever voting again. You have been warned, you will HAVE TO flee the United States.

Here is the reality we are living in: After the most rigged election in history, the only people arrested were poll watchers who tried to stop it. LET THAT SINK IN.

SIMILAR TAKE from Natural News.

TAP – Both sources might be missing the point as explained at the end.  Both parties are being choreographed into a military dictatorship to get the vaccine compulsorily distributed, and the Great Reset launch in 2021.

Multiple media outlets are reporting today that President Trump has just fired Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary and a known deep stater who opposes Trump’s authority. He is being replaced by Christopher Miller, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Understand that the election theft was conducted in real time on Nov. 3rd, using the Dominion software, created by a corporation partially owned by Nancy Pelosi. During the election, the real-time data were shunted offshore, where calculations were run to produce action lists for stealing the votes in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan, and then Hammer and Scorecard (created by the CIA) were used to alter the votes in real time, in the voting machines.

Deep source insiders have been telling me for days that an “epic counter attack” against the deep state is about to be launched by Trump. We don’t know the details about this counter attack, but we do know that Trump has two options which involve deploying the military to save the Republic:

Option #1) Invoke the Insurrection Act and declare the Democrats’ blatant vote rigging and outrageous censorship to be a “rebellion” against the United States of America. Order military police to arrest the thousands of high-level traitors who tried to carry out a communist-influenced coup against the United States, including all the CEOs of Big Tech as well as the heads of the corrupt Democrat party. More details here.

Option #2) Invoke Sec. 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment, which calls for Trump to strip Electoral College votes from all states engaged in acts of rebellion against the United States, which of course includes rigged election theft and vote fraud. More details here. And here.

Both of these options will likely require deploying elements of the military in left-wing cities in order to first carry out the arrests of the traitors and then maintain the rule of law as left-wing terrorists rise up and try to stage a kinetic coup / civil war in America’s streets.

Because Mark Esper is a left-leaning deep state traitor, he had to be removed and replaced in a run-up to Trump launching his counter attack against America’s domestic enemies.

Watch for possible firings of Christopher Wray (FBI) and Gina Haspel (CIA) in the coming days. Bill Barr at the DOJ may even be on the chopping block, as he has proven to be nothing more than another deep state actor who used his power to protect the left-wing traitors who are trying to destroy America.

Mass arrests coming?

Rumors are circulating about “10 days of darkness” during which there will be a nationwide internet outage as Trump’s patriots make thousands of arrests of left-wing traitors. This rumor seems to be wishful thinking, so don’t make any plans based on it, but there’s no question that Trump knew this election would be stolen, as he repeatedly warned about it in advance. Trump is a strategic genius, and that means he planned for this. Is there a sting operation under way? We don’t know for sure, but we are certain none of this vote rigging was a surprise to Trump.

Now, with Esper being replaced, it’s a strong indication that Trump is planning a role for the U.S. military in defending this Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The corrupt, criminal Democrats must be brought down or we lose this country forever. Trump knows that, and he’s about to launch a counter attack that will be nothing less than historic.

Prepare yourself, patriots. When Trump defeats Biden and the deep state, the lunatic Left will explode with violence all across America. They will activate their last-ditch effort to overthrow America by force. When that day comes, it’s a “weapons free” moment for all patriots to defend their nation and their president against those domestic enemies who are trying to destroy it all.

Other sources like The Corbett Report and see the two parties working together to collapse the political system – and presumably bring in a military dictatorship in time for COVID vaccination, and the 2021 Great Reset.