COVID hits a wall. Covid’s mortality is no higher than the seasonal flu, and may actually be less.

On October 3, this video at youtube was posted by the spokesman [Dr. Reiner Fuellmich] for an international team of lawyers and scientists who are filing Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits against those promoting Covid. I suggest you watch it and spread it. Even if these guys turn out to be controlled opposition—and for now I don’t think they are—this announcement is important because it confirms that top people agree with us that the Covid crisis has been a manufactured scam. They call it the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.

So if your mom or dad or husband or wife won’t take your word for it, have them watch this video, where we find included in this team of experts John Ioannidas of Stanford, who is both a professor and physician and who wrote the most-accessed article ever written in the history of Public Library of Science. The title of the article is “Why Most Published Research Findings are False”. Ah, a man after my own heart. Maybe that is why both his papers and mine have gone viral. He has been called the scourge of sloppy science. Also Michael Levitt, Nobellist in chemistry. Also Dr. Mike Yeadon, former science advisor to Pfizer, who has said in public that all Covid tests may be from false positives.

Yes, we have red flags popping up there, with the name Levitt, Stanford University, and Pfizer, indicating this may be controlled opposition. I also note the book by Gerry Spence displayed prominently in the background of the video behind Fuellmich. Still, it is difficult to understand how this project helps them. It may guarantee the lawsuits’ failure, but even in the event it does, it is still confirming that all these people believe Covid is fake in some very large and important ways, which may be more damaging in the longrun than any lawsuit. Even if this is all more theater and another level down the rabbit hole, it has the potential to wake up millions of new people. For instance, I plan to show it to any new girl I start dating, so that she doesn’t look at me cross-eyed everytime I bring something like this up. This video and lawsuit are just the kind of things that get people’s attention, because it starts to bring in all those people who want “credentials” before they open their ears or eyes. This gray-haired lawyer in a suit will be far more convincing to many of those people at a glance than I could ever be in person: me with my Birkenstocks and my hoodie and my bicycle and my box of kittens at the market. I don’t LOOK like someone who would know anything important about anything, which means to those people that I don’t. Despite the fact that I had this figured out long before any of these guys in suits.

Anyway, among the many things Dr. Fuellmich confirms are that the mortality of Covid is no higher than the seasonal flu, and may actually be less. Also that the hospitals that were supposed to be overflowing were actually almost empty. Also that films from hospitals were faked. Also that the panic was created on purpose, in order to promote vaccines and other agendas. Also that the WHO, CDC, and other major governmental bodies worldwide have lied at the behest of foundations and corporations that control them. Also that almost everyone who has died was very old and had pre- existing conditions, again indicating the mortality of Covid is extremely low. Also that the Covid test was not created to diagnose or confirm Covid, as its inventor admits and as is admitted in its own literature—including inserts that come with it—and in the CDC’s own publications. That is, a positive result does not indicate infection with anything. It can give a positive result on anyone who has ever had a cold. Also that doctors have been instructed to assign deaths to Covid, whether that was truly

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indicated or not. Also that doctors and officials were PAID to list deaths as Covid when they were not. Also that government bodies recommended that no autopsies be performed in Covid cases, in order to hide the fact that Covid was NOT the cause. Also that those in media and government—when confronted with this evidence—had been instructed not to argue facts, but instead to label the opposition as conspiracy theorists and treat them as cranks, even when they were tenured professors at Stanford or Nobel Prize winners. Sound familiar? Also that orders from the CDC and governors have been completely unConstitutional, bypassing our legislative system completely and therefore our right to representation. Also that courts at all levels have utterly failed to protect our rights and uphold the Constitution, undermining their basic function. Also that all these actions above constitute massive centralized fraud and intent to cause harm. Also that provable harm—including complicity in mass murder—has been done on a worldwide scale, hence the Crimes Against Humanity tag. But you don’t have to take my word for it, watch the video for yourself.

Also see and spread the video Plandemic2, which is even better than Plandemic. Except for the end. See minute 1:10:55, where we are told “this is not a time for us to go in a mob frenzy, find the perpetrators, and haul them into the town square and pillory them. This is a moment for us to recognize that every decision that is being made today—by any of the conspiring parties—made perfect sense in each increment, when each of those decisions was made.” But wait. . . is that what the documentary itself just showed us? Not at all. It showed us the decisions made NO SENSE. It showed us the decisions were made for obscene profit, with the full knowledge they would lead to mass death and harm. It proved beyond any doubt these people are shameless liars and psychopaths, complicit in incredible crimes against humanity—crimes the documentary can only begin to reveal in the time given. So why would this guy who has told us so much truth end the documentary with this lie of his own? Why does he want us to think these decisions made perfect sense? I don’t get it. You will say he is just that forgiving, but I don’t read it that way.

Pillorying just means putting someone’s head in a wooden frame, which is far less than someone like Bill Gates deserves. So possibly even this documentary is controlled opposition, a sort of insurance policy, in case the worst actually happens for Gates and all, and they do have to face justice. They are trying to control your response, suggesting to you that this was all just a mistake, a big misunderstanding, a result of poor decisions from bad data. Therefore it doesn’t call for the normal penalties.

But I still recommend the documentary even so, since I think most people will ignore the ending as I did, defeating the spin. They will watch Bill Gates lying his ass off and flapping his girly arms around and rocking in his chair like an Asperger’s victim, and say to themselves that this has to end right now.

Also see this video at Bitchute with two OSHA experts on mask use and safety, who have become whistleblowers. They prove that OSHA is breaking its own laws, on the books since 1979, regarding masks. Mask-wearing is known to be dangerous, since it drops oxygen levels by around 20%. Long- period mask usage is ILLEGAL, according to OSHA’s own stated rules. So the current recommendations contradict decades of studies, finding, and LAWS. Such mask usage causes not only shortterm problems, but longterm health problems.

In that video we also learn that Michigan courts just overturned the basis for all their governor’s orders, which are now null and void. But guess who is coming in to fill the gap: OSHA, which is threatening Michigan businesses with more illegal orders if they don’t continue masking and social distancing. Towns and cities are also rushing to fill the gap by passing their own illegal orders. As with the governor’s orders, these orders from OSHA and cities are just a bluff. They are unenforceable and have no legal standing. They would not hold up in any lawsuit or in front of any judge. In fact, they are GROUNDS for a lawsuit against those making the orders, since these fake orders are criminal acts

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in themselves, and are indictable.

First published October 7, 2020

Covid hits a Wall

by Miles Mathis