Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been horrendous. The Biden plan is worse.

COVID: Mind control creates the Biden plan
by Jon Rappoport
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Biden is a shill for a fragment of the plan. Nothing more. An empty head and an empty suit. The plan is technocratic, which is to say, it is an overall design and pattern for the future of society.
I have been especially harsh on Trump’s handling of COVID. He bought the con. He fell for the lying prediction of 2 million deaths in America, foisted on him by Fauci, who in turn grabbed that computer prediction from Neil Ferguson, of the Imperial College of London. Ferguson’s track record of predictions is one abysmal failure after another, as I’ve documented. Ferguson is bankrolled by Bill Gates. Trump wouldn’t stand up to the medical liars, and so he allowed the US economy to go down the drain.
Trump’s failure had nothing to do with “inadequate response to the pandemic.” Trump’s failure had to do with buying a fake pandemic. I have covered the fakery in over 200 articles.
Bottom line: Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been horrendous. The Biden plan is worse.
Trump at least has restrained himself from seeking a national mandate that would impose all the lockdowns and the mask orders and distancing from a FEDERAL level.
He’s left the hatchet jobs to the governors of the states. In that action, or inaction, he’s left the door open to uneven and various levels of control, depending on relative levels of insanity of these governors.
The Biden design, which is the “liberal” design, which is the we-love-everyone-and-we-are-the-scientists fascist design, which is the technocratic design is…
First and foremost, an overall PLAN for the whole nation…
Because technocrats must have a system for the whole of civilization. That has always been their obsession. Without that, they would have nothing to do, and they would go blithering mad.
This is called mind control. It is basically self-imposed.
Liberals are always looking for the plan to express their love and their compassion for everyone and everything, and in that demented state, they inevitably forget two things:
Is the design based on facts or lies; and who can trust leaders to implement the structure without acting as absolute tyrants?
These are minor issues for liberals. They skate across them with messianic glaze in their eyes. And when they see a leader who might not want a design to impose on everyone, that glaze turns to cold hate.
The very notion that one football game in one state might be occurring in an empty stadium, while in another state there might be 20,000 fans in the seats, makes them want to pick up a gun and start shooting—if they believed in guns. Well they do, but only for law-enforcement officers who have been properly reeducated and vetted to restrain freedom and stand aside for destruction…
The wondrous essence of a plan, which would be imposed UNIFORMLY on every inch of square space and every person, is its very STRUCTURE. That’s what they’re aiming for, and they must have it. No exceptions. No loopholes.
And guess what a perfect structure would be? Why, it would be one where SCIENCE dictates that no one can be individually free, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS CONTAGIOUS and therefore a transmitter of a deadly virus…everyone is inextricably tied to everyone else…and therefore everyone must be restrained.
A perfect network, a perfect community, a perfect spider’s web.
And just by coincidence, an empire of medical dogma which has promoted that very concept has been operating for a hundred years. And that empire is globalist and technocratic to its core. That empire has a plan for the whole world. An engineered world. An empire with an entirely mechanical view of illness and health based on THE GERM and the fear of germ. That empire is called Rockefeller.
It provides the rationale. “You see, whether you like it or not, we all live or die according to how well we deal with the germ, and dealing with it well requires enforcing a design to restrain everyone.”
“This is not an article of faith. This is SCIENCE.”
Sure it is. And a rabbit is a spaceship.
And all those liberal men and women who used to be children of the 1960s, who used to champion healthy living as the natural protection from illness? They’re now shopping at Whole Foods, wearing their masks, their hair gray, their faces gray, as they bloodlessly shuffle down aisles and broadcast hostile glares at anyone who walks along with face uncovered and might be exhaling THE GERM. These worn-down liberals are now cops for The Plan. They’re foot soldiers for technocracy and Joe Biden and a national mandate for mask wearing and uniform enforcement of lockdowns across America. The insane governors are not enough for them. They must have an insane federal behemoth dealing all the love and the share and care in some kind of crack-brained socialist cartoon-of-real pain that is a gateway into a Chinese-type utopia for all. That’s where these liberals have ended up.
And they’re NOTHING compared with their liberal kids and grandkids. Now we’re talking major whackos. Fifty grand a year for an education in the fake sciences and they’re Stasi on parade. Show them a Biden executive order written by a committee pulling Biden’s strings, and they’ll go out and snitch on Jesus or Buddha if he’s not wearing a mask. They’ll turn in their parents. They’ll burn down a city to save a mask. Anarchy first and New World Order later.
Elite globalists and technocrats love these liberals. “They’re beautiful. We’ll take care of them later, after they’ve served our purposes.” “Take care” with a twist on the rocks. The rocks of “this is your job, break those rocks, we’ve assigned you slots in the Structure. Now shut up and work for the glory of the State. If your social credit score is high enough, you’ll get one room in a complex with a cell phone and ten video cameras surveilling your every move.”
The chumps.
How do these people fall so hard for the design, the pattern, the structure, the system, the plan? They’re intrigued. It has so many parts, and they fit together, and tinker-toy is wonderful.
I recently forced myself to watch a PBS program describing widely practiced research on “inputting stimuli” into large groups of people, as a “nudge” toward getting them to behave more cooperatively for the good of all. One of their examples, arrived at after who knows how many studies? Instead of hubby and wife arguing over who should take out the garbage, why doesn’t hubby just take it out himself?
Love of system, pattern, design, plan.
And then, of course, there is this: design gives you CONTROL. “We impose it lovingly.” Must have control. Without it, everything spins into splinters.
Must have one national government making the rules. Rules must be the same from state to state, nation to nation.
In which case, no more separate nations.
Too uneven. Must have one world order.
A thing of beauty. Like a locomotive, a plane, a rocket ship, an AI surveillance system. All the parts fit. So it shall be with humans.
“Yes, little Jimmy was always taking apart his toys and putting them back together again. Now he’s the head of technical operations at the National Security Agency. We’re so proud of him. If he’s spying on us, it’s for our benefit. During the pandemic, we need more eyes. The germ is everywhere.”
In 1966, The Massachusetts Review published a poem of mine. It took me quite a number of years to understand what it meant.
Burned flowers of the field
My noon is over, growing old
Everything I love is finally sold
Sewed designs for men with money
Thinking it was duty
To watch them lead the blithe to war
From my little field of beauty
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Jon Rappoport