All Federal election ballots were watermarked to reveal fraud….HOAX – WITHDRAWN BY SOURCE


If you want to steal an election, you may have a problem: All ballots accounted for. So let’s say you threw away Bob for Trump’s ballot and decided to turn it into a Bob for Biden vote. Well, you need a new ballot for that, and if you take one from the official system, it will get noticed. So you have to print that yourself. Easily done. According to a whistleblower, one precinct said they had to stop “because they ran out of ink”. AAAAND, they also ran out of watermarks, OOPS, I mean, they never had ANY. Times Ditto, ditto, ditto.


So that apparently is a BIG PROBLEM now, because there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Biden votes that don’t have a watermark.


The MSM was quick to say “That’s a hair brained conspiracy theory”. Only, OOPS, it’s not.

To view the watermark, you have to have a 10X jeweler’s loupe, and a light source that includes 640 nanometers. The mark, which is super faint in the least visible part of the red spectrum, is totally impossible to spot without a loupe, and to find it even with a loupe you have to know where it is because it is so faint and so tiny. The lady who shot this video only noticed the black dots when the actual print of the watermark was also right there. And it’s real cute. SO CUTE, THAT IF THIS IS MORE THAN “APPARENTLY” TRUE, THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT GOES HARD RED IN ALL 50 STATES INCLUDING VERMONT AND CALIFORNIA. California got word of this AFTER they threw out over 7 million ballots for Trump, that were certified as having been cast. You know, THAT SONOMA DUMPSTER THING I covered in depth. Rumor has it that AFTER throwing away the legit Trump ballots and filling them in on fake ballots, they found out about the watermark and then threw away the fake ballots too and now they are over 7 million ballots short.



THIS IS (APPARENTLY) NOT A BLUFF, SEE THIS VIDEO (which I will obviously serve from here because it WILL be deleted despite the fact that deleting it won’t matter.




SO THE BIG QUESTION NOW: IS THIS MORE THAN APPARENTLY TRUE??? Hopefully there is more than hope.


Preface not part of the message: Given that this site is only about 1/3 the size of Drudge (with Drudge in dilapidated shape now) chances are the president will not read it here. But this ought to at least get out there, I have enough reach for that and perhaps he’ll pick it up elsewhere –


DO NOT GIVE UP. Never in the history of voter fraud has there EVER been so many clear cut cases of perfectly documented fraud. It’s not spurious fraud, it is in your face, on audio, on camera, right out in the open for all to see undeniable FRAUD. If the supreme court is not as corrupted as I think it is, you will win this in court.

In the past, the left had excuses – “A voting machine screen was not calibrated right” or “this only happened in one small instance that we assure you was isolated,” or “That was only an error”. It simply is not that way this time.

This time, we have documented video proof of poll watchers being denied access. That’s unprecedented. We have never had that before.

This time, we have documented audio proof of election worker training where they are explicitly instructed on how to get away with fraud. That’s more than unprecedented, that’s an absolute nuke on the national conscience.

This time, we have testimony and proof the U.S. postal service back dated disqualified ballots that were dumped in bulk AFTER election day and then counted as legit ballots. Another nuke, right in the heart of the DNC.

This time was the only time in history where so many states simultaneously quit counting ballots in a way that made it obvious they all got instructions from central command to shut down so they could steal it, and they went home EARLY to boot, only to have ballots jump by one candidate by 100,000 votes the next day without a single one for the other – that’s an easily provable statistical impossibility that will never fly in court. That’s an automatic judgement in your favor.



In the past, it was difficult if not impossible to prosecute the fraud because it was kept clean enough for there to be no legit proof. That’s not the case this time, GO FOR IT TRUMP, BURN THEM ALIVE because you certainly have what it will take to do exactly that.

My advice to those who are attempting a coup on America: RUN. You had damn well better run because THIS TIME the gig is up, you’re busted, and your best future will be to take your ill gotten gains and live like kings in a shithole country. Perhaps you’re hedging your bets you’ll win. To that I say: I would not enjoy risking it with those odds, when I still had a chance to run!



Dear president: You have stated in the past that they are not after you, they are after us. And with them explicitly stating that after this “election” they are going to remove every one of your supporters from society what you stated is obviously true, for our sake, for God’s sake, do not let them steal this. We need you.



Preface to the following: How this ends is PERFECT, killing the people in the deep state is NOT THE ANSWER unless it is the only way forward, there’s actually something far better that can be done to get them to behave. Guns should clearly be used only when absolutely needed – there are other things that will scare the criminals in the deep state a lot more than getting shot to death. And a lot more people would be able to cope with that than actually killing someone. So from this point on, with this site, I’ll focus on SENDING A MESSAGE they survive receiving.

A disclaimer for the above: There are times when it is perfectly OK to use guns and other weapons to put things right, and this is one of them. I am certainly not telling people to put their guns away, at this point that would be a huge mistake.

Today I am changing where this site sits on the topic of warfare. After considering a few things, and who the enemy is, killing them is not the right way to send a message. Read this to the end, I know I have the answer.