Very important interview please share and watch… MP Chris Green, The First UK politician to resign from government over the crisis

Dear Prime Minister,

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the country hard but we can only be impressed by the magnificent response by so many to get us through it. You have said that the current approach will last for another six months, at least, and you hope a ‘new normal’ will set in by October next year. Whilst I share your confidence that we will get through this crisis, I am increasingly concerned about what is being done to achieve the end of ot.

The Greater Manchester ‘local lockdown’ and more extreme economic lockdown have both failed to control the number of positive tests within the borough of Bolton which have inexorably risen.

During the lockdown period, in comparison to last year, Bolton has seen 20,000 fewer GP referrals to hospital, whilst many other people have not accessed vital treatment because they have been too frightened to do so. By taking the current approach to Covid-19 we are creating many other health problems, which are leading to pain, suffering and death.

The closure of pubs, restaurants and cafes combined with the reduction of footfall on our highstreets has brought many family owned businesses in my constituency to the brink of collapse and pushed others over the edge. Whilst many employees and businesses have received substantial support a great many business owners have received nothing and will continue to receive no support.

The damage done to physical and mental health as well as to livelihoods and businesses would be justified if the threat from Covid-19 was as first suggested. I know that this novel pandemic virus posed a serious but little understood threat, but we have learnt so much since it first emerged. I now believe that the attempted cure is worse than the disease and that this second six-month phase will not see the delivery of a solution via mass vaccination. The Government will then begin its next phase of control.

There is healthy debate on how we can eliminate this coronavirus or how we can live with it and this is being led by many distinguished academics, epidemiologists and other specialists. I believe that there are better alternatives to the Government’s approach, so I therefore tender my resignation.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Green MP