COVID Fraud: Lawyers File Action Against Corrupt Australian Government

ER Editor: These Australian lawyers seem to have ticked every box in their analysis, including the WHO’s convenient re-definition of what constitutes a ‘pandemic’ in 2020. Kudos.

Police in the Australian state of New South Wales also seem to be very tuned in. Here is a piece we recently published, titled Australian Police Blow Whistle Spectacularly on Coronavirus Deception.


COVID Fraud: Lawyers File Action Against Corrupt Australian Government

Principia Scientific International has received information from the Concerned Lawyers Network. This is the first part of their legal action explained. We will do a follow-up article on their actions and evidence.

TO: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews,
Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton,
Prime Minister Scott Morrison,
Federal Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly
AND to others named in the schedule attached.

Signed on behalf of Concerned Lawyers Network:
Maria Rigoli B.A. LLB. (Melbourne University) Acc.Spec (Fam)
Jeff Tran B Science LLB (Melbourne)
Russell Sumner LLM GDipDisRes Post GradDLegal Practice (UK)(LLB) (HONS)
Shemarrah Davis LLB (Monash University)
Tony Nikolic LLB Criminology (Uni. Western Sydney) LLM (College of law)
Liesl Tziolis B.A, LLB, (Hons, Uni of Qld), MBA

Concerned Lawyers Network All “exhibits” referred to are found on:

Re: Notice of Liability & Potential Claims

We, the undersigned on behalf of the Concerned Lawyers Network (on behalf of pending clients, victims, and those with legal standing and this lawyer network) write this open letter to request a review and wind back of measures taken by Victorian and Australian governments which were based on the premise of a Covid19 pandemic existing and/or continuing, leading to declared states of emergency, states of disaster and other related legal measures. We respectfully give you notice of potential liabilities, should there be continued reliance on this premise and subsequent overreach of powers, whilst there is overwhelming evidence against such a premise.


1.  Covid19 (if it can be isolated) may simply be another coronavirus such as the flu or common cold. Patents for Covid19 medical testing kits, however, were manufactured and sold many years ago to many countries including Australia.

  1. The WHO has falsely declared a pandemic in relation to Covid19.
  2. Covid19 death statistics in Australia as well as in other nations have been manipulated.
  3. Covid19 tests are unreliable to test any specific disease.
  4. There are global agendas behind the declaration of Covid19 pandemic, to benefit certain foreign individuals and companies financially and to gain control of populations including in Australia.
  5. There is no pandemic in Australia according to medical evidence-at most a seasonal flu type epidemic, nothing justifying declaring states of emergency or disaster. Covid19 has been found to be a type of flu (coronavirus) with an estimated 99.9% survival rate across all age groups with the highest risk groups of over 65 estimated at 99.6%.
  6. Confined steps can be taken to take care of elderly or immune-compromised people more likely to suffer from Covid19 as has been the case in the past with influenza, without restricting the freedoms of masses of healthy people.
  7. There are serious conflicts of interest between some representatives of government, appointed health officials and taskforces, and pharmaceutical corporations and global interests that prioritise their own profits and control, instead of the health interests of Australians.
  8. Australians have been exploited through fear, misinformation and obstruction of freedoms as a result of the continuation of the false statement that there is a Covid19 pandemic and the insistence that they must obey disproportional laws, rules and directions that curtail them physically, mentally and financially causing them much harm including in some cases death.
  9. Key decision-makers in Australian governments and the public service have enormous conflicts of interests relating to vaccine companies and other medical manufacturers and suppliers, influencing their decisions. They are also being influenced by global players and global policy instead of the Australian people who elected them. Covid19 has been used as a cover to bring about police states and financially benefit vaccine companies as well as those who with vested interests in vaccine companies and controlling populations.
  10. All ministers and other persons to whom this letter is addressed are PUT ON NOTICE of Personal Civil And Criminal Liability potentially arising against them for any current or future intentional or reckless continuation of  misrepresentation of information and misuse of power of office, causing direct loss and damage to Australians.
  11. All other officeholders to which this letter is copied to, are also put on notice of the evidence and potential civil and criminal liability arising out of future claims that may also possibly affect them arising out of their decision making or carrying out of decisions of their superiors should such actions violate citizens’ human rights.
  12. On behalf of our clients, victims and other interested Victorians and Australians, and the lawyers network, we request an immediate wind back of  lockdowns and other disproportionate measures made, and a full open up of the economy and society to the way it was prior those measures being put in place and enforced (pre-January 2020).
  13. In addition to potential claims based on future personal liability, we reserve our clients’ rights to take legal action against you with respect to past damage and losses incurred up to this point in time.
  14. We also request your response to specific questions in this letter addressed to you.


As experienced lawyers, we are evidence based.

From expert and other evidence that is publicly available in Australia and worldwide, there appears to be strong evidence that there can no longer be a reliance on the premise that the Covid19 pandemic exists. Further, it appears evident that the state and federal governments have:

  1. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of sufficient relevant and independent evidence of a pandemic to justify the declarations of state of emergency and state of disaster; and
  2. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians, (or take into account in their decision making relevant and independent evidence), of Covid19 being confirmed as an isolated virus or how effective the testing for it actually is; and
  3. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making, the evidence of effective treatment for Covid19 such as Invermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and any good reasons why such medications were banned all of a sudden. This is especially contradictory, since Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades safely all around the world both as an oral vaccine and treatment to many diseases including Lupus and Malaria and doctors and evidence worldwide reveals reports of up to 100% cure rate for Covid19 when treated early; and
  4. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making relevant and independent evidence of the serious side effects of vaccines in general including death, and the need for years of successful research before releasing medications in general; and
  5. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making, financial or vested interests (of ministers, health officials and public services and subordinate bodies appointed by them), in vaccine production, and the legal protection granted to the vaccine companies in the event of injury or death from citizens taking vaccines; and
  6. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians through health policy, on how we are best to increase our health and immune systems to resist infections; and
  7. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians that Covid19 deaths reported are inaccurate in numbers and specific not random, and include comorbidity deaths. Focus has been instead shifted to fear of the deadliness of the disease, and away from the facts that most mortality affected the elderly or immune-compromised who are already susceptible due to preexisting conditions or comorbidity; and
  8. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making, the available relevant and independent medicine and science about viruses, exomes and the body’s natural defence systems and instead relied on a select few researchers, many of which themselves have vested financial or other interests in foreign, global and transnational companies which are of or related to foreign pharmaceutical and vaccine corporations; and
  9. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making, the true nature of the covid19 tests being used, that they are not reliable, focusing instead on numbers of “positive cases” including false positives and undiagnosed positives when the tests are deemed by the governments own TGA standards not reliable and there has to date not been any credible isolation of Covid19 in any case; and
  10. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians of, or take into account in their decision making, the fact that the covid19 tests being used were manufactured and distributed to countries around the world (with Australia purchasing great quantities) since at least 2017 over 3 years before the surprise outbreak of Covid19 in late 2019, and that patents specifically for the Covid19 test kits were already applied for in 2015 some 5 years ago which gives rise to suspicions of a planned pandemic; and
  11. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians about, or take into account in their decision making, the ramifications of providing financial incentive to clinicians and hospitals whenever they register a death under Covid19; and
  12. failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians about, or take into account in their decision making, the ramifications of financial incentives and loans the Federal Government receives from the IMF and WHO and other foreign bodies or corporations, in exchange for following the directions on declaring a pandemic and how to manage it and what restrictions to place on business and freedom of movement from these global bodies.

Further, most of the mainstream media on television and print, appears to have been influenced by state and federal governments in so far as such media has avoided challenging the government narrative about Covid19, and has therefore also failed to properly inform Victorians and Australians who are entitled to see all relevant unbiased evidence without censorship. In addition, much of the mainstream media has been disparaging of any person questioning the government narrative and science and legalities relied on, even when they are questioned by experienced doctors and lawyers. Many of us wonder if the government has itself withheld relevant information and facts from the media, or whether the media are in fact complicit with the government in recklessly or intentionally failing to report relevant facts to the public, in an unbiased true journalistic basis.


Regardless of whether one believes the Covid19 virus exists, does not exist, exists organically or exists man-made/manufactured or otherwise, the questions to answer in light of available relevant and independent evidence are:

  1. What is a “pandemic” as opposed to an “epidemic”? Was there or is there still a “pandemic” in the true sense of the word?;
  2. Were the measures that were and some still are taken in response to the alleged pandemic by the Australian and state governments restricting its citizens – justified and proportionate and compatible with international law, human rights laws and the Australian Constitution?
  3. If there is no pandemic or the alleged pandemic has abated, or there was instead a seasonal epidemic or something less, can any of the measures taken by governments still be justified and if so up to what point in time?
  4. If there is no such justification and in light of available independent and relevant evidence, what are the legal liabilities and exposures of Australian decision makers in the chain of command? (taking into account, inter alia, the directly related losses and damages including inter alia suicides, increase in crime and domestic violence, mass mental health deterioration, curtailed freedoms to travel, unlawful arrests, unlawful detainment, unlawful testing, unlawful mass financial losses to businesses, employees, not for profit and other organisations and individuals, closed and bankrupted businesses, interference with landlord and tenant rights, interference with doctor and patient relationships, infringement on property use, mortgage foreclosures, failure to account for basis of decision making, misleading the people and a crashed economy).

These are not just scientific and medical questions, but questions of law.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO):
“A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people”. The classical definition includes nothing about population immunity, virology or disease severity. By this definition, pandemics can be said to occur annually in each of the temperate southern and northern hemispheres, given that seasonal epidemics cross international boundaries and affect a large number of people. However, seasonal epidemics are not considered pandemics.

The definition was changed by the WHO in 2020 and now appears to describe what is a regular seasonal epidemic of colds and flu. We do not believe this definition can legally or morally or ethically stand to influence health policy and modelling for nations around the world including Australia.


A case study of the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic reveals a European Parliamentary Inquiry determined that WHO manipulated information to fraudulently declare a pandemic, activating lucrative ‘sleeping contracts’ with pharmaceutical companies. It is also revealed that the Australian Department of Health misrepresented statistical data to alarm the public about swine flu, although this was alarm was unjustified. The government ordered vaccines prepared before there was any evidence that swine flu was more serious than other strains of flu (in the end, it wasn’t.) see page 120 and 154-159 HARRISON REPORT.

In the past the WHO has been found to have falsely declared a “pandemic” for example the Swine Flu. see EXHIBIT RESEARCH REPORTS PANDEMIC

Modelling has been based on the WHO’s shifting goal posts of what a “pandemic” really means. The modelling used for international policy response is based on unpublished, unverified 13 year old code. (Some) Australian modellers have appear to have deep financial ties to pharmaceutical companies and conflicted global power structures such as the Gates Foundation and Gavi (Vaccine Alliance).

For the full document and the evidence please LINK HERE. We will add further sections of their research and case against the government in future articles.

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COVID Fraud: Lawyers File Action Against Corrupt Australian Government