Blackwashing the Democrats – US election is a major psyop.

I have to admit I have been checking Infowars, NaturalNews, and ZeroHedge for analysis, since the mainstream media is giving us nothing but obvious lies and dodges. The mainstream script is so ridiculous it is hard to believe there is anyone who doesn’t see through it. I mean, “vote fraud doesn’t happen”? Who do they think they are talking to, six year olds and the mentally ill? I have to think the mainstream story is bad on purpose, and transparent on purpose, again because they intend to bring the Dems down somehow.

This has all the signs of a major psyop, with both parties playing a pre-scripted role. They are prepping Joe and Jane average-voter-citizen for a big blow-up here, telegraphing the corruption of both the Dems and the MSM. Yes, maybe a certain percentage of blue voters are buying this because it suits them to, but half the country is red, and that half is certain to be hating the MSM right now. Even Fox isn’t red enough for them, and is paying the price. Then you have about half the rest of the country, which is neither strongly red or blue, but which —like me—doesn’t trust either party or the MSM to tell them the correct time. Those people are also smelling smoke here, though they can’t really tell which way it is blowing. That is at least 3⁄4 of the country looking at this whole thing with great suspicion. You would expect the MSM to be toning it down to appeal to them or fool them, but just the opposite is happening. The MSM seems to be blackwashing itself, telling us things no sensible person could possibly believe.

This is just a continuation of 2020 events prior to the election, which also made no sense, including the “defund the police” nonsense, the allowed looting, the rise of Antifa and SJW, the facemask idiocy, and hundreds of other easy examples. They are pushing you hard to the Red side, prepping you to accept Trump as your savior. What better way to destroy the Revolution than to turn everyone into a Republican? Even someone like me feels the push, and I find myself rooting for Trump here.

Other people don’t question that, but I do. I find it just short of miraculous. I have passionately hated the Republican party all my life as the party of the privileged rich, and now I am hoping the election is overturned for Trump? That by itself is winning someone a one-dollar bet, as in Trading Places. Some trillionaire bet his pal he could make Miles Mathis root for Trump. . . and he won! They did it. Yes, they had to push the Democratic party to the right of the Republican party, but they got it done. Any hippie not stoned out of his mind is pulling for Trump right now, since the alternative is Biden, who wants us wearing masks the rest of our lives and bending over for forced vaccinations and kneeling before illegal Governor’s orders. And I repeat, that is not an accident.

The blackwash of the Dems is just part of the overall blackwash of the left, driving everyone into the open arms of the Republicans. The Republicans will then graciously throw you a few bones in 2021 like allowing you to breath air without a mask and buy food and alcohol, before beginning the next round of fascist indignities. In 2021, you will be so glad you avoided concentrations camps, firing squads, or forced vaccinations, that you will do anything to avoid another 2020. As long as Amazon keeps delivering your bottled water and diapers, you will agree to look away as the treasury is looted monthly behind your back. You will pretend to forget all I have taught you and crawl back under your bed with your teddy bear.

November 19: