Conservative MPS – corrupted clowns in suits

To Daniel Kawczynski MP

Hi Dan,
I wonder what happened to the 300 MPs who failed to vote on the Coronavirus Act measures being taken by the government.  Have you any idea why they absconded from their responsibility to hold the Executive to account.
Are we now a totalitarian state with no Parliament?
I’d be interested to know the answer to that, and how you see things.
How can you approve of the government’s Coronavirus measures, of the destruction of personal liberty over a virus that has yet to be proved to exist, where patients with blood-clotting claimed to be from the supposed virus are 100% curable, and which has a test being used by the government (PCR) which ludicrously creates false positives at nearly 80%.  Hospitals have been nearly empty for months, yet the media is non-stop stuck pushing the fake epidemic on humanity as there is so much money to be made by pharmaceutical corporations, and others by bankrupting privately owned businesses.  Conservative MPs, favoured by Baroness Harding are supplying testing kits, PCR tests, swab tests and all the other junk we have no need for, and are much to the fore in having their snouts deep in the COVID trough.
I’d be most grateful if you could let me know how you see any of the measures being taken by the government as being anything other than the end of democracy, the end of private enterprise, of free choice, free speech, freedom of association and freedom of thought.  The Conservative Party is a traitor to the human race, and no longer has any right to present itself as a democratic organisation.  I never thought we would live to see Fascists masquerading as Conservatives, acting the role of clowns in suits but that is what most of you now are.  At least a pitiful few had the brains and courage to oppose the measures.
Best Regards,
Henry Curteis
As Liverpool was being put onto greater COVID restriction this weekend we decided to head there for a weekend break.  What a brilliant decision.  We had the hotel almost to ourselves.  The dining room was not full at all, and the staff were very friendly making it great fun for the kids to run around and play unrestricted, which would not normally be possible.  I never wear a mask and was not challenged once in a single establishment or shop.  That was so nice after the usual annoying ‘please can you wear a mask’ appeal I regularly get in our home town, to which I have my reply.
No one mentioned COVID once throughout our stay or limited us in any way – even once.  It’s as if the Liverpudlians realise the whole thing is just another Tory trick, coming from ‘Boris’ who always was been a hated figure in Liverpool.  No one bothered with QR codes or giving names.  It was like a separate universe.
We walked around the old docks area and met people,  who told us that even during lockdown, pubs and restaurants stayed open.  Many people walked along the banks of the Mersey each day for exercise and no one made any attempt to stop them, they told us.
The pedestrianised area around the docks is enormous, including Lord St, Paradise St and many others.  We loved it and the kids could run free for hours crossing only one main highway with traffic lights, going between the shopping area and the docks.  We will definitely go again.  And we will watch out for more cities being put on ludicrous and unnecessary lockdowns and visit them in turn.