Incentivised Vaccine Trials: Kill (or maim) a friend and get £100

John Goss

On 19th October 2020 a doctor died in Brazil. He was 28 years old and died of Covid-19-related complications after taking part in vaccine trials. The BBC stated, according to hearsay, “the doctor had worked with infected patients,” but this was not confirmed by the Brazilian Health Authority, Anvisa.

Knowing the BBC’s history this either means the vaccine companies are looking for a scapegoat on which to blame the doctor’s death, or they have set up the story of him working with infected patients to catch out independent reporters who might republish it to discredit vaccine research.

Regardless of this doctor’s death – sad though that may be – research into a vaccine for Covid-19 is already discredited. It is taking shortcuts like never before in the history of modern medicine. Pre-clinical trials used to take years. Not any more.

On the day the Brazilian doctor died the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a statement in a foreward to its draft landscape on COVID-19 vaccines. It includes this disclaimer not ostensibly connected with the doctor’s death.

WHO […] disclaims any and all liability or responsibility whatsoever for any death, disability, injury, suffering, loss, damage or other prejudice of any kind that may arise from or in connection with the procurement, distribution or use of any product included in any of these landscape documents.

Coincidence? Who knows? We already know that vaccine companies are exempt from liability should anything go wrong with these untested vaccines. With that in mind you would think it unlikely anyone would want to be a “guinea pig” in this empirical research, least of all a doctor.

This immoral vaccine race to treat a coronavirus, which peaked in April 2020, is beyond comprehension. Incentives to vaccine producers must be huge.

Volunteers get next to nothing by participating in these vaccine trials. Residents who use the Yardley Wood Practice in Birmingham have been sent a letter begging them to take part in trials “with a goal of finding a vaccine or treatment” plus the lucrative incentive of receiving “reasonable travel expenses” to and from the clinic.

Lockdowns in “your area” will not “affect you” unless you are suffering Covid-19 symptoms. So it seems lockdowns only apply to those of us not partaking in clinical trials.

If you really want to earn some money in these hard times, one vaccine trial specialist company, Synexus, is offering a £100 reward to sentence a friend to death, or perhaps even a fate worse than death. A brochure has been published with all the features of a Western Outlaw notice that might have been nailed to a wooden post in a dusty cowboy town. It depicts seven unsavoury looking characters, their faces masked.

WANTED: Dead or Alive
REWARD: £100

The glossy leaflet does not quite put it like that though it pretty well amounts to the same thing. “Refer a friend and receive £100” is the heading with further explanation: “If the person you recommend then goes on to participate in a study, we will give you £100 as a reward for your referral.”

Going for the “refer a friend” option I rang a Synexus number 0800 470 2449. After some five minutes or more I got bored listening to the spooky music, so I tried another number 0800 470 2488. The recorded message for keypad options and the spooky music were the same so I put the phone on speaker mode anticipating a long wait. Amazingly I did not have to wait more than three minutes before speaking to an operative, Alex.

I told her that I did not want to take the test myself but would like to recommend a friend who was really, really keen. She explained that you can only refer a friend if you’ve taken part yourself. After emphasising how keen my friend was she said you can get him to phone the centre but I had to tell her I did not know where he was.

His name is Bill Gates I told her. The phone went silent. “You know who Bill Gates is?” Yes, she thought so. I gave a brief biography and we had a bit of crack, as the Irish say.

Realising I wasn’t going to get £100 for referring everyone’s friend, Bill, I wished her a good day and hoped she was getting decent money for the job she’s doing, which I meant sincerely, since so many are out of work.

It occurs to me that having to wait a while for someone from Synexus to answer the phone shows that there is no shortage of volunteers. This is corroborated by a letter dated 16th October from Our Health Partnership, which now governs Yardley Wood Health Centre.

“You’ll be joining a growing community of over 14,000 volunteers contributing to finding new medications and vaccines.”

This incentive was listed as one of the bullet points to attract people to participate in vaccine trials in addition to the reasonable travel expenses, “complimentary routine health checks” and “regular covid-19 testing”. Whoopee!

The sinister programme of Bill Gates to vaccinate the world – or else – begins early. Nobody knows the exact source of the quote “Give me a child until he seven, and I will show you the man”, but it is something the Gates’ philosophy endorses wholeheartedly. Where vaccination is concerned ‘the earlier the better’ appears to be the credo.

In South Yorkshire, and presumably the rest of the country, they are administering nasal flu vaccines for four strains in an age-range from two to eighteen. The product is Astra-Zeneca’s Fluenz Tetra, an upgrade of Fluenz.

From their own figures the greatest success using Fluenz was in 1996-7 and 1997-8, in other words, the earliest. Since then to 2003 there would not again be a success-rate above 90%. The long-term effects do not appear to be disclosed.

The indication is more vaccinations equate with less efficacy of the vaccine. This has been borne out in further studies. In the study here it shows that those vaccinated only the previous year had more resistance to flu than those vaccinated two years consecutively and significantly more resistance than those vaccinated the previous three years.

Whether flu vaccines are beneficial has been questioned since the 1970s as this sceptical article points out.

More important than either of those is a piece in The British Medical Journal, not just because it is the most recent – February this year – but because it sheds light on the vulnerability of volunteers for flu vaccinations to other pathogens, like the coronaviruses.

Although Bill Gates might be seeking a vaccinated world in which people’s RNA/DNA can be modified using synthetic proteins, all the predictable deaths and other side effects from these vaccination projects, will render the programme untenable in the long-term. Then the plan will revert to RFID chips.

Incentivised Vaccine Trials: Kill (or maim) a friend and get £100