MP claims Coronavirus has killed one million.

Thank you for contacting me about the emergency legislation relating to the Government’s response to coronavirus.I would like to reassure you that all the measures in the Coronavirus Act are temporary and proportionate to the threat we face. It is important that they will only be used when strictly necessary and will only be in place for as long as required to respond to the situation. I welcome measures in place to review this act on a six-monthly basis to ensure that the measures remain appropriate. It is clear that the virus will be with us for some time, and it is vital that we are able to take necessary steps to save lives.

The purpose of the legislation is to ensure that sufficient staff are available, and deployed where they are most needed, as well as supporting members of the public, containing and slowing the virus, and managing the deceased with respect and dignity.

I appreciate the concerns many might have about the effects of such a legislation on one’s individual freedom. I do believe that whilst we should do everything to control the virus, we must uphold the values of individual liberty and personal freedoms. Although the situation might require us to limit such freedom for a strictly limited period of time, I am confident that the Government will get this delicate balance right.

I do hope you find this information useful; I will continue to monitor this issue and scrutinise the steps the Government is taking closely. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Kawczynski MP
Shrewsbury & Atcham

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TAP – I see no confidential information.  This is a standard reply so I will publish it.
Dear Dan,
Thanks for your reply.  Stop there.  There is no virus.  It has yet to be proved to exist.  There is a PCR test which was said to be no use by its creator in identifying viruses.  This is a PCR pandemic, based purely on false test results.  Hospitals are empty.  No one is ill. You need to get properly informed.
The Coronavirus Act is a catastrophic error, destroying democracy and freedom.  There is no delicate balance to find.  This is a scam.  I believe you are in danger of being a part of this massive con.  Please do not vote for it again.
Dear Henry

Thank you for your response.

Let me be abundantly clear: Covid-19 does exist. It is a deadly virus which has claimed more than a million lives worldwide. It is imperative that we do whatever we can to protect the British people from this disease, guided by the science.

Conspiracy theories and fake news are not just false but might also endanger lives. I cannot be overemphasise the importance of following the science and the Government’s advice.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Dan,

Ask the families who are told their loved ones died of COVID.  They will tell you otherwise.  It’s a scam.


PS That’s the problem with a scam based on lies.  The lies have to get bigger.  And the threats to suppress and stop the truth from coming out.  It’s a PCR pandemic, and the PCR  is a fake.  Take it from there, Dan.

Millions of people around the World are victims of the fear campaign. Panic prevails. Day after day, the persistent impact of media disinformation concerning the Killer Virus is overwhelming.
Fear and panic, coupled with outright lies prevent people from understanding the logic of these far-reaching economic and social policies.
An international network of lawyers is intent upon launching a class action Lawsuit. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a prominent lawyer presents the details of this project. (video below)
After nine months of research and analysis, we can confirm that the data and concepts have been manipulated with a view to sustaining the fear campaign. The estimates based on the RT-PCR test are meaningless: The RT-PCR test does not identify/detect the Covid-19 virus. What it detects are fragments of several viruses.
Confirmed by prominent scientists as well as by official public health bodies Covid-19 is not a dangerous virus.
Amply documented, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been used as a pretext to trigger a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring which has resulted in mass poverty and Worldwide unemployment. It is destroying people’s lives.
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, October 5, 2020

Comment via email –

I got so annoyed with his (Kawczynski’s) response that I pointed out that they even state on the government website that there is a low mortality rate to Covid.  That is why they no longer classify it as a Highly Infectious Disease. I have had no reply from him to that one!!