CCTV to block non mask wearers from shops.


CCTV that blocks people from entering a shop if they are not wearing a mask being set up across UK

  • CCTV cameras installed in stores in bid to help staff tackle ‘difficult’ customers
  • Screen outside shop will display green or red message to grant access to person
  • Whiteley’s Garden Centre in West Yorkshire already has system up and running
  • It follows revelation that AI scanners in UK are supplying social distancing data

 Katie Weston – Daily Oct 16, 2020

CCTV that blocks people from entering a shop if they are not wearing a face covering is being set up across the UK.

The cameras use artificial intelligence to determine whether a person walking towards the shop doors is wearing a mask in a bid to help staff tackle ‘difficult’ customers.

A screen fitted outside the shop’s doors will display a green or red message to automatically allow or deny access to the person.

Customers who aren’t wearing a mask will be refused entry automatically and the doors will remain shut.

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Comment – Oct 17, 2020

From hereon the next step will be to set up CCTV cameras to identify if shoppers have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or not. Then shop owners – and here we are talking about major supermarket chains, as most small family stores will be out of business soon – will be able to bar those who have not been “immunized” with a Bill Gates approved vaccine.
As in “that none may buy or sell unless he bears the mark of the Beast …

7 Responses to “CCTV to block non mask wearers from shops.”

  1. ian says:

    Quite easy then to wear the mask until you get in, then take it off.

    • Gordon says:

      In a shop on Friday the lad on the till told me to put my basket on the counter and step back 6 ft. I didn’t mind the basket thing but objected to standing back 6ft telling the lad that I didn’t have the plague,the pox nor Covid to which he replied that he was protecting his 2 month baby. I told him that new norms are immune for the first three months and then get a cold to kick-start their immune system.

      • ian says:

        Logic can’t combat the fear that TV has filled them with Gordon. In addition, many Karen types have been empowered by the authority they feel it gives them. I walked out of a coffee shop recently. I only went in because I’d a while to wait for my car which was in the garage. A teenage Stazi officer started commanding me to wait here, put your mask on, fill in this. I just said, shove it love, I’ve went off coffee. I just feel really depressed at the thought of where this is all going.

  2. Tapestry says:

    People will be ignoring the lights in minutes. Too busy. All will instal under coercion but will ignore in practice. What about exempt who cannot wear a face covering? They just starve I suppose.

  3. Aldous says:

    Who’s going to be paying for all this? Hard-pressed businesses no doubt. Everyone in this land of the fee and home of the slave can have a damaging smartmeter foc but an already struggling business has to pay for this crap and nonsense to remain open. Is that the real agenda?

  4. Aldous says:

    A commenter on Truthseeker is suggesting that it’s fake news but I’m not so sure.

    CCTV that blocks people from entering a shop if they are not wearing a mask being set up across UK

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