University Punishes Students For Being Asleep

In a new low, when you didn’t think universities could be any crueller, the University of Southampton has decided to penalise an entire hall of residence, including those asleep at the time of the misdemeanour. A reader writes:

A number of students from Chamberlain halls decided to have a bit of a night out, breaking both Government guidelines and the University’s code of conduct.

Of course, the University condemned this, but what was particularly shocking was the nature of their response. They issued a letter to the entire hall of residence, some 356 bedrooms, stating that all students would be receiving a permanent reference to the event on their disciplinary records, saying that even those who did not attend would still receive one because they failed to snitch on their fellow students. Suffice to say having a disciplinary record is no laughing matter.

The student body is outraged as many residents were completely unaware or even asleep at the time of the gathering as the hall sprawls across five separate blocks.

The student magazine Wessex Scene has the story in more detail as well as a screenshot of the full letter sent to residents.

Nice to see universities demonstrate that given an excuse they really don’t mind doling out a mass punishment to whole sections of their presumably already pretty anxious and frustrated freshers, all while charging them nine grand for the privilege.