Your Government is a Terrorist Organisation

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I don’t know whether you feel the same but I wake up every morning feeling as though the net is closing in. Every item of news brings evidence of another piece of oppressive and pointless legislation. We can’t do this. We must do that. We can’t go there. We can’t meet with these people. The people of Wales cannot buy socks or kettles. Not even the politicians and the senior police officers can keep up with the recommendations.

Like wasps in the autumn, the mask wearing slaves, sneaks and snitches are becoming nastier and increasingly aggressive. Many of them wear their masks all the time – indoors and out of doors. When I’m asked where my mask is I say I’m wearing one of the new invisible ones. And when shopkeepers demand that I use their hand sanitiser, I nod in agreement and say `Yes, but I think it will rain later’. The people who follow these absurd, unscientific orders are too stupid to be allowed out without supervision.

Incidentally, talking of sanitisers don’t forget to read the piece about sanitisers on my website. And I was mildly amused to see that a hand-sanitiser which was withdrawn from sale in the Republic of Ireland, because it can cause skin problems, eye and respiratory irritation and headaches, was being used by some parts of the NHS.

One journalist boasted that if she saw anyone not wearing a mask she gave him her death stare until he put one on. Really, love? I hope we meet.

The number of positive tests is rising in Northumberland and so people in Cornwall must stay in their homes for 28 days. Someone sneezed in Bolivia and so the people of Italy must be tested more often. I’m exaggerating. But not by much.

Look at the real facts.

They claim that the NHS will be overwhelmed if more people develop covid-19. And that really is rubbish. Most of the NHS hospitals were emptier than they’ve been for years during the last so-called emergency.

They claim that there is already a massive increase in the number of people testing positive but this is statistical garbage because the test is about as trustworthy as the BBC which is to say not at all.

The important thing is that the death rate from covid-19 is hardly rising, and if the true figures were given probably not rising at all, but the death rate from the lockdowns, the unemployment, the stress and so on is soaring.

The number of heart attacks being diagnosed and treated fell by 40% during lockdown partly because people were too frightened to go to hospital and partly because hospitals everywhere were closing departments and pretending that they were busy dealing with covid-19 patients. I know for a fact that hospital departments are still shut.

The confusion and unpredictability are deliberate and the madness is everywhere. Babies are separated from their mothers for the crucial first hours of life. Heaven knows what problems that will cause. Children are being psychologically damaged by masks and social distancing and the activities of school-teachers who would make more sense if they all thought they were teapots. We know that will cause terrible problems in future years.

Temperatures are being taken outside shops even though temperature testing doesn’t prove that you have covid-19 any more than it shows you have malaria or have just been in a café sitting next to the radiator.

Pretty masks, dangerous and pointless, are on sale everywhere. Next year’s bikini outfits will be a three piece set – bottom, top and mask.

Let me give you some raw facts that prove once and for all that this is a hoax.

First, we know because the WHO tells us it is so that 650,000 people can die in a single flu season.

Second, we know that the flu season lasts from October to the end of April – about seven months.

Divide seven into 650,000 and you get around 93,000 deaths per month.

Third, we know that according to the official figures 1.14 million have died of covid-19 so far – since last November/December. Everyone in the world except the World Health Organization and Matt Hancock knows that this is a wild exaggeration. But to keep them happy we’ll accept that figure for now.

Now with covid-19 they are rolling the deaths up. So we must divide that total by 11 months. And you get a figure of just over 100,000 deaths a month – globally. Not very different – and using their exaggerated figures.

And now think of the number who have died because of the lockdowns. Months ago I saw official estimates that the total would be 150,000 to 200,000 extra deaths in the UK alone. The final global figure will be far higher. It will be many, many millions.

Remember all the figures I’ve used are their figures; the official figures.

In Britain, the Prime Minister appears to have lost whatever marbles he may once have had. He has talked about using the army to police the streets and he has given MI5 authority to torture and kill Britons who are a nuisance. Obeying Agenda 21 rules, he wants more of Britain to be left to go wild. And for no good reason at all he wants to limit speed limits on motorways to 60 mph – a move guaranteed to create even more traffic jams than the absurd Agenda 21 approved smart motorways.

The scandals seem endless because they are endless. Sri Lanka returned 21 containers of rubbish Britain had sent over there for disposal. Much of that carefully sorted recycling that pliable citizens pack into little boxes every week has been sent all around the world to be buried or burnt or just dumped.

It has now become clear that care homes which accepted elderly patients with covid-19 were paid a huge cash bonus. Who will go to prison for organising that, I wonder. Someone should.

At one children’s hospital, cancer wards are closed until next May for building works. You could surely build a brand new hospital in less time than that.

Millions of people are dutifully wearing face masks even though they can cause massive physical and psychological health problems. The mask wearing will cause massive problems. As an aside, our streets are littered with discarded face masks which surely ought to have been burnt. If there really were a plague about I can think of no better way to spread it than to litter the country with dirty face masks. Masks should not be worn for more than four hours at a time to prevent build-up of mould and bacteria, so at a rough estimate I reckon that Britons will be getting through 36 billion masks a year. Believe me that puts plastic bag and drinking straw pollution into the shade.

Actually, I fail to understand why anyone wears a mask in the UK. The rules seem to me to allow anyone to claim an exemption if they feel anxious about wearing one. And no one has the right to question you if you claim that you are exempt. Even if you don’t claim exemption you obviously can’t wear a mask while eating – so why not just carry a sandwich with you everywhere and nibble it occasionally.

It seems that everywhere in the world the mask wearing rules are getting dafter. A friend in America tells me that he was denied entry to a public library because he was not wearing a mask – even though the County Judge, chair of the County Commission had obtained an exemption from the state-wide face mask requirement because of the low number of cases locally.

However, while some GPs in the UK are dressing up as if about to remove asbestos from an old building, with masks, visors, goggles, gowns, gloves and boots, doctors in Oklahoma in the US are taking legal action against the authorities because masks are obviously dangerous to those wearing them.

Governments are encouraging citizens to snitch on one another in the knowledge that this creates fear and distrust. A friend in Germany told me the other day that when she was a young girl she knew that if she went out with a boy her parents would have all the details of the boy, and her evening, before she got home because the Stasi informants would ring her parents to snitch on her. Children in East Germany were questioned at school about what TV programmes they watched so that their parents’ viewing habits could be assessed and judged.

It sounded strange a year or two ago in the West. It doesn’t sound strange now. And our suicide rates are now rising to levels that were previously seen only in communist countries.

Governments are deliberately creating hatred, fear and distrust between different groups of people. The young are being taught to hate the elderly for being a danger and a nuisance. The old are being taught to hate the young for partying and spreading disease. Every possible type of division is being created, fostered and enhanced. Our politicians are truly evil people in my opinion. Children today are reportedly being encouraged to tell the authorities if their parents promote or discuss views questioning the official line on covid-19.

We know that Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific advisor, still has financial links with GlaxoSmithKline the drug company and vaccine maker. What other relevant financial links do other advisors have? I’ve been writing about drug companies for nearly half a century. My first two books, The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors dealt largely with the way drug companies have taken over the medical profession and things have got worse not better.

The advice being given to citizens around the world varies between ludicrous and absurd. Private health information, and other information, is passed around with impunity by big companies and the Government.

The death rate from covid-19 is now incredibly low and yet the hysteria is built up and up. The truth is that the figures are being manipulated and I suspect that covid-19 is now killing fewer people than the flu. There is very little risk to anyone under 65 who is reasonably healthy. The logical thing is to advise the frail, the ill and the elderly to take special care, if they wish to do so, and to let everyone else get on with their lives. But doing the logical thing will not help further Agenda 21. We are allowed to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol and go motor racing if we wish. Riding a horse or a bicycle is a risk activity. Why can’t people be allowed to choose for themselves what risks they will accept? The nanny state has taken over our lives because there is a purpose – an agenda.

But it seems to me that the UK politicians want another national lockdown. They want to crush us, destroy us and prepare us for the slaughter. There are still too many of us who are showing a little will. They want more lockdowns because there are still some old people around that they failed to kill last time. They have apparently moved traffic cameras around to check whether pedestrians are social distancing properly.

Months ago I predicted that they would want a second wave. And now that’s exactly what they’re manufacturing. There is, of course, no earthly reason why there should be a second wave. And they could not possibly know there is going to be a second wave. But, as always, the science doesn’t matter. They want a second wave. Around the world these people, the thousands we elected and the thousands of scientists they hired as advisers, may look quarter witted but they are thoroughly evil. More fool us for electing them I suppose. But never again. If we ever get a chance to vote again.

It is a comfort, but a very small one, no bigger than Hancock’s brain, that in the UK Johnson, Hancock and the rest of their gang will be in prison by the time of the next election. That thought keeps me going.

None of it makes any sense because it isn’t supposed to.

Anyone who still thinks that the world is upside down and inside out and back to front because of a virus which experts agree is no more deadly than the flu is missing the point by several million miles. They have been planning this takeover for years and years – decades. And now we have to worry about being forced to accept an untested vaccine which could kill millions, cause massive health problems for the survivors and maybe even genetically modify the human race for ever. It is well known that it is enormously difficult to make coronavirus vaccines. What sort of garbage are they going to end up producing?

We have to worry about the plans to reduce the world population. And how they are going to do it. Killing off the elderly, obviously. Killing off the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill – yes, of course. The plan is to get rid of anyone they decide is not contributing to society. If they stick to that then 90% of civil servants will be a goner.

We have to worry about deliberately engineered food shortages because it is becoming increasingly clear that is part of the plan. I haven’t eaten meat for over 30 years and I don’t eat dairy produce and I have for decades argued that you can’t eat meat and care about the environment, but the changes taking place in our food supplies will result in hundreds of millions of deaths. Just look at what is happening in Africa.

And we have to worry about cash disappearing and being replaced first by a compulsory phone app and then by something placed under our skin and designed to contain all our private information.

Education is going to deteriorate. They are already talking of making exams easier next year. Soon, just being able to spell your own name will get you an honours degree with distinction.

None of this is conjecture, rumour, science fiction or part of a conspiracy theory.

In my view, the big conspiracy today is the one being organised by a cabal made up of the United Nations, the WHO, a bunch of manipulative, greedy billionaires, a good number of assorted royals and ex politicians such as Tony Blair. As I have said before, when Tony Blair’s name is attached to something you know there’s evil afoot. If he’s still with us when the first World Government is created then he’ll doubtless crown himself King of all he surveys.

When I was young and didn’t know anything very much I was frequently invited to lecture to doctors, nurses and medical students. I presented a number of TV and radio series for the BBC and ITV and for stations abroad. But as I acquired a little more experience, a little more knowledge and a reputation for questioning the establishment and saying unsayable things that turned out to be unacceptable and right, a deadly combination, so the invitations dried up. These days main stream media avoids anyone who might doubt or question the official line. Neil Ferguson, whose speciality seems to me to be getting things wrong and whose Imperial College team will, in my view, be ultimately responsible for millions of deaths around the world, is still using the BBC to give his views but those of us who have been accurate since February are suppressed and demonised. According to the BBC he has talked about some school closures. I sometimes find it hard to resist the thought that everyone involved in the management of this fraud has been picked for their incompetence.

Every day the BBC finds new ways to promote the hoax.

So, for example, there has been some concern over a new flu vaccine being used in South Korea.

`Doctors in South Korea call for flu vaccinations to be paused after 25 deaths,’ said The Guardian, forgetting its allegiance to Bill Gates for a moment.

`South Korea presses on with flu vaccination programme amid concerns about deaths,’ said Reuters, the news agency.

`Fears mount as South Korea probes cause behind 36 people’s deaths after flu vaccination,’ said the Straits Times.

`South Korea Tries to Quell Anxiety Over Flu Shots After 13 Unexplained Deaths,’ said the New York Times. These varying figures, by the way, were all in headlines.

`Spike in South Korea flu shot deaths fuels vaccine doubts,’ said Al Jazeera.

And then there was the BBC – the station which reported that Scots had been told to prepare for a digital Christmas – whatever that is. Instead of Christmas we’ll probably be encouraged to celebrate World Chrislam Day – which is in May. If you don’t know about Chrislam you have to check it out. The Pope and Tony Blair are keen supporters.

Here’s the BBC headline: `South Korea deaths not linked to flu vaccination drive.’

And the BBC ran a story headed `Covid: the NHS workers still recovering as second wave looms’.

The BBC claimed to have spoken to lots of nurses and doctors who are deeply apprehensive about what lies ahead this winter. But the BBC used no real names to protect anonymity. Heaven knows why. If someone on our side of the fence hid names to protect anonymity we would be sneered at. Would the BBC believe us? No, I suspect not. So if you don’t mind BBC I prefer to assume you made up all this crap. Dancing on the wards can’t be that exhausting. I don’t believe anything the BBC says – I wouldn’t even trust them to get the time and the date right.

And isn’t it odd by the way that the enthusiastic fact checkers never seem to find fault with government agencies, Bill Gates or the BBC? Could that possibly be because the fact checkers are paid for by government agencies, Bill Gates or the BBC?

Talking of government agencies I was horrified to see that it seems that Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical officer apparently devised guidelines at the height of the ‘plandemic’ which prevented elderly patients being properly treated. Intensive care beds remained empty but the elderly died.

Can you imagine the fuss there would have been if Whitty had decided that gypsies, women, black people or Jews should be denied medical treatment?

Wasn’t there a bit of fuss when the Germans did something like that in the 1940s?

But they seem to believe it’s OK to let old people die. As I said in March, in my first video, that was always part of the plan.

If you had an elderly relative who died please write to the General Medical Council and complain about Whitty. Even if you didn’t have a relative who died after being refused medical help you should write anyway. If everyone watching or reading this writes to the GMC then we will be making a major statement which the establishment will be unable to ignore.

When this is over, and we’ve won, Whitty and all the doctors and nurses who followed his foul instructions should be struck off and imprisoned for life for crimes against humanity. It’s just a pity I don’t believe in capital punishment. What a shame the Government’s advisors are too cowardly to debate with me. Not that it would make any difference if they found the courage – no main stream media outlet would dare arrange the broadcast.

Free speech has gone the same way as democracy. The psy ops professional trolls, employed by the Government to denounce the truth tellers, are easy to spot, by the way. They use corny pop psychology terms to give themselves fake gravitas. And when they comment on my videos they always refer to me as Mr Coleman, as though that somehow diminishes me; they also contrive to spell my name wrongly which seems rather childish.

The oppression and the silencing of debate have been going on for a long time. They deliberately libel and monster those who speak out in order to try to damage our credibility and to ensure that we aren’t listened to. Free speech on the internet is being closed down very quickly. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all taking down information which doesn’t fit in with official policy – even though the official policy is invariably to lie and deceive. The censorship is going to get worse. My book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History was banned within two days (they managed to freeze the paperback sales at 666 which seemed pushing it a bit to me) but you can download the eBook (now renamed Old Man in a Chair) free of charge at Smashwords. There is a link to Smashwords on my website. The book contains all the transcripts of my videos – and since I was doing them daily for a long time the book is nearly 600 pages long. They won’t tell me why the book was banned for security reasons. Officially, the book is unavailable because it’s sold out but that is odd because it is digitally printed on demand.

This has been happening for a long time and it’s been global. Over the last few years publishers in countries such as Germany, China and Portugal suddenly stopped selling books of mine that were consistent bestsellers.

The last time I went on the Richie Allen Radio Show my landline stopped working just before I was due to go on air and mysteriously started to work again 30 minutes after the show had finished. I used a mobile phone for the whole show and ended up with a very hot ear.

The odd thing is that doctors aren’t allowed to talk about covid-19 but bankers and billionaires can make statements about health issues all day long.

Just remember: back on 2nd July 2020, I defined terrorism as using intimidation and violence in the pursuit of political aims.

There can be no doubt that governments everywhere have been using intimidation to pressurise us into being scared of covid-19 – the best marketed virus in history. And there is no doubt that governments are using violence to oppress their citizens.

Our governments are terrorists – it is our duty to oppose them, to defeat them and to ensure that they are punished.

And we need to keep an eye on what is happening in America. I confess that Trump isn’t a man I would trust with my last fiver, or any fiver come to that, but if Biden wins the Clintons and Obamas will control the USA and those of us opposing Agenda 21 and fighting to regain our freedom will find our task much more difficult.

If you haven’t already been there, take a look at the fact based article on masks which is on my website. There is no doubt that masks cause illness and the proof isn’t difficult to find. Incidentally, a shop keeper told me the other day that she’d been to an optician complaining of headaches. The optician told her the headaches were a result of hypoxia caused by her wearing a mask for eight hours a day. This problem is going to become commoner. Yesterday, I saw a young woman with three small children all wearing masks. She should have been arrested for child abuse. Again I saw a woman drop her mask on the pavement, pick it up and put it on. Would she lick the pavement? Probably if Matt Hancock told her it was essential. But by next summer people will probably be forced to wear the damned things out of doors and at home.

And of course you can also find the link to the UK Government’s official exemption certificate. And my website also has the link to the proof that the coronavirus was downgraded to flu level back in March.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 25th 2020

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