Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test – your life depends upon it

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The Chinese Communist anti-God government (CCP) wants to map the genome of every human+being on this planet. They, in conjunction with Dr. Anthony Fauci, purposefully released a fake virus, on flu-vaccinated and 5G irradiated Wuhan and Milan populations, to kill enough people, so that fear and panic would envelop the faithless world. Fear of death would force every faithless person to want to be tested and vaccinated. Media hype of wildly exaggerated death-rates and virus-surges, forced lockdowns and all sorts of restrictions, including health-harming face-nappies and anti-social distancing. The Chinese CCP-controlled W.H.O. with the assistance of eugenicists Kill and Melinda Gates, falsely named it a pandemic, in order to shut down the world’s economy and education systems, until T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have a vaccine ready, to change your DNA, and microchip you.

King of kings’ Bible – Gospel of Mark 4:40 And Jesus said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

The Chinese CCP, in conjunction with the companies in the USA that are controlled by them, created a $12 device that can read the genome of a person who has taken a Covid test. Later on, after they have injected their experimental vaccine, they will test people again to see how their DNA has changed, and keep injecting their vaccines and retesting, until they reach their desired goal of complete life and death control over every person on Earth, and have reduced the world’s population to less than 500 million, as T.H.E.Y. have planned and written in stone, on the Georgia Guide-Stones.

The reason for this, is, once all the people’s data has been collected and analyzed, the Chinese CCP can determine specific DNA sequences for individuals, families, ethnic groups, racial subgroups, etc., to devise methods of killing via illnesses, ELF, 5G, poisons, and other methods to target and remove anyone who resists, wherever they are. They can locate you through contact-tracing, via your smart-phone, or micro-chip and destroy specific families, certain individuals within a family or group, or prevent procreation to reduce the population, as outlined on the Georgia Guide-Stones 6.

The modern day Dr. Frankensteins, or Josef “doctor death” Mengeles; take your pick of name, in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, falsely and deceptively called the health-industry; are ignoring the Nuremberg Code and using everyone as lab-rats to experiment on, and should be executed like the Nazis were for experimenting on their prisoners. That’s why the Nuremberg Code came into being, to prevent future experimenting on people, and God’s Law condemns to death people who participate in pharmacy.

Please watch Vaxxed 2. – 34

Whenever you take a Covid test, you are contributing to this major Satanic CCP project for global control, domination and population-reduction. You are giving away your freedom, your health, personal DNA and other info, civil and God-given rights, and helping evil Satanists to be your master, or executioner!

The Chinese CCP is using a technology called—PCR. This is what they use to scan the genomes after infecting people with the virus.

Atheist anti-God China itself is the instrument of a group, or control system, for which they are a pawn. Satan and his satanic Deep State/ Illuminati 2 are the people behind this evil plan.

Finally, this information MUST be spread globally, by any means possible, because the MSM will either ignore it or lie about and contradict it; try to prevent anyone from promoting it, by calling truth-tellers conspiracy-theorists and censoring it; shadow-banning; deplatforming; etc. Everyone on Earth has the right to know the REAL reason that this satanic virus hoax has been perpetrated on mankind, and why governments are so hell-bent on testing everyone for it, and are trying to mandate testing and vaccination, and wearing a health-harming face-nappy in the meantime.

I ask those who read this message to think extremely carefully about what they should be doing to stop this insanity, what the Satanic China-loving government of Gibraltar should be forced to do, and what the global response should be, according to God’s Law and the Nuremberg Code.

If nothing is done to stop this, every human on Earth is in grave danger.

Peace be upon you,