Democracy in Britain ends today.

For those that still care…. the Government are trying to pass a covert bill that will allow the police and other bodies to have the right to torture and kill its citizens.
It’s trying to be pushed through before the weekend.
Any legal heads out there can help to stop this!!
MPs passed the Bill at Second Reading on Monday 5 October 2020. The Bill will now be considered in Committee of the Whole House on Thursday 15 October 2020 followed by all remaining stages on the same day.
Well who’d a thought that the government that loves us and wants to protect us and our loved ones is passing a bill this morning to legalise our murder, torture and sexual assault.. It can be done by the police, environment, food standards and gambling agencies among the many who can legally do this to us.. if it wasn’t true it would be laughable.. but it’s happening this morning.
If you think there is opposition from Labour think again! Keir Starmer fully supports it too and has asked his party to abstain from voting..only 20 MPs voted against this vile bill. Corbyn has voted against it..good man.. and thinks its not a good idea to murder, torture, and rape our citizens..
There are not many like him left in parliament, unfortunately for us..
Whilst it would be easy to blame those who voted this lot into power I am not going to, as they only thought they were voting for Brexit.. not legalised torture and the murder of our people.. I don’t think any Tory voters could foreseen this at all …no one could.. not even in our nightmares..and labour is supporting this also..
They are all one party now….Think this is a conspiracy it is not.. it is real and happening today, as it gets its final go ahead .
You can write to your MP before 10am