Mask wearers more likely to contract virus than non-mask wearers. CDC.

When Covid-19 was declared to be a pandemic and the lockdowns began, the people of the world were promised that things would return to normal very quickly. The pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020 by the WHO (World Health Organisation), – and since then, normalcy seems as elusive as ever. In fact, many authorities are saying that normalcy will never return. Therefore, the push-back has begun.

Those who are defying the official narrative (fear and panic), have a lot of ammunition to justify their defiance and scepticism.

First of all, the official narrative keeps changing. Lockdowns occurred because the WHO recommended them, and now they have reversed that stance and recommend that lockdowns not be used to fight the virus. Why were they recommended in the first place?  Especially since lockdowns have never been used before, to combat any other virus, viruses that are much more dangerous than Covid-19?

And then, there is the ever-shifting narrative about masks.

Tucker Carlson, using data from the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) own website, reported that 85% of all the people who contracted Covid-19, in July, reported that they wore masks all the time or often. Which means that those who wear masks are more at risk of contracting Covid-19 than those who do not wear them (possibly because full-time mask wearing, impairs their own immune system).  TAP – More fear.  Lower immunity.

The CDC responded to Tucker Carlson’s story, by issuing the following statement:

CDC guidance on masks has clearly stated that wearing a mask is intended to protect other people in case the mask wearer is infected. At no time has CDC guidance suggested that masks were intended to protect the wearers. Oct. 14, 2020. 

So, masks do not protect the wearer, they only protect those whom the mask wearer comes in contact with. Let’s all be grateful to the CDC for clearing that up, except for this: The CDC’s own director, Dr. Robert Redfield, testified to the US Senate, Sept. 24, 2020, that, wearing a mask gave him more protection against Covid-19 than a Covid-19 vaccination could. So, confusion prevails. See the whole story here:

If this is not bad enough, it just got a lot worse for the official narrative. The CDC recently disclosed in a report entitled ‘CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel,’ that research and development is hampered because, “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”  p. 39. Source:

This CDC report has inadvertently disclosed a bombshell revelation – according to the CDC they don’t have a specimen of the virus. Or does ‘not available’ mean that, we have the virus, but it is not available to you? If so, why is it not available to everyone who wants to study it? What about all the pharmaceutical companies, hoping to make billions from a vaccine? How can they make a vaccine for a virus that is ‘unavailable’? 

Is it because the virus is ‘unavailable’ that the tests for the virus are so unreliable?

Many doctors and scientists are pointing out that the standard PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, is hopelessly inaccurate – resulting in more false positives than positives. For example, see an interview with Dr. Mike Yeardon, former head of the science division for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, here: 

For all of these reasons (and many more) the push-back against the whole Covid-19 narrative is building in intensity. A coalition of Doctors in Belgium recently made the following public announcement:

After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore. Source: 

Doctors and lawyers, in Germany, are currently preparing one of the largest damage lawsuits in world history. The suit, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, argues for the following recognition and demands:

  1. The Corona Crises must be renamed the ‘Corona Scandal.’
  2. It is the greatest crime ever committed against humanity.
  3. Those responsible must be prosecuted and sued for damages.
  4. There is no excess mortality in any country.
  5. Corona virus mortality equals seasonal flu.
  6. Fatalities are almost all caused by serious pre-existing conditions.
  7. Almost all deaths were very old people-
  8. Sweden (no lockdown) and Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics.
  9. US States with and without lockdowns have comparable disease and mortality statistics.
  10. Hospitals remain empty and some face bankruptcy.
  11. This is a PCR test pandemic not a corona pandemic.
  12. Likelihood of false-positives is 89-94% or near certainty.
  13. PCR tests are useless for the detection of infections.
  14. A positive PCR test does not mean an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found.
  15. Mainstream media completely failed to report the true facts of the so-called pandemic.
  16. Democracy is in danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s video explanation has been censored and removed by You Tube, but it is available here: 

If the Covid crises is a scamdemic, instead of a pandemic, is it also a plandemic? There is much evidence that it was/is. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich claims that the Rothschild family patented tests to produce false Covid results before the Covid crises. There is also evidence of insider trading that produced billions in profits for those who are either prophets or criminals. Source: 

Unfortunately, this story which was on the Reuters News website has been removed. However, it is still available here: 

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Bruce Telfer.

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