There’s a Socialist Coup Unfolding in Canada, Funded by Taxpayers

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Leslyn Lewis (Twitter), author of the article below, is a Jamaican-born Canadian lawyer who unsuccessfully ran for leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party in 2020.

Notice how Lewis describes the covid crisis (with the closing of Parliament) as the effective starting point for a political paradigm shift that goes against the wishes of a large portion of the electorate.

We’ve reported on a similar phenomenon in the UK whereby a small cabinet clique has been essentially making law, outside of existing Acts of parliament, outside of parliamentary debate and voting. Indeed, the recent vote this past Wednesday for a six-month renewal of the UK’s Coronavirus Act witnessed a curiously large number of missing votes – 292 out of 650, i.e. MPs who DID NOT VOTE and thus did not fulfil their parliamentary duty on behalf of the citizens they represent. Why this was so remains a mystery thus far. (See UK Column: Where were the Missing 300 MPs in Wednesday’s CV Vote? [VIDEO].) Political power is thus de facto getting concentrated in the hands of a very small few.

There has been a noticeable failure of the Parliamentary democratic system since the Covid crisis started.

These are the socialist features Trudeau’s government is demonstrating, which Lewis discusses below:

  • Concentration of political power in the Prime Minister and his clique at the expense of Parliament
  • Massive government debt, which gives more profit to the issuing central bank while necessarily passing on more and higher taxes to citizens
  • Prioritizing spending on Green projects (which by and large only incur additional costs on citizens, and do not create real jobs and economic development for the country)
  • New rules/regulations (not laws passed in Parliament) that DISFAVOUR families, small businesses & farmers (thus removing competition for corporations) and church attendance (all very typical of communist-socialist systems)
  • Free handouts to citizens capable of working, which dramatically increases government debt and citizen dependency
  • Cashless society whereby banks can exert digital control over citizens’ behaviour (think: China’s social credit system, mandatory vaccination, dissidents punished for holding the ‘wrong’, non-PC views)
  • ‘Post-national’ country, which is subject to globalist/corporate policies, not those democratically controlled by the citizens; which permits unlimited migration; which ceases to recognize Canadian identity, culture and history (also very typical of communist-socialist systems)
  • In sum, citizens have no democratic leverage, instead being poor and dependent on the state

Here are some interesting things we’ve dug up, showing that Trudeau 1 and 2 have form in preferring big state / centralized economies:


Leslyn Lewis: There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it

Under this socialist revolution, there is no need to confiscate your property — they can simply redistribute your wealth

Anyone holding out hope that they were wrong had the evidence laid out plainly in last week’s speech from the throne.

‘Trudeau is perceived as an evangelist for a new type of 21st-century socialism’

With a $343-billion deficit, Canada has started on a perpetual debt scheme reminiscent of Argentina. Even more concerning is that COVID relief has ballooned into non-health-related issues like favouring “green energy initiatives” (which are rarely actually green) over natural resource development.

The lack of transparency in government has raised concerns about unexplained inconsistencies, including: adding new rules that made it difficult for smaller retail and grocery stores to operate, but allowing larger outlets to function; cracking down on places of worship, but not on protesters; and limitations on family gatherings to which politicians don’t adhere.

All of these unanswered questions raise queries about the hidden agenda behind providing a guaranteed income of $24,000 per year to able-bodied, working-age Canadians, at an annual cost to the taxpayer of $464.5 billion. We’ve committed hundreds of millions of dollars to helping other countries fight COVID-19 while still having insufficient testing for Canadians; we still lack proper supports for small businesses and farmers to get through the pandemic; and we are essentially threatened that, if we do not support the unjustified spending, all government support will disappear.Trudeau has stated clearly that he wants Canada to be a “post-national” country. He is perceived as an evangelist for a new type of 21st-century socialism — a quiet and bloodless revolution that seeks to control our lives through economic dependency. Under this socialist revolution, there is no need to confiscate your property — they can simply redistribute your wealth through a home equity tax, confiscate hunting firearms that were legally purchased and owned, increase a ubiquitous carbon tax, or even potentially confiscate a portion of your retirement savings through a new tax on the private sale of your home

Many Canadians rightly fear the repercussions of Trudeau transforming Canada into a cashless society. They have told me that they are afraid the Liberals will impose a social credit score, similar to the one that exists in China where people’s behaviours are monitored through 5G cameras; for this reason, they also distrust the COVID Alert app.

But, the truth is maybe more insidious. There is no need for an official social credit score when the government is already picking and choosing which businesses can be open and which ones can’t, and which jobs are essential. Looking back on the Canada Summer Jobs debacle, we see the Liberals had already taken their first shot at controlling who was worthy of government support based on personal beliefs. They simply hide behind government bureaucracy to do it. They have made it plain that they believe those same beliefs make people unfit to serve in public office, become judges or hold any position of influence in society.
Canadians rightly fear that this authoritarian socialist agenda will be so insidious, there will be no need to throw dissenters in jail because new societal protocols can be put in place and those who fail to obey the ever-changing societal “norms” can simply be fined or jailed for minor infractions. Every socialist state has two sets of rules — one for those connected with politicians and bureaucrats, and another for the ordinary person. The fear is that Canada will be no different: recently we have seen politicians engage in significant conflicts of interest, only to receive small fines or slaps on the wrist. Meanwhile, average citizens potentially face steep fines for hosting a dinner party or spending time with their child in a park. The health minister, for goodness sake, was telling Canadians not to travel while racking up frequent flyer points.



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There’s a Socialist Coup Unfolding in Canada, Funded by Taxpayers