The Great Reset planned on the back of Covid

Our Greater Destiny – Oct 17, 2020

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This post is about re-mapping the global geo-political system using Covid-19 as the opportunity. This seismic shift, officially termed The Great Reset, aims to change how we live, work, pay and get paid, travel, recreate, look after the environment and interact with technology, among many other things. Some of the other things include reconfiguring the human species, and creating new humans with edited genes (this is NOT conspiracy theory: check out the links in our stories below!)

The architecture of the Great Reset comes via the World Economic Forum, the brainchild of its founder, the German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab. The coordination of health measures linked to The Great Reset come from its close organisational confidante the World Health Organization. The operators include the vast majority of its 194 member countries (the USA’s governing administration excluded). Contrary to what official ‘fact checkers’ incorrectly claim, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides a huge amount of oil for this new, planet-and life-altering machine.

Please – engage with the articles in the link below. It is vital understand the three main themes each of our leading pieces reveal:
1) The Great Reset;
2) The increasing heat developing between opposing scientific and medical proponents, and;
3) The deliberately skewed views about the threat posed by Covid-19 portrayed by the mainstream media, a top table stakeholder in The Great Reset.

The UK medicines regulator has proceeded with its plan to change UK medicines rules to allow mass vaccination of the British public. This discounts nearly all the critical advice from ourselves as well as the possibly unprecedented nearly 200,000 respondents, including many of our supporters. We’re also dismayed because it’s further evidence that democracy has been shelved in place of tyranny. But we at least now have a paper trail, one we plan to use when the inquiries start when some sense of the old normality has resumed.

Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director

The World Economic Forum’s exit strategy from Covid-19 is based on false assumptions.


The Great Reset or the Great Divide?

Our bodies will be so high-tech we won’t be able to distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial. Public silence is implied consent.


End the war on reason

Thanks to Judy for the video.
If there is a COVID19 plague or pandemic why are unmasked people alive and well in Sweden?

The Pharmacovigilantes

Last week, a rare media interview given by the Trump administration’s “Vaccine Czar” offered a brief glimpse into the inner workings of the extremely secretive Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the Trump administration’s “public-private partnership” for delivering a Covid-19 vaccine to 300 million Americans by next January. What was revealed should deeply unsettle all Americans.

How can a few psychopaths steer 7.8 billion people into compliance with a BIG lie that could ultimately destroy the human species?

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

The Great Reset planned on the back of Covid