Manchester 5G targeting students

Manchester students ‘in intensive care’ with Covid – this is one medic’s warning.

Young people are not invulnerable. We need to get this virus under control. Where is the find-test-trace-isolate-support system that we so badly need? “Based on the rest of the world … Id suggest this city must be poisoning its students to have this issue as nothing else makes sense!”

I have checked out whether Manchester has 5G and it does. There are some pretty big masts in Manchester Road. Could it be that these students have been locked in their rooms unable to go to far and been made ill by 5G? Just a thought do you think someone needs to be notified to check the frequencies in the universities? I know I posted a video up about 5G and there were children in a school in Florida who had to be taken to hospital with the same symptoms and the video stated that it was 5G.

We were warned that this could happen once schools and universities went back. This age group have not suffered from Covid before so it has to be something else and there were indications that this may happen and it would be mistaken for Covid.



Cases continue to rise across parts of England, with the latest weekly infection figures showing that Manchester’s rate has soared, with 2,927 new cases recorded in the seven days to 2 October – the equivalent of 529.4 cases per 100,000 people.

Knowsley and Liverpool have the second and third-highest rates, at 498.5 and 487.1 respectively.

Nottingham City Council is urging people to follow stricter guidelines as coronavirus cases at universities in the region continue to climb.


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