Hand sanitiser burns risk

Her mother Larrissa Schaffenberg, 29, said she had left the kids with a childminder while she went to work but received a panicked call 45 minutes later telling her her daughter had been burned. She said: ‘My heart sank and I began to panic, I left work right away and made my way to meet them at the hospital. ‘Izabella had been playing out in the front garden, with her big brother, her cousin and one of the neighbour’s kids, as she always did. They were messing around with some hand sanitiser that had been laying around because we were using it all the time to protect against Covid 19. ‘They were playing around and squirting it about, and some was squirted on to the front porch ledge. One of the neighbour’s kid had a lighter and lit it. It set ablaze and caught Izabella’s face.

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