Bring back Mary Magdalene and the Enlightenment

As the world descends ever deeper into Covidmania, you wonder where the progress made by Western civilisation over the last three hundred years has disappeared to.  The Enlightenment brought an end to the imposition of brutality by Catholicism.  People were allowed to express themselves freely and build a better world for the first time.  The modern world is the result.  Someone has decided to slam it all into reverse and destroy human freedom and betterment.

This history interview explains who was behind the Enlightenment.  The wife of Jesus, Mary Magdalene. No wonder the churches want her true history suppressed.  We need her beliefs to be brought back, and those of her husband Jesus.  They were not Christians but Jews of the Nazarene Sect of the Essenes.  They believed in the Zodiac, in interpreting the stars, in freedom from imperial powers, freedom of thought and speech, and abandoning human and animal sacrifice, the practices of the Judaism, and of Babylon.

The Satanic cults that practise human sacrifice are becoming dominant once more as the era of The Enlightenment fades away.  People must awaken and realise that demonic powers are real, and they are achieving renewed power over the world.  Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s message is crucial for the world today, not the doctored version of their beliefs as written down by the Romans and their agents, which became what we call Christianity.  Christianity is a sidetrack that deliberately disguises the full power of evil forces.  We need Enlightenment once more, and understanding of how to defeat evil.