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Biden is an incompetent old biddy. Says it all about the Democrats

The Democrats have their wish in a mental wreck named Joe Biden
People joke about Joe Biden’s mental state and his ridiculous gaffes, but it isn’t funny when he could become the next president of the United States.
Democrats have been saying they would vote for anyone except Trump. Well, they have their anyone now.
Biden says he’s running against George Bush. At one point he seems to be saying he’s running for the senate. Then he utters a mouthful of indecipherable mush.
It says something about the Democrat Party—they are running a disabled old man with severe mental and motor deficits for the highest office in the land.
Before his brain aneurysm and pulmonary thrombosis, in 1988, Biden was a highly intelligent political operator. His brand of globalism was similar to Bill Clinton’s, but without Clinton’s self-confident flair and big bullshit front. Since 1988, Biden has gradually deteriorated. In his present state, he should be out of politics altogether.
The Left press continues to treat Biden as if he’s a genuine candidate, when they know he isn’t. They know he is disabled. They know he’s a shell of his former self. They know he has to be under constant medical care, just to stay upright.
I’ve already written extensively about Biden’s disastrous policies, which come straight from his handlers. Here I’m talking about something far more basic: the man is mentally incompetent.
A political party that would run this man for the presidency is itself in a severe state of degradation.
I’ve seen surrealism in American politics since Harry Truman sat in the Oval Office. But I’ve never seen anything as surreal as this.
Remember the psychiatrists who were taking diagnostic shots at Trump and calling him mentally ill? Where are they now? These frauds have nothing to say about Biden.
As I write this, the hoax-piled-on-hoax COVID case numbers in America stand at just over NINE MILLION. The people pulling Biden’s strings, and the strings of his replacement in the Oval Office, Kamala Harris, plan to use those numbers to lock down America again.
And they’re planning this on the back of sick and incompetent old man they’ve shoved into the spotlight to take the presidency of the United States.
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Jon Rappoport