Biden/Kamala are nowhere near securing the Presidency

The Fake 2020 Presidential Election

aka electile disfunction


First written November 3

As usual this is just my opinion

by Miles Mathis

I was going to wait until the outcome to publish this, but that looks like it will be in the distant future. As of Friday, I now think the AP will soon call the election for Biden, but I expect lawsuits to hold up a final decision until late December. So I am going to go ahead and post this.

The first part was written Tuesday night, but I am not rewriting it, so that you can see the original state of my analysis. You will then see my commentary expand as the results mysteriously changed.

I told you a while ago Trump would win and I told you why: the Republican Party died around 1990 and hasn’t been capable of winning a Presidential election by honest means since then. Of course no election since the dawn of time has proceeded by honest means, so that is a complex statement. What I mean is, only about 20% of eligible voters were actually voting Republican, though you wouldn’t know it from the fake numbers reported. You could only figure it out by other means. I showed you how to do that in 2012. You will say if that is so, then I must be implying Trump stole the election. No, not really. He didn’t steal it, via Russia or anywhere else. It was all pre-arranged, with the agreement of Biden and all the rest. Biden knew he was going to lose. Trump and Biden are just political actors, hiding the real centers of power. You may know it as the deep state, but I don’t call it that because there is nothing particularly deep about it. Hidden, yes; deep, no.

Trump had to win to save the two-party system, propping it up for another four years. If they admit the Red party is dead, you see, the whole charade collapses. If that happened, there would be no reason to vote, because the Blues would be guaranteed winners. No contest. They need you to keep voting, or to at least believe other people are, since it is the last pretense of democracy. Without voting, we just have an outright tyranny, and your powerlessness is obvious. That’s why TIME changed its name to VOTE: they are trying to convince you voting is meaningful. But as things stand, it isn’t. It could be, but it isn’t. So by Trump winning, you are meant to be convinced the two parties are still about equal.

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That saves the voting process and appears to save to an extent the tattered vestige of Democracy.

Now, I have said I don’t really care who wins, and that is because I know all the rancor and division is manufactured. Both Trump and Biden are owned by the same people: Goldman Sachs, the CIA, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, Big Pharma, and so on. They are both fronts for the Phoenician Navy, so it doesn’t really matter who wins. These people are going to do whatever they want regardless, so Trump or Biden will just add a given flavor to the fascism. They will annoy you in one direction or the other, but be certain they will annoy you. That is their job. They are there to draw your eye and your attention, so you miss all the real action. So I don’t really need to write this paper. My prediction was right, so I could go to bed with a smile.

But as you know, that isn’t how I operate. I work overtime to make sure you have the facts. So I just spent the last few hours watching the “results” come in. That puts me in a position to show you just how fake this whole thing was. I will point out all the wondrous things I saw tonight. Just like I did in 2016.

First, the overall timeline. By 10:25EST I could tell from the board Trump would win. By board I mean the Google/AP board posted online, with the big map. I could tell because he was winning Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Texas, so New York and California going to Biden was meaningless. So even though Google was giving Biden a big electoral lead, I knew to ignore that. That was just a cruel trick upon the Dems. The board was telling us the opposite: Biden was in a huge hole. When AP gave Florida to Trump at 12:36, they may have well called the election, though they didn’t. Biden needed to win PA, OH, MI and WI, but it was clear he wasn’t going to. So it was actually over early.

So why am I here? I am not here to show you the steal, but the fake. This election wasn’t stolen, it was faked from the ground up by a group of guys around a table and a computer program. How could I tell? Because the numbers never made any sense from the start. They should have tried to match the procedure to previous elections, but as in 2016, they couldn’t be bothered. This election didn’t even proceed like 2016, and it was like watching an election on another planet. To start with, we saw the AP calling states before any votes had come in. They called New York, Virginia, Illinois, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii for Biden with 0% reporting, the moment the polls closed. They called Wyoming, South Dakota, and Mississippi for Trump with 0% reporting. They didn’t do that in 2016, or in 2012 either, because the only way they could do it is with exit polls. They told us after 2004 they didn’t trust exit polls, and the AP is denying they are calling elections based on exit polls. So how did they do it? The entrails of geese? They claim they know how districts have voted in the past, and they use that as a factor, but that didn’t work in 2016, which was like no election in the past. This current election was also like no other, and should have been unpredictable using only past data. It would be suicide to call states with 0% reporting based on that. As proof, we know their predictions were wrong regardless. They predicted yesterday based on past data that Biden would win easily. Whatever else happens, it won’t be that.

The creepiest data in that regard came from Virginia this time. Let me just show you the how the vote was reported there over time. I took extensive notes. As I say, Virginia was called almost immediately for Biden, but by 9:30EST and 50% reporting, Trump had a 55% lead. That’s right, Trump had a 55% lead, but the state had been called blue, and was blue on the board. By 10:20 we had 55% reporting, and Trump had 53.2% to Biden’s 45.4%. That’s not even particularly close, with over half reporting. So, again, how did the AP call it two hours earlier?

At 11:16, with 60% reporting, Trump 50.7%, Biden 47.7%. At 11:35, with 64% reporting, Trump 50.2%, Biden 48.2%.

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At 11:38, with 76% reporting, Trump 45.8%, Biden 52.7%.
At 12:00, with 67% reporting, Trump 50.1%, Biden 48.4%.
At 12:26, with 76% reporting, Trump 46.9%, Biden 51.6%.
At 12:30, with 68% reporting, Trump 50.1%, Biden 48.3%. Didn’t they already do this an hour ago? At 12:34, with 81% reporting, Trump 46.5%, Biden 52.0%.

At 1:54, with 82% reporting, Trump 46.0%, Biden 52.5%. At 3:28, with 87% reporting, Trump 44.6%, Biden 53.9%.

Do those look like real results to you? At 68% reporting, Trump still had an almost 2% lead, but within 4 minutes another 13% was reported, dropping him more than 3.5%? And how can % voting go up and down and up and down like that? Were they taking votes off the board, or admitting mistakes, or what? It makes no sense.

We saw the same with Florida, which reported 98% tallied for over an hour, then dropped back to 96% at 12:13EST. It doesn’t really matter in Florida, because that state was called for Trump soon after that, but I see it as another sign of the fake.

As with the last election, it looks like they are going to mess with everyone’s minds again by giving the Dems the popular vote. That is just a turn of the knife.

Figuring this out helps me understand the 2016 election as well, since I now think the same thing happened there. The Reds had to win to protect the two-party system and the whole charade. I had thought it was because Hillary got sick, but I no longer think that. She may have gotten sick, but the election was fixed before that. It is strange they ran Biden this time rather than her, you know, and I imagine it is because she didn’t want to be the sacrificial lamb again. Remember, she called Trump an “illegitimate President”, which is pretty strange. She would seem to be alluding to what I am telling you here. You may think she is referring to Russia, but I don’t. I think she is referring to the deeper fix. I don’t think they are saving her for 2024, since she will be 77 by then, and isn’t in great health. I doubt it will be Kamala Devi Harris, since nobody likes her. AOC won’t be old enough to run, and they would want to run her out of the Senate, anyway. So the Dems have a conspicuous talent void they need to fill fast. Come to think of it, the whole world has a talent void it needs to fill, and can’t seem to remember how it is done.

Four years ago, or even one year ago, I never thought I would say this, but I am honestly relieved that Trump won this time. Because the Republicans seem slightly more interested in ending this Covid hoax. I think a lot of real people did vote for Trump, and that is one big reason why. They are sick of this fake pandemic, and hope Trump will end it. Biden has promised to continue it and even expand it, which was part of his script to lose.

That is where I was when I went to sleep late Tuesday night. I awoke to see that they had flipped WI and MI for Biden in the middle of the night, with Trump alleging vote fraud and claiming victory. A few hours later Biden also claimed victory, by (incorrectly) saying his path to 270 was clear. According to the map now at 6:30pmEST on Wednesday, it still isn’t clear, since Nevada is moving slowly to Trump, and Trump looks like he will take GA and PA. He may even take back AZ. That leaves NC, where nothing is yet clear. It looks certain that WI will go to a recount, since the margin is . 63%. Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina are moving in that direction as well. Arizona is also a


question mark, despite the AP calling it for Biden way too early. The New York Times even disagreed with the AP’s decision, and still hasn’t called it. If Wisconsin and Michigan can flip in the last few percentages, so can Arizona. Even Texas and Florida could conceivably flip, if they followed the pattern of Michigan, so it is strange to see them called so early for Trump. So it appears the suits have decided to draw this out for maximum mental anguish. They have to keep your eyes on this as long as possible, to keep it off other things. Given the events of the past 12 hours, I would say it looks like they plan to take this to the Supreme Court again, like 2000. Of course if they do that, Trump will win in the end, but I guess Trump winning immediately didn’t create enough chaos for these guys. They have antidepressants to sell, after all, and they don’t want to let an opportunity go to waste.

While we wait, I will point out another sign of the fraud. For some reason, Google and the AP were instructed to suppress Trump’s electoral count, while rushing Biden’s. It has looked all along like Biden had a big lead, but he never did. He was in a big hole for most of the night, and only dug out around 4am, when they flipped Wisconsin and Michigan. [They now admit that. See MSN’s annoucement of Biden’s “victory” on Saturday, where they say, “Trump had held a wide lead over

Biden on the night of the election”.] Even now it is a dead heat, but they have Biden up 264 to 214. They haven’t even given Alaska to Trump, though they should know he will win it. They gave Oregon to Biden within seconds, at 0% reporting, but Trump now has almost 64% with over half the vote in in Alaska, but no one has called the state. So the same criteria aren’t being used on the two candidates, indicating bias. So Trump claiming bias is demonstrably true in this case.

And yet another thing is curious: the slowness with which votes are being reported on Wednesday. Did Nevada and North Carolina just lay everyone off at midnight? Nevada can’t be expecting 25% of total votes to be late-arriving mail-ins, so what is the delay? We might expect the last 5% to trickle in, but not the last 25%. And North Carolina’s total hasn’t budged since 11:00pm yesterday. What, no mail delivery there today? Post office closed on Wednesdays in North Carolina? I am telling you the delay was ordered just to give everyone ulcers. The word is now that North Carolina won’t start counting absentee ballots until Nov. 12! As for Nevada, it is owned by the Phoenician Navy in the most obvious fashion, remember. [Update on that, at 7pmEST the New York Times reported Nevada had already finished updates for the day, telling the press they would have another report noon Thursday. What? So counters in Nevada have, what, a two-hour workday before they hit the casinos?] [Added November 7: They have already started to flip North Carolina, contradicting earlier reports that the state would not start counting absentee ballots until Nov. 12. I just checked, and NC is now up to 98% reporting at NBC, after holding at 94% for several days. Curiously, both Trump and Biden have lost percentages, each dropping .1% while the vote total has gained 4%. So I guess all the votes in that lot went to the Libertarian and Green parties. Hohoho. But seriously, the computer programmers in NC still have 2% to play with, so anything could happen. Since they have already called the election for Biden, they don’t really need to steal NC, so maybe they won’t bother.

Texas is also a curious example, since they have allegedly counted about 10% of their late vote in the past 24 hours. But unlike in other states, Texas’ mail-ins have mysteriously shown no preference for Biden. In Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots have conveniently favored Biden by 77% to 22, but in Texas mail-ins have about split, since Trump has lost no ground there. I guess in Texas they just aren’t so scared of Covid, right? Or maybe Texas has no old people? The same applies to Florida, where Trump lost no ground to Biden in the final 4%. No old people in Florida either, I guess.

Pennsylvania is the weirdest place of all, since it was the AP’s calling it for Biden that put him over the


top. But the AP had said they would not call it until they were 99.5% sure. I have to laugh, since it reminds me of the BICEP2 catastrophe of 2014, where famous physicists lost Nobel Prizes after results had to be taken off the board. In that one, the physicists had claimed a certainty of sigma 5, or a probability of only 1 in 3.5 million they were wrong. Or a surety of 99.99998%. They were still wrong. Currently, with 2% of the vote still out in PA, Biden is up by about .5%. So, with 133,263 votes outstanding, Trump is down by 37,469. Which means Trump needs to win 78% of the final 2%. You will say that is impossible, but Biden has been winning 77% of the last 10%, so it isn’t impossible at all. All that has to happen is that a Trump supporter hacks into the computer, flipping its outcome. Arizona is looking equally strange, since Trump is now within 11,000 votes there, with 3% left to count. So there is still time to flip that one, too. C’mon guys, do it! We know you want to.]

It is the same in PA, where vote counters in Allegheny County are taking the day off, or “doing administrative work” instead of counting votes.

Also, Wisconsin was especially fishy, since it stood at 75% for a long time, with a 5.3 Trump lead. I thought they had quit counting and gone to bed. Suddenly, at 4:50am, a full 20% of the vote came in all at once, and Biden was then up by by .3 [49.4B to 49.1T]. A short time later, the percentage reporting had not changed, still being 95%, but Biden’s lead had more than doubled to .7 [49.6B to 48.9T]. I think you can see why Trump was calling fraud. Also strange is that when the next 4% came in, taking us up to 99%, that split didn’t change at all. If late votes were for Biden, as they say, then why were the last 4% points in Wisconsin a split? Trump got exactly half of the votes from 95% to 99%, so that theory is disproven.

Also curious is that Google decided to downlist the New York Times after they failed to back up the AP’s gift of Arizona to Biden. The New York Times’ coverage had been listed second all night, but on Wednesday it suddenly fell to 7th, behind the Financial Times.

So am I backing up Trump’s claims of fraud? No. I repeat that this was all pre-orchestrated. I am only pointing out that IF the election had been genuine, Trump’s claims of fraud would be justified, given the numbers reported to us over the past 24 hours. The flipping of Wisconsin and Michigan looks very strange, as does the inactivity of North Carolina, the slowness of Nevada, and the late movement in Georgia. But on Trump’s side, the early calls for him in Texas and Florida also look strange, since they don’t fit the rest of the narrative.

Here is an interesting headline from the NYT on Thursday:

Analysis: Biden appears to have an edge in votes that have yet to be counted.

If you can make sense of that, you must be psychic. If those votes haven’t been counted, how can anyone know Biden has an edge in them? We are told that is based on past performance: Biden has been winning mail-in votes by a large margin. But I am still not clear on why that would be true, unless those votes are tampered with. The NYT assures us Biden is winning 77% of mail-ins in PA, but that makes no sense. Are we expected to believe Trump voters don’t know how to mail a letter? For that number to be true, Biden’s voters would have to be 3.5 times or 250% more afraid of Covid than Trump voters, or 3.5 times more in love with the post office. Statistically impossible. The media prepped us for this, telling us Trump was against mail-ins, but he never said that. In fact, he explicitly said absentee voting was fine, and recommended it for his voters. What he said about mail-ins was that they could be used to delay results and as a method for fraud, but he never recommended his voters avoid the mail. As it turns out, he appears to have been prescient, since the controllers are indeed using

page5image3230985552 page5image3230985888 page5image3230986432

the mail-ins as part of the script here. There is no chance that real mail-ins would favor one candidate by 77%, so this whole subplot is clearly fictional.

[Added November 7: And there’s more: A voter on the ground in Fulton Co., GA, reports that on Wednesday morning the NY Times election tracker said the county had reported >98% of voting results (Wayback Machine). At this point, 439,351 total votes were reported, so if 2% were outstanding, a max of 9,000 votes remained to be counted. Today (Sat 11/7) Fulton County is still listed as reporting >98% of results, but the total vote count has ballooned to 513,624. That is an increase of over 74,000 votes, or 8x the number of remaining votes that were reported the morning after election day.

I used Wayback Machine to track what happened. On Thursday morning, the percent reporting dipped from >98% to 96%. By Thursday night around 7pmEST, the number dropped again to 93%. I remember refreshing the page around this time and thinking, “Wait, I thought Atlanta was pretty much done. Now they have more than 7% left to count in a major city?” Somehow, Fulton County was finding lots of new votes throughout Thursday – more than two days after the polls had closed.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s lead also vanished on Thursday. The day after the election, Trump had a 2% statewide lead in GA, but the extra 74,000 votes in Fulton County went to Biden at a 3-1 ratio and helped him come back. Fulton County of course contains Atlanta and is the biggest and bluest county in Georgia, so Biden would win it overwhelmingly no matter what, but it’s unclear how the NY Times and other sites got the estimated number of votes so far off.

{Added November 8: it is now being reported that Fulton County is admitting errors, and rescanning thousands of ballots that had previously been counted on Friday. This county was already under suspicion after a pipe allegedly broke on Tuesday, delaying the count from the start. Due to that “emergency”, Red observers were told to leave, since no votes would be counted. But according to people on the ground, others stayed and continued to count without Red oversight. There is also a viral video of a counter throwing away a ballot in this county, but Youtube rushed to delete the video, and the mainstream is claiming what was thrown away was an instruction sheet. But if the thing being thrown away was not a ballot, why delete the video? Why not let us decide what we are seeing for ourselves? If the video is not incriminating, why hide it? On a search for this, we find it admitted that mailmen in Kentucky and New Jersey are being prosecuted for throwing away ballots on purpose. So how is the mainstream at the same time claiming vote fraud is a myth? Isn’t throwing away ballots vote fraud? I think that it is.}

It also is never explained why it took so much longer to count Biden’s votes than Trump’s. In all the key states, but only the key states, Biden’s votes in the big cities came in long after Trump’s, sometimes 48 hours later. We are told it has to do with big cities being slower and mail-ins going heavily to Biden, but that is just a story. The mainstream media is telling us a lot of stories right now, and most of them are demonstrably false. Like for instance the one about vote fraud being a myth or a fantasy of the Republicans. You have to be kidding me. Vote fraud isn’t just a toy of the Democrats—it is used by both parties—but it is very real. Vote counting is done by computers now, and those computers are supplied to counties across the nation by only three companies. Those companies have been proved to be compromised in a myriad of ways, being owned by the same people that own the political parties. The code is secret, and locals have no way of examining it. In most cases there is no paper trail, so recounts aren’t even possible. We have to trust the computers, although it has been proven in court they aren’t trustworthy. I (Miles) know this firsthand, because I watched a computer steal my vote in 2012. How do I know? Simple: I just watched the counter. I checked the counter before I voted, then voted, then checked it again. It didn’t move. The computer was programmed not to count votes for

page6image3233534448 page6image3233534784 page6image3233535328 page6image3233535664 page6image3233535936 page6image3233536208 page6image3233536480 page6image3233536816

Ron Paul. I complained to the precinct lady, but she couldn’t have cared less. She was surprised that anyone was smart enough to watch the counter. I asked for a complaint form, but she pretended not to know what I was talking about. In my town there was no method for filing a complaint. And given the way it was done, there was no way for me to prove the number hadn’t moved. I could have filmed it, but didn’t. The problem is the voting method is completely non-transparent, and that is the way they want it. There is absolutely no way to verify it or check it or audit it. Both parties have signed off on this. That is why the Democrats did nothing about it after the obvious steal in 2000. They soon controlled Congress and the Presidency with Obama, so why didn’t they get rid of the computers that had stiffed their men Gore and Kerry? Because they had been complicit all along in the fraud. I remind you one more time that Gore voted against himself in the Senate, to finalize the 2000 vote. Make sense of that if you dare.

Anyway, my point was, the story that Biden’s vote would come in late via the mail makes just as much sense as the story that vote fraud is a myth. No proof is given except that it did. But Biden’s vote could have come in late due to a computer hack, and almost certainly did, so that is proof of nothing. In fact, I have just shown you evidence from Fulton County that is exactly what happened. The plan all along was to flip key states in late and maddening ways, to create chaos. This chaos would act as reality distortion, to cover greater crimes like the continuing looting of the treasury by the very wealthy.]

I finally thought to screengrab that, though it looked a lot different about 12 hours ago. Even so, you can see that the mainstream didn’t predict how this one would go at all. Which, if nothing else, proves they can’t predict elections either by past performance, exit polls, or other polling. Which means what they are telling you about calling elections is complete garbage.

Note that of the states Trump was supposed to win narrowly, he won by an average of 19 points. That isn’t “narrowly” that is a crush. He won all six of the toss up states. And he will take at least one of Biden’s states. Earlier in the night, he had four of Biden’s states, which is one reason I said what I did above.

Here’s a strange quote from the mainstream:


The AP declared President Donald Trump the winner of Alabama as soon as polls closed in the state, even though election offcials there had yet to release results from Tuesday’s presidential contest. The news agency did so after results from AP VoteCast and an analysis of voting statistics confrmed expectations that the state’s longstanding political trend of favoring Republican presidential candidates will hold.

Can you unwind that? They just admitted they called the winner in Alabama BEFORE any poll results were released. Why bother with ballot counts when you can just use a computer model to declare the winner?

AP VoteCast debuted just two years ago and it’s already “the new standard in election research, specifically designed to overcome the bias and inaccuracies inherent in the in-person exit poll.” But as we see, that isn’t true, since statistical analysis of past data must always be LESS accurate than exit polling. Exit polling was pretty accurate—so accurate they had to get rid of it after it showed up the steals in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. Many mainstream media articles were published after 2004 blackwashing exit polling as flawed. But the margin of error in exit polling is actually far less than in these crunches of past data that the AP is using, since those programs rely on the assumption that the future will follow the past. The 2016 election proved that wasn’t so, and it also proved that these computer models are hugely flawed. Beyond that, models like the AP are using were just used earlier this month by Goldman Sachs and many other places to predict Biden would win easily. Didn’t happen, did it?

Yesterday we got this report from ZeroHedge: senators-swing-states. Tyler Durden.

Zerohedge is a CIA front (pushing Covid), but in this case they are telling some truth. A statistical analysis shows that in swing states, Biden mysteriously got far more votes than downticket Democratic Senators than he did in other states. This is a smoking gun that votes for him were added later.

Which brings me to a new theory I just thought of. I have shown you that they have already destroyed the Republican Party, and we may now assume that was done on purpose. Trump was just a mop-up on that project, and his antics were all scripted to create dislike from a certain large sector of the population. My parents despise Trump, and that was no accident: they are supposed to. He is the Hollywood villain. But the Republican Party was destroyed long before Trump arrived. The second George Bush was a large part of that, and it was again no accident. By the time Obama showed up, most people had had enough of the Republicans to last a lifetime. Problem was, that left the Democrats out-of-balance in the two-party system. By 2008 the party was way too strong to maintain parity. This was discovered to be a major problem, since voting was the last vestige of democracy standing. If the Democrats were guaranteed to win every election, there would be no reason to vote. If people aren’t invested in the party system, their disenfranchisement becomes too obvious. Which is why the Democrats are now being heavily blackwashed. They have to be brought down to the level of the Republicans. The older Clintons have been doing that job now for many years, and Biden took up where Hillary left off, making you hate him on purpose. The controllers could have strengthened the Republicans by making them more likable, but that would have been far more difficult. It would have required charming candidates for a start, and they were fresh out of those. So it was seen as much easier and quicker to bring the Democrats down to the level of the Republicans. That would create parity in the two-party system and maintain the mirage of voting, while keeping the populace properly

page8image3234071280 page8image3234071616


I have said all that before, but here is the update. My guess is they felt they hadn’t done enough by early November to blackwash the Dems, so they needed something special to end the year on. Having Trump win again wasn’t enough. That wouldn’t bring the Dems down enough to suit the script. So my guess is the Dems are going to be implicated in major vote fraud during this cycle. Most people think Bush stole the 2000 election, so to create parity, the Dems need to be caught in something equally bad, or worse.

That is the only way I can explain what is going on in Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and perhaps North Carolina. The late flipping in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania is really suspicious, and my guess is that Trump lawsuits will uncover major vote manipulation. When the Supreme Court and possibly the Senate confirm that, the Democrats will be brought low.

We now have confirmation of that from the Democratic Party itself, which is apparently being paid to blackwash itself. Former Illinois governor and Democrat Rod Blagojevich has now stated in an on- camera interview for AirTV and NewsMax that the vote is being stolen not only in Pennsylvania but in many other states, in Democrat-controlled major cities like Detroit, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and many others. The Democrats will answer that Blago—having been pardoned by Trump*—is now his puppet, but I don’t see it that way. Blago is a puppet and always was, but like the rest of these people he is a puppet of the Phoenician Navy, and he is playing his part in the current script. What Blago is saying today the Supreme Court may be saying tomorrow.

I remind you that I think the whole election was manufactured from the ground up, so I am not saying this fraud actually happened. In other words, I don’t think Biden himself or even the Democratic Party planned and executed this. It was done from much higher up. I think Biden agreed to be part of it, but he is just an actor, not a producer or director. He had no power to cause it, and no power to resist it. No ballot boxes were physically stuffed. The controllers just made up a script and then made up some numbers. So this late-election fraud is just part of the larger election fraud that includes both parties. Trump also knew and, like Biden, is just playing a part. His direction is to chew the scenery, as usual.

Here’s an interesting quote from the AP on Friday:

In one case dismissed Thursday, a Michigan judge noted that the state’s ballot count is over as she tossed the campaign’s lawsuit to get a closer look at local elections offcials as they process absentee ballots.

We’re seeing a lot of crazy quotes like that from mainstream sources, trying to stir your brain. At the same time, we are being told that officials are processing ballots—meaning they are counting votes— and that a judge is ruling that the count is over. Can it be both? No. But even if the count was over, that doesn’t mean there was nothing to rule on. If the Republicans were denied access to vote counting in Michigan, that is an indictable offense right there, one that can’t be dismissed because the count is finished. So this makes no sense no matter how you look at it. They admit in the next paragraph that Trump won a similar appeal in PA, so implying his lawsuits are frivolous is flat wrong.

I personally have no use for Trump and didn’t vote for him. I wouldn’t vote for either Biden or Trump for city dog-catcher. But the media bias against him in this election has been astonishing. It surprised even me. It is all manufactured for effect, but still. They didn’t even make any attempt to hide it or

page9image3234544496 page9image3234544832

tone it down. Inflating Biden’s electoral count while sitting on Trump’s was the most obvious example, but I have shown you many others.

So what does it all mean? Well, I remind you that I didn’t write this to point to vote fraud or to argue for or against Biden or Trump. Just the opposite: I wrote it to show you once again ALL the news is manufactured from the ground up, as a diversion. I feel I have to keep pushing you back to sanity, because the push from the other side is so overwhelming. I remind you once again this is all like a Hollywood movie, and is being scripted for your maximum discomfort. None of it is really happening, in the normal sense. No real votes are being counted, no real people are running for President, and no representational government is being advanced here. Nothing resembling democracy or republicanism is in evidence. Rather, what we see here is a huge psychological operation, one developed to steer you as far away from reality as possible.

I remind you that the country is being looted by the very wealthy like never before (and that is saying a lot, since it is always being looted by them), and so they have to keep your eyes off that. They need to control headlines for the rest of the year to divert your attention, and that is what this election cycle is about. I predict that as of Friday, this fiasco hasn’t even begun to peak, and that we are in for a series of fake events that make all previous elections look like a cakewalk, including the 2000 election. Big things are about to happen. But remind yourself they are all fictional and that will make it easier for you. I won’t miss a minute of sleep and I don’t want you to either. That is why I am here: to talk you down from the tree again.

Or at the very least to put you back in the right tree. If you are going to be treed, be sure you aren’t treed about Biden or Trump or this fake election. Be treed about the Federal Reserve putting many more trillions on the balance sheet—trillions you and your children and grandchildren will have to pay to the billionaires. Be treed about Bill Gates and the CDC and WHO hoisting this fake pandemic on you and prepping you for more fake vaccines. Be treed about the millions of innocent people being thrown into bankruptcy by illegal governors’ orders. Be treed about the damned facemasks that are depleting your oxygen levels, making you stupid and confused and dizzy and sick.

I tell you it is time you climbed down from the tree and started pushing back. Throw the masks in the trash and say no to the New World Disorder before it is too late. You need to immediately unionize or collectivize with every other person around you, at work and in your town, not by drawing up documents or by suing, but by acting in unison. You need to act like a robber has just walked into your business or home, requiring immediate and emergency action. You don’t have time to sit around and discuss this: you have to act on your gut response. Just nod to your coworkers or make handsigns and call an immediate strike. Say enough is enough. It is all I can stands and I can’t stands no more. Just say no to thousands of things, starting with masks. Tell them you are done going along. Tell them you don’t want that future and will not go there, starting right now. If you don’t, it’s literally your funeral.

Added November 7: It is being reported by Red outlets that 89% of Wisconsin voters voted, 23% points above the average of 66%, proving fraud. However, that has rightly been debunked by Blue sites, since 89% is the percentage of registered voters, not of eligible voters. The correct figure is 72%, which is high but not completely off-curve. It looks like Breitbart started this story, but they have posted a correction. However, both sides are making themselves look bad here, since both are covering up the real story, which is that in seven precincts in Milwaukee, more votes were cast than there were registered voters. Since Wisconsin allows same-day registration, the Blues are saying that is also explained, but it isn’t. It means that over 100% of those previously registered to vote voted, which is unheard of. So although it is possible, it is highly unlikely. It means that every single person

previously registered to vote showed up to vote, and in addition many new people who had never voted before showed up, registered, and voted on the spot. If you don’t find that story fishy in times like this, you aren’t awake. Remember, you can’t vote by same-day registration through the mail. You have to show up in person. So this flatly contradicts the other story about Biden voters being more scared of Covid than Trump voters, or more in love with the mail, or something. These precincts went to Biden, and we may assume they went to him late, in that vote dump at 4:30am early Wednesday morning.

Even stranger, I checked these figures before adding this, and as it turns out, after these numbers were reported by the Milwaukee City Wire on November 4, Milwaukee “updated” its figures, dropping the percentages of all but one precinct below 100%. As of today, wards 243, 276, 267, 273, 272, and 312 have the highest percentages, and 272 went to Trump. But I don’t see how registration numbers could have changed after November 4, so until that is explained to me, I will assume the original numbers were correct and the city simply fudged them after the fact, in response to this story. That is the way it is usually done, in my experience. Also of high interest—and not yet changed by the city—are vote totals in those five precincts that went to Biden, where we see that Biden mysteriously did much better than Clinton did against Trump. Biden’s total margin of victory in those wards was eight times what Clinton’s was in 2016. You will tell me these are black voters angry about BLM, but the precincts in question were all in the eleventh ward, in the southwest of Milwaukee. The black area of Milwaukee is in the north.

I actually crunched the numbers myself, and discovered something no one else is talking about. What we find, surprisingly, is that the black precincts that voted most heavily against Trump also had the lowest turnout. For instance, see precinct 61, which is typical of a black Milwaukee neighborhood, in that they voted against Trump by 97%, just as you would expect. But their turnout was only 71% of registered voters. As we go up the charts to higher turnouts, we also go to lower percentages for Biden. For example, see precinct 267, which had a high turnout of 89%, but only voted for Biden at 56%. So the precincts with highest turnouts were actually most likely to vote for Trump. He still lost there, but by a much smaller margin. You will say this analysis contradicts the fraud story, since Trump did better in these precincts, but it doesn’t because you would expect the fraud to be taking place in those precincts. Why? Because that is where you can fit in the fraud. You can’t fit it into a precinct that is already voting for Biden by 97%. We just saw that Biden did eight times better in those five precincts than Clinton, and he couldn’t have done eight times better in one of the black precincts. You can’t do eight times better than 97%, can you? So you have to fit it into the wealthier whiter precincts, where it is easier to hide. But that causes a further problem, because then you can’t explain the big jump against Trump as being due to BLM. Why would white Milwaukee voters like Biden so much more than Clinton? So although Trump did much worse in Milwaukee in 2020 than in 2016, it wasn’t in the black neighborhoods. He had no room to fall there, since he was already at rock bottom. He fell most in the white neighborhoods, going against expectations.

Another thing no one else is reporting on is that in those five precincts, it isn’t only the percentages that are strange, it is the totals. Total votes for both major candidates in 2016 were 3,916, in 2020 they were 6,651. An increase of almost 60% in four years. That is where the real shock is. Is Milwaukee’s population growing? No, it is decreasing, and has been since the 1960s. It has fallen by about 5,000 in the past decade. The only growth Milwaukee has seen recently is in the third ward and Walker’s Point, near downtown. Greenfield has only added a couple hundred people since 2016, so where are these 2,735 people in five precincts in the eleventh ward coming from? My guess is they don’t exist, and Trump’s lawsuits may discover that. So there is a story there, but no one else is getting it. Looks like the Trump team needs to hire me for discovery. Given my comments above and in previous papers, I don’t expect that to happen.

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To read more about the actual methods of vote fraud, start here.
Also see my links page, where you will find links to and Stephen Spooner’s youtube video, showing how it is done.
Also see this analysis of on-screen TV numbers, for real-time computer vote fraud as it is reported. Also see this 2020 whistleblower article at the NYPost.
Also see Breitbart from Sept. 27 of this year, where we are reminded that Trump gave examples of fraud in his press conference: 1) In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid during the June Democrat primary. 2) In a New Jersey special election, nearly 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud. 3) In a Florida primary, more than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California.
I also remind you of the 2012 Ron Paul fiasco, which started in the highly publicized primary in Iowa. Paul allegedly got third behind Romney and Santorum using the voting machines, which is strange given that in caucuses a couple of months later he trounced both men, taking 79% of the state, and 22 of 28 delegates. That means Paul won the Republican delegation of Iowa, but that was never reported. Most people don’t know it to this day. He also won the Republican delegations of Minnesota, Maine, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Washington, Alaska and Nevada, taking up to 88% of the votes and delegates. They closed him out of the Republican National Convention nonetheless, refusing to seat many of his delegates and literally tossing them from the building. If that isn’t election fraud, I don’t know what is.
Any real research proves that all the sites now coming up on Google assuring you vote fraud is a myth are simply lying right to your face. If you don’t believe me, try walking around them and doing your own research. You will find that difficult to do at Google, which is owned, but try using Ecosia as your search engine. You will get far more real results.

*I remind you that Blago was indicted for allegedly trying to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat and taken to court by the US Justice Department, but the jury hung on all but one charge (lying to the FBI). “Hung” means the jury did not convict him. That should have been the end of it, since juries are required to vote for conviction by a majority or unanimity. But by the whacky laws of this country, a hung jury does not lead to an acquittal. Although the prosecution has failed to prove its case, a mistrial is ordered and they get to try again! Somehow, the second jury disagreed with the first one, but the defense didn’t get to ask for the third jury. Proving bias against all defendants. Blago did appeal, and he won the appeal. Five of the biggest charges were struck down, including the central one of selling the Senate seat. So his record is clean on that. Given that, you would have expected his 14-year sentence to be considerably reduced, but somehow at his re-sentencing in district court, it wasn’t changed at all. So he was innocent of selling the Senate seat, but was in jail for it anyway. Make sense of that if you can. The way I make sense of it is by believing this is all one more fiction. Since the trials make no legal sense, I don’t believe them. I don’t believe Blago was ever in jail for a second. Either this was an earlier instance of blackwashing the Democrats on purpose, or Blago got crossways with the Phoenicians and they pulled him as Governor. As more proof of that, Illinois didn’t disbar Blago until this year, after his pardon. If this had been real, they should have disbarred him after his major conviction and jailing; but they didn’t. In support of the assumption he got crossways with the Phoenicians, remember the same thing happened to his predecessor as Governor, George Ryan. Ryan allegedly spent five years in prison for racketeering (steering state contracts). That’s a joke because that is what all politicians do. That is why they go into politics in the first place: money. If everyone who did that got prosecuted, there would be no one standing at any level. So we may assume the Phoenicians only finger those who get crossways with them. You do what the big boys say or they

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sic the Feds on you. Again, I don’t believe Ryan spent one second in jail. Amusingly, Ryan’s predecessor as Governor, Jim Thompson, defended him and waived all fees, which were said to be in the range of $20 million. Thompson also just happened to have been the Chair of the Federal Intelligence Oversight Board. Meaning, yes, he was a major spook. Indicating this goes much deeper than we are told. All the real action is hidden.

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