Lockdown Lunacy. You may as well laugh, as cry.

Very few people are arriving in hospital with a COVID-19 diagnosis – probably because the first virus passed through and ended in March.  The newer virus with different symptoms has even less potency than the first causing only a few flu-like symptoms.  In fact has flu simply been renamed COVID?  There are no flu cases according to the statisticians.

The few ‘COVID’ cases that arrive in hospital are invariably sent home within hours as there is nothing much wrong with them.

But don’t tell the media.  The real information wouldn’t keep the panic going, and that is clearly all this is about.

Many people are convinced they are at serious risk or their relatives are.  It’s lunacy.

The government is locking down again.  There is no reason to lockdown at all.  The blood-clotting COVID-19 has ended.  It could have been cured in nearly all cases if doctors had used anti-coagulants and treated it correctly.  The new virus, which is flu-like gives you a cough etc, like flu but is neither highly infectious, Nor is it deadly.

The PCR test gives 93% per cent false positives as Prime Faker Al Kumar Osman admits.

The test is fake.  The epidemic is fake.  The virus is fake.  The media is fake.  The government is fake.  Take off your masks.  Ignore the whole thing and you will suffer no illness, or depression.  Turn off your TV, and switch off your radio and bingo! You’re cured.  Your panic is over.  You can brighten up your life.  The next month will be totally annoying or amusing depending on your viewpoint.  Just laugh at all the idiots who believe these fools in government who think ‘science’ i.e. a corrupted pharmaceutical industry, overrules evidence – what everybody and anybody can find out by talking to their friends who work in hospitals.

Even Boris knows it’s all a waste of time.  He told us so himself recently.  The fake is admitted by the faker in chief, who calls himself Johnson because his real name Osman might offend you.

Lockdowns are an economic weapon, part of the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 – the war to destroy the middle class and end property owning by private people.  The corporate world wants it all, and puts clowns like Osman forward to try to convince us he’s acting in our best interests.  He and his kind are here to destroy us – our jobs, businesses, families, our contentment, our countries, our institutions, our souls and spirits.  Behind him lies his God Lucifer – Satan, The Devil.  He does not want the human race to die in peace and our souls to go into the spirit world in a strong and content condition.  He wants distressed souls who are unable to stand in his way.

God created the world, but Satan is running it.  The only people who stopped Satan for a while are hidden from history, and presented in a false narrative.  They are still able to help us.  Find out who they are, and how to turn Osman and his cronies around, and send them where they need to be sent.




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  1. sovereigntea says:

    It’s a damn shame that Alexander Johnson doesn’t channel his grandfather whose demise was as a result of challenging perpetrators of the Armenian genocide. Instead hapless coward Johnson enables a eugenics genocide.
    On April 10, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter to Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom, informing him that Turkey “would like to welcome you in our country, which is your ancestral land.”

    It is true that the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s predecessor, is where Johnson’s paternal great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, was born. It is also where he was brutally murdered by Turkish nationalists in 1922 for wanting to bring to account the perpetrators of the 1915 Armenian genocide, and for criticizing the nationalist movement that would establish the Turkish Republic in 1923.
    Boris has a Halloween Séance and Summons Thatcher

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The lockdown in Wales is ‘psychotic and absolutely deranged’
    The lockdown in Wales is ‘psychotic and absolutely deranged’

    The most “perverse” factor of Wales’ newly imposed “psychotic” lockdowns is how all non-essential supermarket items have been taped off on the orders of the Welsh government, according to Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill.


  3. Derek says:

    Alex Bellfield and caller.
    Yucca plant tests positive:

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