The Great Worldwide Awakening 2020 [VIDEO ONLY]

ER Editor: This video represents current protest movements around the world, including the following: tyrannical anti-COVID policies; elite paedophilia; economic oppression (e.g. Yellow Vests); Q Anon; populism (e.g. pro-Trump).


The Great Worldwide Awakening 2020


This video was sent to me by one of our readers whom we will call by his nickname “El Lobo” and whom we thank. He will recognize himself.

A very nice 13-minute video montage that you absolutely must see.

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Québec, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Poland, Belorussia, Germany, Netherland, Hong Kong, Paris, Bangkok, Montréal, Mont-Tremblant, Dublin, London, Manchester, Chicago, Portland, Auckland New Zealand, Oxford, Birmingham, Warsaw, Dijon, Madrid, Australia, Tel Aviv, Lebanon, Pakistan, Argentina, Philladelphia, etc…



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The Great Worldwide Awakening 2020 [VIDEO ONLY]