NHS Debacle: 1 Million Breast Cancer Screenings Missed, Treatment Made Conditional on Covid

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

We rarely use the word ‘evil’, but deliberately conflating covid ‘cases’ (false positives or real positives for what may be trace amounts of a coronavirus) with genuinely very sick people – real cases, then denying cancer screening and treatment on the basis of all that word-play nonsense warrants the word ‘evil’.

Below, we’re running a Daily Mail piece along with a recent report from Patrick Henningsen’s 21Century Wire. The Daily Mail piece, as much as it criticizes the govt for making cancer care conditional on keeping covid-19 numbers down predictably runs off at a panic tangent over the virus, feeding the government’s very own line on the ‘seriousness’ of the virus. Mixed messaging.

Cancer vs. Flu Morality (because we don’t trust covid stats)

According to CancerResearchUK, there are approximately 165,000 cancer deaths every year in the UK, or 450 every day (for 2015-2017). We found this BMJ article by editor John Stone from June 2018 (covid wasn’t in sight then) in which he complains about how the media are ramping up flu death statistics by up to 150 times (see Government exaggerates flu mortality again: why cannot the public be trusted with the truth?):

On this basis, the number of deaths in England and Wales in an admittedly exceptionally bad year would have been only in the region of 335-340 deaths, and the ONS seem to have exaggerated the risk to the public by in the region of 150 times.

Yes, that is England and Wales, which excludes Scotland and Northern Ireland (England has by far and away the biggest population numbers in the UK anyway), but still, 335-340 flu deaths per year plus some extra for Scotland and N.Ireland means that flu deaths overall would still be in the low hundreds compared to cancer deaths. German doctors Karina Weiss and Sucharit Bhakdi in their excellent little volume that has just come out (Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures) specify that, based on current statistical calculations, covid-19 deaths are approximately equal to those of a ‘normal’ flu season (i.e. a moderate flu season, not one that is exceptionally bad nor exceptionally mild. Flu seasons can vary in mortality, with occasional ones having exceptionally high mortality). On the flu season in Germany, they say:

Influenza viruses pass wave-like through the population. The waves can be small in one year and high in another. Case fatality rates are 0.1% to 0.2% during a normal flu season in Germany, which translates to several hundreds of deaths. (p.28)

One flu death per day during a single year, or 450 cancer deaths per day during a single year?

The Daily Mail article refers to 2.5 million people missing cancer screening; the 21Wire article refers to a million WOMEN missing out on early detection breast cancer screening. We’re not sure how these two numbers intersect. Could the Daily Mail’s 2.5 million figure be low-balling overall? 10 million is the estimated number of Britons who will be calling on the NHS by Christmas for some kind of hospital treatment, including those who were waiting for treatment before the ‘pandemic’ began.


Matt Hancock warns cancer patients will only be guaranteed treatment if Covid-19 stays ‘under control’ – as he is savaged for ‘having no idea how many infected people are walking around’ after testing shambles saw 16,000 cases MISSED

Matt Hancock has said that cancer treatments may be affected if the virus gets out of control as cases spiral by 12,000 yesterday and the Government reveals it missed 16,000 positive results due to an Excel Spreadsheet error

Cancer patients may only be guaranteed treatment if Covid-19 stays ‘under control’, Matt Hancock claimed today as he faced a roasting from MPs over an Excel spreadsheet blunder that has potentially led to tens of thousands of Britons being unaware they are infected with the virus.

The Health Secretary claimed that it was ‘critical for everybody to understand the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease’, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of patients may face delays to planned surgery and chemotherapy, if the outbreak continues to spiral.

Vital operations were cancelled and patients missed out on potentially life-saving therapy in the spring because tackling Covid-19 became the sole focus of the health service, instead of cancer and other cruel diseases.

Almost 2.5 million people missed out on cancer screening, referrals or treatment at the height of lockdown, even though the NHS was never overwhelmed — despite fears it would be crippled by the pandemic.

Experts now fear the number of people dying as a result of delays triggered by the treatment of coronavirus patients could even end up being responsible for as many deaths as the pandemic itself.

Surgeons have worriedly called for hospital beds to be ‘ring-fenced’ for planned operations during the pandemic, to avoid the upheaval of spring where patients faced a ‘tsunami of cancellations’ as the health service focused on battling coronavirus.

But in a bruising appearance in the House of Commons today, Mr Hancock warned Covid-19 could once again disrupt cancer treatment and told MPs that controlling the virus would allow the NHS to ‘recover the treatment that we need to for cancer and other killer diseases’.

He said: ‘It’s critical for everybody to understand that the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease (ER: this is logic-defying when cancer services are NOT running), and the more the disease is under control the more we can both recover and continue with cancer treatments.

Labour also viciously tore into Mr Hancock’s latest blunder, which saw officials miss 16,000 positive test results because of a cataclysmic Excel error. Around 50,000 of their contacts are estimated to have gone un-traced.

Firing on all cylinders after the his counterpart failed to answer exactly many of them have now been traced, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: ‘So, essentially there are thousands of people who have been exposed to the virus who are probably wandering around not knowing they’ve been exposed and could be infecting people, and he cannot even tell us if they’ve been traced.’



NHS Debacle: 1 Million Breast Cancer Screenings Missed Due to COVID Panic Policies


Recent reports from UK medical officials estimate that at least 8,600 women are now living with undetected breast cancer in the UK – a direct result of the government’s order to restrict NHS care in the wake the coronavirus ‘pandemic.’ But this is only the tip of a much larger iceberg.

Back in March, government and health officials claimed that the NHS had to be converted into a de facto ‘COVID only’ service, supposedly to deal with an alleged ‘surge’ predicted in the government’s own computer models. But that overwhelming influx of COVID patients into UK hospitals never happened, as special COVID wards across the country were left largely empty.


To this day, the government and NHS official refuse to revert back to normal NHS care services, still claiming that ‘triaging’ (care by phone) of care and waiting lists must be maintained in order to prepare for an alleged “Second Wave” of COVID hospitalisations. But nowhere in the UK, or even in Europe, has this much-hyped second wave actually happened.

GRAPH: UK hospitalisations and deaths due to COVID have virtually flat-lined over the last 6 months.