Nonscience Returns


Nonscience Returns review by Wallace Thornhill

I first came upon Brian J. Ford the polymath when he touched on my interest in electrical phenomena in astronomy. In the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, ‘Spaceflight,’ in January 1965 he showed compelling experimental evidence of electrical cratering matching crater features on the Moon. It was ignored because experts know “there is electricity in space, but it doesn’t do anything.” I predict this belief by experts will become the standard joke about the Big Bang creation myth of the 20th century.

In Nonscience Returns Brian updates his earlier book on Nonscience, showing his predictions in 1971 have come true in this era of showbiz science and “fake news.” He nostalgically farewells the multidisciplinary classical scholars who were far more successful at science before the 20th century. Major scientific breakthroughs then often came from ‘eminent outsiders’ and keen experimenters like Faraday the bookbinder. Brian notes experts now rule the world and forbid such incursions. The book is an easy to read and often humorous handbook on how to succeed in this hostile environment. I recommend it as an antidote to Nonscience.