Nov 2020 USA election major tipping point

The POLLING booth

COVID19 measures show us that ‘elected’ politicians controlled by rulers, are willing to deceive and subjugate man, destroy human health, privacy, businesses, jobs, the economy, erode property rights, prosperity, and freedom.

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Voting is voluntary servitude

EVERY election is a CON set up by rulers to con man into becoming a ‘battery’ for them to harvest life energy to charge/recharge their dark agendas.

The word battery is important in commerce and law because it has to do with the process of draining human energy, one of many methods used by rulers to charge/recharge their corporations [dead entities/corpses], banks, courts, and other systems. Without consent of man [energy], and negative human emotions, rulers would be vastly dis-empowered.

People are led to believe that a politician with most votes/volts is elected to the position of power when in fact, it is the politician ‘selected‘ by the rulers who ends up in power because all political parties are controlled by the rulers.

The following clip from The Matrix analogizes how humans are used as batteries.

References: How the Voting System is Used to Drain Your Energ, How Humans are Used as Batteries, published 2016 by

Communist Take Over of USA and beyond: Chilling 1969 Warning

Because Communists are lying it’s possible to expose them and this is their Achilles heel.

The dual nature of Communist revolution is a matter of life or death

The Communist strategy for world conquest involves two kinds of revolution: One is violent; the other is non-violent. The strategy for non-violent revolution is even more important to Communists and more potentially fatal to us. Example the World Economic Forum built on the back of the COVID19 pLandemic.

Socialism is a transitional phase to Communism and New World Order totalitarianism, via the BALLOT BOX.

Internment camps

Scary stuff!

The Value of Truth | Philosophy Talk

We must discover the identity of those individuals who consciously are furthering the Communist program for revolution and remove them from their positions of trust and leadership. Anything less will be totally futile because we’ll merely be running around trying to put out one or two fires over here while they’re busy setting ten new ones over there.” G. Edward Griffin 1969

More and more individuals need to broadcast COVID19 truth. Resources available here.

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino