Brendon O’Connell – China is Rothschild’s Model for NWO


As far as Brendon O’Connell is concerned, the question is, who owns China? Not if China owns Australia. The whole world has been “gifted” to China, not by Satanists, but by the Rothschilds who own it. Israel’s role is to facilitate this. 
“Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and ongoing occupation of the US body politik by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia, then ALL becomes clear.”
by Brendon O’Connell
Who owns China? People have it the wrong way around. Thats the question to ask.
China is backward. They, like Russia, could not design a toilet seat. Everything they have they got handed to them by Soviet/Rothschild agents.
Their factories are “dumped”, almost fully built, by technology from the US, Germany, UK and places like Denmark and Sweden. Now, it’s mostly Israel – thanks to Trumps tariffs and embargoes.
The current China technology build up is a gift from Israel – the Soviet era backdoor into the United States. Rothschild’s personal bunker where the new world order program tactical aspects are planned away from MI5 and MI6, CIA and FBI counter intelligence.
Go to You Tube and search HARRY DEXTER WHITE. Who is he? In the age of Q Drops and Alex Jones, a whole new generation is clueless of history and the levels of Soviet – Rothschild – penetration of the highest levels of the US government under Roosevelt (who was clueless like Trump) and it has never stopped.
HARRY DEXTER WHITE was the top adviser to Roosevelt on economic matters and in charge of lend lease to both the UK and Soviet Union along with the infamous Henry Morgenthau. 
Both were admitted high level Soviet agents. It’s said White was personally responsible for Pearl Harbor, demanding Roosevelt take a hard line on Japan. White did not want Japan attacking Stalin on his southern border – this was a big deal at the time with the Soviet Union then over whelmed by Germany and Operation Barbarossa in late 1941, a critical time. This is not my opinion, its mainstream historian’s opinions.
A Soviet Spy at the Center of Bretton Woods: Harry Dexter White and the Ongoing Threat of Espionage
Benn Steil “The Battle of Bretton Woods”
The Case of Harry Dexter White: Monster or Martyr? (2004)

keynes-white.jpgJohn Maynard Keynes (left) was the economic rep for the UK on Lend Lease. Harry White (right) did everything he could to deprive the UK of vital supplies while foaming at the mouth to get supplies to the Soviet Union at any cost. He was said to be extremely proud to break up and hand the British Empire to the Soviets. We see the EXACT same method being applied to the US. This is the key.
The next move by the Zionist movement is home base, Greater Israel. The world empire will be run from there. America, like the old British Empire, will be cast aside and Jerusalem will rule Eurasia and ultimately, the world. 
When you see Trump de-coupling the US economy from China, who is advising him? China, Russia and Israel now walk into each others arms. If Trump wanted to bring China down, all it would take is to cut off technology from ZTE – Chinas main wholesale supplier – and the Chinese economy would collapse instantly. 
But Israel is not ready to take up that role, so that will have to wait. Currently, Trumps “slaps” China instead of delivering a right hook on China, is handing billions to Israel who simply steps in. 
The “I Hate China” crowd apparently can’t find the intellectual character strength to point out Trumps boss Bi Bi is simply supplying to China what the US will not. And now China has its own Smart Phone chips, Server cpu’s and Smart Phone Operating System that will take over Eurasia – now Edward Snowden has pointed out the US is back-dooring everyone.
 Good old Ed just “forgot” to tell you it’s actually Israel. Though, finally, he gave that a mention in November 2018. Finally. The great IT cyber experts of both Assange and Snowden, with their intimate high level knowledge of technology – surrounded by similar experts – missed Israels constant bragging of being a “cyber technology juggernaught”. Thats like being a PHD expert in micro biology and never mentioning penicillin.
If it was not for (of all people) J Edgar HOOVER (the cross dresser and closet homosexual) Harry Truman, Eisenhower and George C Marshall AND Churchill (and major operators behind the scenes), the death (assassination???) of Roosevelt via stroke, the Soviets may have made it all the way to the Channel coast. 
Historians claim White and his crew could have ended the war in late 1943. There was a massive movement in the top levels of the German officer class to take out Hitler and surrender to the allies and fight against the Soviets.
 White deliberately ignored the offers and it is probable Hitler was protected by the same network – example – the bomb in the cognac bottle on Hitlers personal aircraft. Failed to explode despite operating perfectly. It was explosives and detonators from the British/American OSS. Hitler survived, miraculously, 25 serious assassination attempts. He had a 25 pound tungsten carbide officers cap he wore full time when in uniform. This gives credence to the theory Hitler was the illegitimate errant son of a Rothschild, trained at the Tavistock Institute. Hence the mad dash to England by Hess to ask…”Whats going on? We’re doing all you asked?”
They weren’t doing all that was asked, they were not supposed to invade the Soviet Union, they were supposed to contain Stalin and form the United States of Europe AND, force European Jews to Palestine. That was the deal. Adolf Hitler, for reasons known only to him, went full retard. Never go full retard. Ask Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi.


Stalin had a June 1942 invasion of Western Europe planned. Consult the Moscow archives and the little known book by Constantine Pleshakof: “Stalin’s Folly: The Tragic First Ten Days of World War II on the Eastern Front” Heres a short overview.
The subtitle of this provocative and useful work by a noted historian (The Tsar’s Last Armada) accurately describes its subject. The author supports the revisionist thesis that Stalin was not deceived about Hitler’s ultimate intentions, only their timing, and was planning a preemptive attack into Poland and the Balkans–in 1942. Soviet deployments certainly make this plausible, as do other factors, such as the failure to build up defences on the new Soviet border after stripping the old ones of most of their weapons and troops. The Germans, as is well known, struck first, and the result was a Russian military disaster of such proportions as to influence history to this day. The book is well-balanced, moving from the Kremlin, where Stalin was in denial and Zhukov was at least keeping his head, to soldiers of every rank from general to unarmed private. With his talent for assembling gripping narratives out of long-suppressed sources, Pleshakov will bring joy to fans of John Erickson. (May 5)
Now you see why Hitler rushed to war. Unprepared. There was no time to lose. But the main stream historians in the west will not touch the book nor the narrative that it presents. For the west, Hitler was a “power mad crazy person” who “rose to power”. He went from a beer hall brawler to owning luxury cars and flying around in a personal Fokker Tri-engine. 
Everything was done to protect Stalin who was incompetent. A criminal thug.
Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and ongoing occupation of the US body politik by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia, then ALL becomes clear. Even Roosevelts own wife was a lesbian and supporter of avowed Communists like Anna Louis Strong, literal fan girl for Mao. I mean, how “in your face” does it have to get?
Harry Dexter White and Morgenthau went on to create the IMF and World Bank AND were instrumental in setting up the UN. After Roosevelts death, Truman dumped White into the nothing (at the time) IMF to get rid of him.
Harry Dexter White died after appearing at the 1948 House Un-American Committee where he was confronted about his espionage which he denied. He died of a heart attack a few days later. The released Verona decrypts finally proved without doubt, Harry Dexter White along with most of Roosevelts war cabinet, were Soviet Agents, working feverishly against England and the interests of the United States. The Silvermaster Spy ring is another group intimately affiliated with White and Morgenthau, Alger Hiss and Lachlan Currie.


Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, left, was born in Odessa in the Ukraine to Jewish parents. They moved to China and he learnt to speak English with a perfect English accent. His group were instrumental in setting up China as we see it today, as was, of course, Harry Dexter White who made sure the nationalist Chang Kai Shek movement was starved deliberately of funds which were shifted to Mao and “The Communists”, and the rest is history.
The Jewish traders and bankers from Baghdad, the Sassoon and Kardoorie families, known as “The Rothschilds of the East”, round out the understanding of modern China – Rothschild – and the East India Trading Company.
In Beijing, Netanyahu looks to ‘marry Israel’s technology with China’s capacity’
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Netanyahu Seeks China Waiver on Israel Technology Investments
The above is Harry Dexter White passing technology to Soviet Russia, just happening today. Anyone going to stop it?
In closing, the question is, who owns China? Not if China owns Australia.