..OK, this is NOT a conspiracy theory! The British Medical Journal have leaked documents from Operation Moonshot (C-19 Vaccination Scheme) which will see £100 billion spent to test (and vaccinate) 10 million British Citizens per day. It’s main focus is to enforce Health Passports as QR Codes on your smartphones or on a label on a lanyard around your neck, bracelets etc., which you will have to scan at the access entrances to your own workplace, schools, shops, public transport and travel, and everywhere else that is public!! This is tantamount to the Nazis tattooing the Jews during WW2!! You will be banned from going anywhere unless you obey like a good little slave and take periodic vaccines of RNA poisons that are dangerous, untested and May alter yours (or your unborn kid’s) DNA. This is totalitarianism gone mad!!!…’
Operation Moonshot: What do the leaked documents say? 11 Sept 2020