The Satanists have control – but can be defeated

The Satanists worked out how to remove God from the world so they can rule it.
King Jesus, High Priest of Jerusalem in the AD 60s in turn worked out their secrets – animal and human sacrifice – and banned these from the temple, creating new forms of ritual to replace these. His name is still strong enough to drive out demons, but most people have no experienced exorcism and the driving out of demons and devils, are not aware of this power.
The Satanists still torture and kill, and drink the blood, but in secret locations.
If the people could realise how the spiritual world is controlled to block out God or the good, they could do much to reverse the process as did King Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. He was not a Christian or the character described in the bible.  She was nothing as described in the bible, except as decoded by Ralph Ellis
King Jesus did not turn the other cheek, or render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. He fought a war against Rome which he lost in AD 70. But Mary Magdalene escaped/made it to the South Of France where she continued to push back the forces of evil. Her descendants finally succeeded, for a while, defeating the Catholics at The Battle Of The Boyne, bringing in The Enlightenment and the free modern world we have known in our lifetimes. Sadly the Satanists have been able to use mass media and their rituals to get back into the lead.  The world is going back into serfdom/slavery under the leadership of Prince Charles and the cohorts of Satanists in the Vatican and elsewhere.  The spirit of Goodness is waiting to be called upon, and will respond when called.

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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Tap. These regular reminders of yours are very inspiring. These evil madmen must be defeated, there is no other option. They can be defeated too as you demonstrate.

    Lord Sumption’s recent lecture is a really positive sign:
    We’ve got a Law Lord telling us not to comply with these totalitarian dictators, a great sign. We should stand in natural [common] law for our God given rights

    • Tapestry says:

      Shame the Law Lords were replaced with the Supreme Court which is no such thing. Appeals against its decisions can be made in the European Court. If we can bring back Common Law and the Law Lords making the House Of Lords the final court of appeal we would be much better placed to negotiate the totalitarian onslaught.

  2. archer says:

    The sadistic promotion of Halloween, is another prime example. It never ceases to amaze me that the populace claim that this is (broadly) a Christian country, yet so many are duped into indulgence of celebrating this vile ritual.

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