by Caratacus

We live in fascinating times, in which the emperor has somehow lost his clothes and cavorts naked before us.

Eventually the penny will drop that we see him. In the meantime. it is quite something to witness the spectacle of a government evidently going insane in front of our eyes.

Whether they are motivated by subversive intent or simply driven by mind-boggling stupidity, we yet find ourselves governed by a clique whose hidden allegiances have yet to be fully revealed.

But the LEGAL removal of them from positions from which to wreak havoc upon the nation has become our patriotic duty.

Very soon this hijacked government will crash and burn and there will remain the task of bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring they are replaced with someone more honest and more able.

We are now seeing the true face of our political elite as it has always been: duplicitous, mendacious, manipulative, coldly cunning and certain of its God-given or gene-given right to do as it damn well pleases with the human herd.

They are like any insane person. stuck in some past moment out of present time, still dramatising old battles, fears and solutions of yesteryear, unable to embrace or work with a changed world in which the slaves are free, the serfs emancipated and the herd no longer willing to take the arrogant herdsman’s puerile crap.

And we, the People, like our new-found liberty too much to surrender it to demented fools. So we are going to have to stop relying on them to do the right thing because they won’t. Unless we make them. Or replace them with someone who will. THEY work for us now and it is high tine we made them realise it because, as things stand at the moment, they have not yet caught up with that new reality.

Or look at it this way:

Humanity is reborn

And like any new-born, the task before it is to grow up and stand on it own two feet.

Birth pangs and growing pains are preferable to death throes

Fascinating Times . . .