Government defies common sense in the effort to keep COVID Terror hoax alive



The government, having started out as  merely criminal but now apparently also gone mad, is determined to keep the COVID Terror hoax going long after it has been exposed.

The following featured article from the Daily Mail provides a nice summary of the situation, whilst typifying a new trend: the breaking ranks by even the media with the government’s psychological warfare attack on its own people.

The government of course is still trying to pull every marketing and PR trick it can think up so as to blame “the virus” for the social and economic damage it has inflicted on the nation in recent months but the truth of the matter is that the damage was and is being inflicted upon the nation by the government using the manufactured COVID Terror as its justification and excuse.

As to why the nasty cabal of subversives who have hijacked our government – with the evident approval and collaboration of  many of our equally treasonous MPs, have seen fit to mete out this destruction is a question that will need to be answered by an impartial fact-finding judicial inquiry and a court of law after arrests are made and the criminal prosecutions start.

The Daily Mail article gives you an excellent rundown of the cold, hard facts of the Scare-That-Isn’t and we urge you to read it but here, first, is a succinct summary of its salient points.

  • The average life expectancy of people in the UK is 81.5 years. The average age of death from, allegedly, COVID19 is 82.4.
  • The mortality rate of COVID19 is low: of those who get COVID 19, only 6 in a thousand will die.
  • Of those who are likely to die, the vast majority are over 75 to such a degree that the average age of death from the virus is A YEAR OLDER than the average age of death from all causes.
  • Lockdowns are not making much difference to infections.
  • We do not need to worry about the NHS moving from its currently underwhelmed condition to ” being overwhelmed”.
  • No less than 15000 scientists and doctors have signed a declaration demanding a common-sense change in governments’ operating basis with regard to the alleged pandemic. [embarrassing for government so  MSM and online media still loyal to the COVID Coup have been  mobilised to discredit it, of course.

In the account below we have added out own emphases.

The article:

Data shows the average age of death from coronavirus is 82.4 years, writes DAVID ROSE as he argues for anti-lockdown plan to shield only the most vulnerable

That figure – computed from Office of National Statistics data by experts at Oxford University – is significantly higher than the average age reached by people recorded as dying from all other causes, which is 81.5.

The study by Oxford’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine also suggests that fewer than six people per thousand who get coronavirus now are likely to die from it.

The death rate – known as the infection fatality ratio, or IFR – has plummeted since June, even allowing for a big increase in testing.

Dr Jason Oke (pictured) a senior statistician at the Oxford centre says local lockdowns ‘don’t seem to be having much impact on infections’

Dr Jason Oke (pictured) a senior statistician at the Oxford centre says local lockdowns ‘don’t seem to be having much impact on infections’

Then, the study’s authors estimate, about 30 people per thousand who contracted the virus were dying.

The figures also show that currently 40 per cent of those who die from Covid are over 85, and a further 33 per cent are between 75 and 84.

A quarter were suffering from advanced dementia. Barely 1 per cent of those who die are under 44. 

The new figures appear to provide support for the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’, which has now been signed by nearly 15,000 leading scientists and doctors.

The declaration, named after the Massachusetts town where it was drawn up last weekend, urges governments to switch from blanket, lockdown-style measures to ‘focused protection’ for the most vulnerable.

It criticises lockdown policies and represents a splintering of the scientific consensus over the coronavirus response.

As of last night it had been signed by 4,800 doctors and 9,050 medical and public health scientists.

According to the declaration, younger people who are most unlikely to die ‘should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal’.

Dr Jason Oke, a senior statistician at the Oxford centre, said it ‘made sense’ that the age of those who died was so high.

Since the start of the pandemic, it had been clear that the virus is most dangerous for the very elderly.

Statisticians favour using the median average figure, as the Mail has used here. But the mean average numbers tell the same story, giving an average age of death from Covid-19 at 80.9 years, and from all other causes at 78.7 years.

[UKR editor’s note: The “mean” is the “average” you’re used to, where you add up all the numbers and then divide by the number of numbers. The “median” is the “middle” value in the list of numbers. Example: if you take as list of five numbers such  as 1,4,12,15 and 18 and add them up (50) then divide by five, you get the “mean” or “average value of 10. But f you take the middle number from the list of numbers (12) this gives you the median,]

Dr Oke said: ‘One reason [the infection fatality ratio] has fallen is that more young people are getting infected.

‘But I don’t think it’s the only one. It’s possible people who are getting infected are picking up lower doses of the virus, and we now have drugs that can help.’

Scientists at King’s College, London  found that elderly people diagnosed as frail – defined as ‘a clinical condition signified by a loss of reserves, energy and wellbeing’ – were far more likely to be hospitalised or die from Covid than more robust individuals of the same age.

He said that the figures ‘reinforce the message we need to keep this away from the very elderly and those with underlying conditions’, but that local lockdowns ‘don’t seem to be having much impact on infections’.

Professor Karol Sikora, head of Buckingham University medical school and the medical director of Rutherford Health, is among those who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

He said: ‘The drop in the IFR is significant. ‘It means we can afford not to worry about the NHS being overwhelmed. Instead we need to get people back to work and get rid of these ridiculous, unenforceable rules.

They are ineffective and counter-productive, and are causing unimaginable harm.’

The IFR calculated by the Oxford team is not based on the daily test results, which are plagued by problems including delays and lost data, but on ONS models for the total number of infections in society at any given time.

It is widely accepted that the test results capture only a small proportion of the total, and the study’s aim is to give a more accurate overall picture.

These data show that since early summer, when it reached 3.3 per cent, there has been a big fall in the IFR.

But since mid August, when infection numbers began to rise, it has levelled out, at a little over 0.5 per cent.

Further support for the Great Barrington Declaration and its ‘focused protection’ approach comes from a little-noticed study published in July by scientists at King’s College, London.

They found that elderly people diagnosed as frail – defined as ‘a clinical condition signified by a loss of reserves, energy and wellbeing’ – were far more likely to be hospitalised or die from Covid than more robust individuals of the same age.

According to the study, frail patients’ risk of death from Covid was almost two and a half times as great, taking into account age and other underlying conditions.

Senior author Dr Kathryn McCarthy, said: ‘Greater awareness is needed around the concept of frailty and its use as a tool for assessment.’

Government defies common sense in the effort to keep COVID Terror hoax alive