2020. The year conspiracy became fact.

AV11.1 Follow Up and a Look at Current Times
Not even 12 months ago, any suggestion of requiring a “Travel” or “Freedom” Passportwould have been dismissed as a rampant conspiracy theory … or something out of a communist regime, which would have been vilified in the British media. Yet here we are in late November 2020 with a compliant media sowing the seeds for Boris’s ‘Quad’ to introduce “Travel” and “Freedom” Passports, which will require the recipient to be fully VAXXED and tested twice weekly to facilitate any venture beyond the front door.
Who Sits on Boris’s Quad?
Parliamentary Democracy has effectively been usurped in the UK, since the first announcement that a virus from Wuhan Province, China was spreading across the globe. Many questioned the integrity of announcements emanating from Downing Street; so, to restrict Parliamentary debate, Social Distancing rules were introduced at Parliamentary sittings in Westminster. Consequently, only a handful of MPs are able to attend Parliamentary sessions, with the majority forced to tune in via Zoom!
The next stage was to introduce Government by Statutory Instrument thereby limiting further, any possibility of full and frank discussion in Westminster!
The next stage was to quietly introduce Boris’s ‘Quad’ comprising Boris, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove.
According to the Mail on Sunday, ‘Quad’ discussions had been the subject of a leak inquiry after details of their discussions with scientific advisors found their way in to the Press, allegedly to force a reluctant Boris in to calling a second lockdown.
Reportedly, Business Secretary Aloc Sharma, Home Secretary Priti Patel, along with other members of the wider Cabinet, will be discussing the new lockdown tier system due to come in to force on 2nd December 2020, as well as plans for loosening restrictions for Christmas. Their decisions will reportedly be presented to Parliament today for a subsequent vote.
However, the Tory whips will be working overtime to beat their massive majority of 160 plus MPs over Labour, in to submission and vote according to the ‘Quad’s’ desires.
Apathy Kills … and It’s Planned to get Worse
The past two AV Events have had to be virtual events, thanks to UK Government restrictions on the Hospitality Industry. The presentations of AV11 and AV11.1 (see below) were remarkably insightful, as was episode 118 of HUMANITY VS INSANITY (also see below).
Ian’s health prevented him from participating fully in both AV11 and AV11.1 but he was able to make cameo appearances which are included in the AV11 and AV11.1 DVD Box Set and also available to access upon demand.
Although we would love to return to Alternative View live/residential events we are primed and ready to continue delivering insightful and informative presentations on a virtual basis. It’s becoming increasingly clear to anyone, who has learnt to read the scripts that the Socio-psychopaths in charge, are not go to easily let us return to life as it was pre March 2020. Not a new normal, a fake normal or a semblance of normal. Just normal!
It’s now time for anyone who truly wants to remain free, to start getting involved and letting their elected MPs know that they will not accept the removal of hard fought-for freedoms. Our COLLECTIVE APATHY has allowed and facilitated the introduction of draconian rules, which the Nazis and any communist/communitarian regime would have been proud of.
Now is absolutely the time to make OUR Collective Stand!
An Update on Ian’s Health
Finally I would like to thank all those who donated to my Gofundme campaign. This campaign (now closed) has enabled me to develop a unique protocol which I am taking on a day by day basis. It may not work but I’m giving it my best shot.
As you would expect I am receiving advice and guidance from many quarters but i am trying to listen to the needs of my Physical Vehicle by utilising my intuition.
The last two AV Events have effectively been run in association with UK Column and we are pleased to announce that UK Column have agreed to support future AV events, whenever and wherever possible.
Therefore, I offer my heartfelt thanks to Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Columnwho have worked seamlessly with the AV Team … and long may this relationship continue.
Very best wishes,
Ian R Crane and the AV Team
AV11.1 Presentations – Available on Demand
If you didn’t catch the AV11.1 Livestream event the presentations are now available to access on demand on the Alternative View website
AV11 and AV11.1 DVD Box Set
Shipping Date: 14th December 2020
Includes BONUS FREE Workshops DVD Box Set (6 DVDs)