Covid-19: Scamming, Manipulation of Numbers – Double Strategy of Nasal Sampling and Nasal Test

Covid-19: Scamming, Manipulation of Numbers – Double Strategy of Nasal Sampling and Nasal Test


A doctor friend has sent us a study and a reflection on the scandal of the nasal swab and RT-PCR tests. We are pleased to share with you the results of his research and reflections.


The nasal test

A protocol that falsifies the figures of the epidemic

Summary: For two months, the nasal test has been used on a very large scale to identify, by PCR, coronavirus carriers, and to evaluate the severity of the epidemic. We will show how this protocol uses two stratagems to multiply the positive cases, which exaggerates the real scale of the epidemic. We will then see that this test is not risk-free. We’ll also talk about what everyone can do to try to avoid a positive result.


First of all, it is important to know that, unlike throat swabs, sputum samples, urine samples, etc., this test was never used because it has no interest. The nasal cavities are permanently exposed to the outside air, and we find, trapped in the mucus, all the dust particles and millions of germs, viruses and moulds suspended in the air we breathe. During an infectious pathology, the analysis of a nasal swab does not make the diagnosis: it is above all a test of environmental pollution. However, in recent years, this test seems to have become a regular practice of doctors who have not thought about the fact that the nose is always dirty and that everything and anything can be found there.

We will make a comparison. Let’s imagine a health and safety commission visiting your company. Instead of carrying out the usual checks to determine whether the air, water or premises are contaminated, the hygiene commission simply checks the filters in the air conditioning system. There they discover germs or toxic dust and shut down your business! This is precisely the function of these filters, to stop these pathogens, to deliver purified air into the premises. This is a strategy of commercial warfare that probably benefits a competitor much more powerful than you and capable of influencing this commission to shut down your business. This decision is totally dishonest, illegal, and worrisome for the employees. For the next inspection, not only will the premises be clean, but you will have the filters cleaned or changed.

Another comparison from a friend: the air filter of your car is dirty and the garage (the health authorities) force you to leave it in the garage! This is exactly what happens with the Covid-19 nasal swab in healthy subjects.

The company is you. Your respirator has a filter system that traps and removes dust and particles that could enter your lungs. The nasal cavities and upper airways are lined with hair cells with microscopic hairs and sticky mucus that filter out unwanted particles and airborne infectious agents to deliver clean air to your lung alveoli. This system, unlike surgical masks, is permanently being cleaned. The movements of the eyelashes reject mucus loaded with dust, bacteria, mould or viruses. This mucus does not go up into the nasal cavities: instead, it is swallowed, mixed with salivary enzymes, and destroyed in the stomach. When you blow your nose and sneeze, the mucus can be thrown out and the usual precautions are essential. Currently, even in good health, you are forced to have this medical aberration, this analysis of your nasal mucus contaminated by the outside air.

Then, the RT-PCR test is used, which multiplies the smallest viruses or fragments of inactivated viral RNA a very large number of times to detect them:

24 duplication cycles = × 224 = × 17,000,000,
30 duplication cycles = × 230 = × 1,000,000,000,
35 duplication cycles = × 235 = × 35,000,000,000!
40 duplication cycles = × 240 = × 1,000,000,000,000 !

The higher the cycle threshold (cycle threshold = CT), the lower the viral load. As explained by Prof. Jean-François Toussaint on September 8, 2020 on LCI TV, beyond 24 cycles, people who test positive are practically not contagious. The international community has set a cycle threshold of 30 duplications, beyond which the test must be considered negative.

In France, the situation is different, as part of a national mass screening strategy. RT-PCR is the reference technique, its very high sensitivity allows the detection of very small amounts of viral RNA in samples, without differentiating between RNA fragments and live viruses. In addition, the recommended CT duplication cycle threshold has been increased to around 37. It varies according to the methods applied, which prevents comparisons, and is not indicated in the interpretations given to physicians (Opinion of September 25, 2020 of the French Society of Microbiology). Each time the health authorities add a duplication cycle to the protocol, the number of positive tests and errors doubles. Today, between 35 and 40 duplication cycles would be applied, which multiplies the number of positive results and errors by 100 or 1,000. The results are close to a lottery draw, the errors would be around 30%, and more than 95% of those who test positive would not be contagious at all and would not require any special precautions.

Carried out in this way, the test will detect the infinitesimal contamination of the laboratory itself, which is not sterile and receives hundreds of patients every day, or that of the air the subject has breathed in the previous hours: positive one day, negative the next, and so on. The few viruses or RNA fragments stuck in the mucus of your nasal cavities are harmless, they do not multiply there, they are not rejected outside but swallowed, digested. You are neither contagious nor sick, and the decision to isolate yourself is totally dishonest. Exactly as for our company, this technique of sampling and the increase in duplication cycles is part of a strategy of economic warfare, which artificially increases the number of so-called carriers of the coronavirus. The authorities maintain the illusion of an epidemic, they keep people in fear of falling ill or contaminating their relatives, and impose new liberty-destroying measures, harmful to the entire population and the whole economy.

In some cases, if you are sick, the test performed under normal conditions, i.e. less than 30 duplication cycles, can identify, without certainty, a virus (ER: ‘a’ virus) that is multiplying in your body and guide your doctor’s treatmentFever remains a good indicator of the multiplication of the virus in your body and of your possible contagiousness. You will be isolated for a certain period of time, as is the case with childhood illnesses, and serology may or may not confirm the diagnosis. The nasal swab has never been a screening and contagiousness test; it is a test of poor therapeutic orientation in sick people, it is always contaminated by the environment.

The nasopharyngeal swab itself is not a risk-free procedure. It can cause micro-erosions of the nasal mucous membranes, introduce some viruses present in the mucus, and trigger a real infection. On the other hand, the nasal cavities are separated from the base of the brain and pituitary gland by a few centimeters of very thin bony sheets and a removal can be traumatic. This deep nasal swab can be dangerous!

There is a simple way to reduce the risk of a positive test, such as for our company’s air conditioning system. Before this test, you should blow your nose and carefully rinse your nasal cavities with saline or equivalent: clean your personal filter and evacuate the mucus contaminated with viral particles suspended in the air you breathe.


The protocol applied for this test is deeply biased, manipulated in such a way as to artificially increase the number of positive subjects while the actual number of patients remains low.

Thanks to this massive screening strategy, health authorities are preparing to immobilize millions of ‘vehicles’ – you and me – because their air filters – their nasal cavities – are dirty. If you have to take this test, be clean on your person, wash your hands, blow your nose thoroughly, and wash your nasal cavities with saline. This can make a difference.

Dr. C., General Practice, October 11, 2020
Member of and the Physicians and Caregivers Collective

Covid-19: Scamming, Manipulation of Numbers – Double Strategy of Nasal Sampling and Nasal Test