Crazy Times.

Crazy times, weird times, scary times.  I’ve heard these  adjectives and others to describe the situation which we have been forced to stagger through since the spring of 2020. I knew something was wrong from day one, but I didn’t  fully realise then,  what would gradually be  unfolding as day by day , we rolled on.  

                 The latest few revelations include, the need for  computer  software  to enable our  self appointed owners to keep a record of  the “likely”, high amount of people, who will be adversely affected by the really very safe , except to ferrets, vaccine which though it has never been used before, is absolutely safe, necessary, and did I mention safe,  and only,  according to Doris Johnson, absolute nutters would suspect otherwise.

                 Canada now appears to be ordering guillotines.  Must be for some innocent reason you would think, or at least hope. I’m not quite so sure though.  Several years ago, it was rumoured that the FEMA camps in the US had guillotines. An American friend of mine claims too, that there is much talk in the US of the desire to implement Noahide laws. It just so happens that the punishment for disobeying Noahide laws, is, well, sort of, beheading. I’m sure it’s only hearsay though.  Nothing for us to worry our pretty little still attached heads over.


                   Most folks that I know  are still masked up to the eyeballs, and only expecting it to go back to what was once normal  when the government saves them , and the TV says it’s ok to resume living again. They can’t in their cognitively dissonant minds imagine that the government are puppets as are the MSM talking heads, all controlled by the Mafia who consider themselves, owners of our world.  Deagel said that 75% of us would soon disappear from the face of the earth, but once their claim was discovered, they removed the article, so it must have been wrong, as must the  sites where the government receipts for the PCR tests  showed that they were bought in 2017. Personally, I have gained copious amounts of new adjectives without changing. I’m now an anti-vaxer nutcase, A racist hater, kinda because I’m worried about the effect of mass immigration on Britain. A braindead conspiracy theorist because I have ceased to trust the government and the MSM obvious lies, and a disinfo source, because I deviate from the script issued by the owners.  

                   Around a hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks killed, “according to Solzyenitsin” possibly up to 80,000,000 white Christian Russians.  Personally, I fear that the same people are still in control today. The weather is being played with, forest fires are being created, the food supply chain is being messed with. The power grid will likely go down according to some, as we head into this dystopian winter, and face mask Fauci says now that, even when vaccinated, we’ll need to isolate  and mask up,  

                We live in very interesting times guys. I feel that we should expect their  worst, and hope for the best, but don’t let them take you by surprise, or get you down, especially near a guillotine. 


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