How many viruses are there?  Time to rebrand COVID-19 to COVID-20?

The original COVID-19 virus is long gone.  No one is getting the blood clotting condition any more (Caused by the combination of the virus and the flu vaccine, easily treatable with anti-coagulants).  As far as COVID-19 is concerned herd immunity is in place planetwide.

About a month ago a new virus arrived, although for some reason the authorities still call it COVID-19 and put patients into the ‘COVID’ ward in hospitals.  The symptoms in the media subtly changed, which was a ‘dead’ giveaway.  No longer was there any need for a fever or temperature.   It changed to the dreaded loss of sense of smell and sense of taste.  This was much mocked by Liverpool comedian John Bishop, but what he failed to realise is that this meant the fact the symptoms were changing, wasn’t virus mutation, but here was a new virus.

Some of those who find they have lost their sense of smell or taste and who dutifully watch their televisions sets (isn’t loss of taste and smell quite a common symptom when having a cold?) and are rushing in terror to be tested.

The Center for Disease Control admits they have yet to isolate ‘the virus’ and have no examples available for laboratories to analyse, which is curious.  It makes you wonder how anyone can test for a virus that has yet to be proved to actually exist.

The reason they can’t be too specific about individual viruses could well be that they are running several viruses, which also explains the changing pattern of symptoms to be looked out for.

Prime Minister Al Kumar Osman admits that 93% of the tests are giving false results.  Why not just admit it’s 100%?  People on Youtube are sending off tests when they swabbed their pets, or didn’t swab anything and they’re getting positives……people are becoming aware after months of this farce that it is a farce.

Anyhow.  Experience loss of sense of smell and taste, along with the sweats.  Get in a panic.  Have a test.  False positive and bingo, people are again arriving in hospitals.  But this time there is no Intensive Care Unit activity.  The patients are really not all that ill, and in almost all cases, they are released in a day or two and sent home.  Deaths?  None.  Yet the media wants you to believe things are in a dire state and people must be kept in panic mode despite the facts.

The viruses being trotted out so far this year in total are proving of little consequence with the human immune system doing its thing and getting rid of them all pretty easily.  Inappropriate medical treatment with the blood-clot COVID-19 patients killed many.  (It was the combination of the virus with the flu jab, which triggered the condition).  Those who didn’t have the flu jab were not affected.  Treating them with ventilators and morphine instead of anti-coagulants caused many to die.

That said the original virus peaked around March and has now long gone.  The new virus recently arrived in comparison is puny in its effects.  The media however is maintaining full panic mode.

Democracy has been halted and a worldwide totalitarian police state has been brought in.  The economy is being throttled with lockdowns, distancing and other measures.  Bill Gates has paid tens of millions for viruses from other species to be adapted with human receptors, but the evidence over many years now, is that whether these come from birds, pigs, bats or anywhere else, we adapt and defeat them easily enough.

Young people have very strong immunity with high levels of Vitamin D.  Older people have less Vitamin D but their immune systems have long experience of the normal viruses doing the rounds, and use this knowledge.  Clearly it makes it a lot tougher to deal with new viruses adapted in laboratories from other species for older people.  A couple of days of unpleasant symptoms are assured, but so far Bill Gates’ bio-weapons are showing to be relatively harmless.  Why would he release potent illnesses anyway?  He and his cronies all have families too.  What the viruses lack in terms of punch is made up for by the media pumping out fear twenty four seven.  Don’t listen any more.  Switch off and enjoy your life.

Focus on dodging the economic bullets that are flying around, and the dire political changes taking place.  The COVID 19 to 100 viruses are occupying peoples’ minds and wasting their time.  They present little threat and are causing people to destabilise their jobs, schools, businesses and futures by panicking and overreacting.