It’s not about the virus.

I kept saying from the start, that the virus is only the excuse. Doris, Handycock and Twitty, are only puppets. Wealthy custard fed puppets, but puppets non the less. We are being shepherded into a new system of this is how it f*****g is now troglodytes. The boiling frog analogy works with how they operate, as by the time you see it for what it is, you’ve guessed it, you’re too late. I posted the Aaron Russo video earlier today, as he intimates, what the Rockefellas’n chums  have in store for us. I probably miss spelled the name but enjoy the slight. You know that if you got fifty cops into a room and said, “Listen up guys. You signed the official secrets act, and if a word of this gets out, you’ll be doing a ten stretch with the inmates knowing that you were a cop. If you play ball with us, then your family will be exempt from the vaccine, and you’ll all be treated well”. What would you do. Just as if one of the big guys offered to put $500,000 a year into your bank account if you played ball.

We’re not going to get bribed, we’re the troggs folks, the oinks, and we are the enemy. In my opinion, we will be vaccinated with a RNA or DNA vaccine that seems to be linked as would a chip be to the internet of things.Refusal will result in misery and pain, they’ll see to that.  If we are not compliant enough, they could probably turn on cancer or heart disease, sterilise us,  or whatever they fancy, well they will control our DNA won’t they?. Our money will be digital, subject to negative interest, and capable of being turned off by our owners. I don’t want to frighten people, I mean, that’s the job of TV, but be aware FFS THIS IS NOT ABOUT A VIRUS. ian