The fraud. The lawsuits. Media silence. What’s the plan?

It appears there may have been some substance to Trump having a back door into THE HAMMER, which allowed him to watch the election get stolen in real time. Trump fired the most appropriate people today, with hopefully more firings soon. Barr opened up a major investigation into vote fraud (don’t hold your breath on that) but there are many other efforts underway also that won’t be as corrupt, and as a result, many states are flipping to either neutral and there was a rumor that for at least a short time they flipped Wisconsin to Trump. There’s an enormous problem with this particular stolen election, and it can be summed up in two words:


There are a few other words, like “ludicrous” “greedy” “sloppy” and “arrogant” that are also in play, but “common core” are the words that are going to nail them. You see –

If you are going to steal an election as boldly as this one was stolen, it has to be kept water tight. That’s not what happened. The IDIOTS they had hired really thought the dumpster was the end, and they threw TONS of Trump votes into dumpsters, under rocks, you name it – because they had childish intellects and could not figure out how that would backfire. They could not understand that posting brag videos about tearing up Trump ballots, WHILE THEY TORE THEM ON CAMERA, might backfire. Additionally, Giuliani’s speech was held in front of Total Landscaping, which had security cameras that nailed the DNC dragging Trump ballots into a nearby crematorium and burning them there; an unexpected bonus that was the result of arrogance, sloppiness, and poor planning.

Anyway, that is water under the bridge, but what is happening now is PANIC and almost all the swing states are now finding enough Trump votes to flip their states to Trump.

But the plot gets thicker: As far as I can tell, in exchange for flipping the states Trump has lawsuits in now, plus federal investigators, the left is attempting to flip Texas and Florida to Biden because there are no investigations there. I don’t know how they plan to get away with that but it was somewhat apparent, through “spidey senses” that they are going to pull that crap to keep the litigation going until Nancy can take the helm. I don’t think that will work though. Flipping those states would only trigger more investigations, and now that Trump is on a war path it looks like he’s going to make major ground. Biden has already been dropped to 259 electoral votes (out of at most 8 or so that he should actually have) but it’s a start, and if it sticks it will be enough.

Meanwhile, Biden got ZERO cash and NO KEYS to begin his transition into the white house. That’s HUGE. Another thing that is quite flagrant right now is how Fox News thinks they can win this election for biden just by cutting off anyone who mentions vote fraud, including today and days gone by with Judge Jeanine. Fox is so clearly in the trash they don’t need to do anything more to stay there forever, they are going down like Drudge.

Now, I have no proof of this, but here is what I think is going on: Trump had access to a PILE of classified systems that watched the election fraud in real time. He cannot mention that because those systems are classified, which means they’ll never be spoken of EVER. they will always be kept gray. But the way the left is now scrambling in panic over fear of being busted is quite telling. And it’s not the woman who’s dog voted that did it, it is not any video of fraud that did it, it is nothing of that sort that did it because that can all be swept under the rug with Roswell. However, actually being held accountable while CNN ignores it does make them fearful, CNN ignoring it won’t keep them out of trouble.

There is something I’d like to mention that I keep forgetting and have been forgetting to mention:

In his election night speech (that resulted in the death of a computer when I tried to download it to prevent it from being buried) Trump explicitly and I mean explicitly stated that the election would be stolen that night “by a bunch of ballots that suddenly show up at 4 AM.” And what happened? We got video and testimony of that exact thing – a couple hours after he said it would happen – ballots being rolled in at 4AM, ballots that flipped the vote. QUESTION: Did Trump know that because those stealing the election got totally surveilled and punked??? If so, HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL. And you’ll never hear about it, because the FOX is guarding the hen house.


Jim Stone knows too much to be not connected to the choreograph of politics.  The fiasco of the defraud election was clearly planned.  Both sides to the fiasco are controlled from a higher level.  The media is being told to ignore the real facts of the fraud, for now, to ensure most people have no idea.  When the story breaks, street violence and rage is clearly intended, requiring the call-out of the military.

Then the vaccine will appear……..and more aspects of The Great Reset.

There are similar plans in all countries.

The UK

Not so secret as it’s a daily mail headline.