Dozens of lawyers from all regions of Italy are filing a class action to request compensation for material, moral, biological and relationship damage suffered by Italian citizens, families, freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies, as a result of emergency regulations, illogical and illegitimate, issued by the Italian government in recent months.

It was discussed in a conference in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies , in Rome on 12 November last, in which the honorable member of the mixed group, Sara Cunial , lawyers Edoardo Polacco and Mauro Sandri , for the hotel sector Rosa Lotito, spoke , Francesco Orlando representing restaurateurs and hoteliers and Tano Simonato , restaurateur.

The government of Giuseppe Conte is contesting the decision to implement the national lockdown by preventing the carrying out of daily economic activities, the suppression of constitutionally guaranteed rights. Among the crimes that are challenged to the President of the Council of Ministers and to the entire Government are those of attack on the Constitution (article 283 of the criminal code), abuse of office (article 323) and private violence (article 610).

Byoblu, in addition to following the entire conference, conducted interviews with Sara Cunial , the lawyer Mauro Sandri and the doctor Mariano Amici , to better understand how they would be carrying out this legal action.

“Ristoro bis is a sop, a tip for traders and all categories devastated by these draconian measures” – explains Mr Cunial – “Certainly, refreshment is not enough, today we have asked for a real compensation subject to a class action, it is only the first step in a reckoning required of the government ”.

Speaking of the lockdown adopted by the Government as a measure capable of containing the spread of the virus, lawyer Mauro Sandri:  “The scientific data demonstrate our thesis that the emergency broke out from the bad management of the virus , that is to say from the disservice of the national health system “- and continues -” The lockdown is not a solution, it has not been before or now.   The Italian government must answer for having used ineffective and obsolete containment systems “.

Mariano Amici , surgeon, instead focuses on the question of swabs: “This test is used as a diagnosis of Covid19, but it is nonsense, because the swab is unreliable and not diagnostic. This is stated by the inventor himself who cannot be used for diagnostic purposes. So why use it to say there are positives? Measures must be taken “.


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