Economies worldwide are collapsing. The best strategy is not to panic, and try to get informed.

Money on tap is inflating asset prices. ¬†The rich won’t suffer from this. ¬†The middle class will.

The Federal Reserve already owns one third of US mortgages.

The IMF is promising funds everywhere claiming to helping countries suffering from climate change, making loans, driving more countries into bigger debt.

100% of GDP is commonplace.  Money is not backed to gold.

Homelessness is rife, yet the rich are getting richer.

Now more lockdowns are being announced.

Restaurants are collapsing.  And smaller retail businesses.

Jobs are going.  Over 60% of people work for small/medium sized businesses.

Suppliers.  Delivery drivers.  Global supply chains.  Factories.  The growers,  The farmers.

Airlines.  Pilots.  Cabin crew.

Cruise Lines.  Tourism.  Travel.  Hotels.  Millions of jobs to be wiped out.  Taxi drivers.

Conferencing is a vast industry Рnow closed.  Clothing sales tumbling with home working.

Vacation sector dead.  Weddings imploding.

Theatres closing.  Amusement parks.  Medical and dental are not booming.

Stock markets will crash.  Real estate will crash.

Get your debts paid down.  Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

2021 will be a bad situation. ¬†What’s coming will be bad. ¬†He hopes he’s wrong.

TAP – The money being splurged will presumably hold up the value of the rich man’s assets, and will inflate currencies.

So why sell everything into cash as he suggests? ¬†A temporary fall in asset values will no doubt be overtaken by the inflation of currencies with the amounts being splurged, and the vast amount of debts needing to be paid. ¬†More likely we’ll see a rollercoaster which will throw you off if you panic. ¬†The best advice is don’t panic. ¬†Owning some precious metals might be a good idea if it’s not confiscated.

The Great Reset could well see –

a big increase in the cost of energy (carbon taxes)

Negative interest rates so that bank deposits pay up to 5% per annum to the bank from the saver.

An option to have all debts paid, with all property removed, and to receive a state handout to live on.

The launch of digital currency which has no cash in hand.

The requirement to have a health passport

A social credit score penalising any political activity in particular

Lockdowns, limits on freedom of association

The main idea is to make you panic. ¬†Once you’re panicking, you’re easy meat for the crocodiles.

Rule number one. ¬†Don’t panic. ¬†And don’t talk up the effect of the measures being taken against us.

He’s a good talker and observer but he needs to wise up.