UK Column: Where were the Missing 300 MPs in Wednesday’s CV Vote? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Here is our summary of main points for the first 30 minutes of yesterday’s UK Column broadcast (October 2), which deals with the state of Britain’s parliamentary democracy, or the lack thereof. Today’s presenters are Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and military expert, David Ellis. The relevant discussion begins at 4:00 mins and ends at 29:20 mins. Note that the British Parliament has 650 sitting MPs(334 + 24 = 358 votes, leaving 292 votes missing)

We need to note one important thing up front: those seemingly going to bat for their constituents, living under immense hardship under covid measures, which is only set to get worse, are people like MP Charles Walker with a ‘Sir’ before his name. WHERE ARE THE MP’s WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING THE ORDINARY CITIZEN? Such as the entire Labour crowd?

What we’re now witnessing is a direct line of power from the trillionaire oligarchs behind Bill Gates and the WHO, down through a small number of govt ministers, and thence down to the people. As David Ellis says in the video below, MPs have effectively been ‘given their P45s’, i.e. their redundancy notices. UK citizens no longer have functioning representation.

Main points:

  • The Coronavirus Act was voted on and passed on Wednesday (it is up for renewal every six months).  334 voted for it, 24 against. So where was the opposition? There were supposed to be 80-100 Tory MPs who would rebel under the leadership of Sir Graham Brady, whose amendment was calling for future covid-19 decisions to be put to a parliamentary vote. But Johnson did a deal in advance. The rebels and opposition parties are allegedly angry that restrictions are being implemented on the public without debate. Secondary legislation or ‘statutory instruments’ is the way that new regulations are being implemented by a certain small group of ministers. They’re not coming to Parliament for review. This kind of legislation has even been enacted on a Sunday evening when MPs are not sitting!
  • The question from Wednesday is: Where were the missing 300 who did not turn up to vote (these were not abstentions). From a constitutional point of view, this vote is probably one of the most important ever. How could MPs abscond? This is a massive story. 
  • Debate time for the renewal of the Coronavirus Act in the House of Commons was limited to just 90 minutes. MP Sir Charles Walker‘s (see featured image) statement in the Commons about this (video clip): ’90 minutes to debate the renewal of an Act that’s fundamentally changed the nature of the relationship between  the state and citizens is not good enough… I need, at some stage, more than 3 minutes to discuss the fundamental hardships that are going on in my constituency. The jobs that are being lost … 90 minutes is an utter utter disgrace! It is actually disrespectful to this House and it is disrespectful to colleagues … (he gets angry). It would be nice, just NICE, if this House were showing some respect!”
  • There is an arrangement calling pairing: if an MP is ill and can’t get into vote, that vote is paired with another MP who would vote in the opposite way. Thus, both people don’t have to vote: each one cancels the other out. But this arrangement was apparently cancelled in 2017, and it doesn’t seem to have been reinstated so far … (being investigated)
  • What we’re witnessing, which began with Brexit, is a sidelining of parliament. It is a fundamental change in the relationship between the state and the citizens. Parliament is being sidelined by a dictatorial executive. And now MPs are stepping back from their role as MPs. (And we’re still not sure why.)
  • David Ellis: 300 MPs didn’t turn up to do their job. Parliament is being subverted – they’re being unemployed effectively. The public are being betrayed. It is a democratic failure. The public need to hold their MPs responsible for this. Ministers have been able to introduce new, liberty-restricting laws without debate or recourse or vote, which is one problem; but the second, bigger problem is that the MPs have failed as a whole – this is where public outrage should be focused on. The government is simply trying it on, but the MPs are letting it happen. MPs can just vote it down and say no if they choose to.
  • Names of MPs who voted against the renewal of the Act are read out …
  • The Speaker of Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle – he needs to stand up for Parliament and parliamentary rules. But there also needs to be a volume of MPs who press this issue with Hoyle. Government is being allowed to run amok. The public needs to pressure MPs, who in turn pressure Hoyle. We’re at the point where we’re no longer a functioning democracy. Henningsen: Citizens need to find out where their MP was during this vote. This could be one of most constitutionally important pieces of legislation ever.
  • Andy Preston, the Middlesborough mayor, has refused to comply with the government’s new lockdown restrictions unless it becomes a legal requirement. (Preston speaks on video, appealing to the idea that the virus needs to be brought under control.) Henningsen: Covid doesn’t need to be brought under control as Preston says – it already is. It’s a narrative that simply has no scientific support, yet many appeal to this. It is a weakness in Preston’s position.
  • See Frederick Forsyth‘s excellent article in the Daily Express explaining FIVE STEPS to a dictatorship (Boris Johnson has become the servant of incompetent scientists, says FREDERICK FORSYTH). (discussed)
  • Spain (Henningsen): it has gone down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole in terms of masks, fines, snitching, fear, &etc. Is this what the British govt wants to happen in the UK?
  • MP Anne Widdicombe’s interview with David Ellis (video clip): she is recognizing the same phenomenon happening as Forsythe. She is against the military assisting the police in any way, and people being encouraged to snitch on each other, etc. ‘We’re seeing the dictatorship of the few under emergency powers’. VIDEO LINK to Widdicombe interview  In other words, other smart people like Widdicombe, people who know how the system works from the inside, are seeing the same dictatorial phenomenon taking place. We THINK we’re still in a democracy … (End: 29:20)


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UK Column: Where were the Missing 300 MPs in Wednesday’s CV Vote? [VIDEO]


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