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Big Pharma, government crooks now exploiting COVID-19 pandemic for profit, warns health care expert

10/02/2020 / By 

Big Pharma and its tentacles within the American government are looking to benefit from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a noted healthcare policy analyst said.

Dave Janda, a retired orthopedic surgeon and a researcher who also operates the podcast and radio show Operation Freedom, made the statement during his appearance in Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Brighteon Conversations.

According to Janda, who worked under former Surgeon General C. Everett Coop during the latter part of the Reagan presidency, many elements – some of whom are connected to both Big Pharma and the government – are exploiting the hysteria surrounding COVID-19 in order to make a profit off the pandemic, as well as to take away the “American public’s inherent freedoms.”

“Look where our freedoms were in January. I mean they were already being limited, but look at where our freedoms were in January and where we are now,” Janda said, noting in his interview that the measures enforced by the government such as store closures, mask-wearing mandates, indefinite lockdowns and planned forced vaccinations, are all about keeping the population under control.

Compounding the issue, he said, is that these measures – such as the mandates enforced by Governor Gretchen Whitmer throughout the state of Michigan – are all based on fraudulent data.

“This is about control, pure and simple, because when you look at the studies — I’m a data guy, I’m a science guy, my basis is analytics and we have a governor [Whitmer] who talks smoke about science but she never comes up with the science — the initial data she came up with about where our state was going to be, where millions of people would be hospitalized…was based on that goofball in England that just manufactured this stuff and none of it turned out to be the case,” Janda said.

Janda also hit back at mandates that enforce mask-wearing in public, noting that there are no medical and scientific journals that support their effectiveness against COVID-19.

“The data behind masks — I have gone through dozens of peer-reviewed published journals and articles on masks and I have yet to find a positive article that shows that the coronavirus can be prevented by wearing a mask. I wish I could tell you one, but I can’t,” Janda said, adding that a review by several doctors affiliated with the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) even found that SARS-CoV-2 is too small to be filtered effectively by surgical masks. This, Janda said, is comparable to “a basketball going through a hula hoop.”

Furthermore, the current arms race for the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19 must be examined more closely, Janda said, especially since rushing the latter’s production and distribution could lead to a public health disaster, such as the one caused by the 1976 swine flu outbreak.

“We already lived through this: in 1976, Gerald Ford was president and we had a swine flu outbreak and then he was “we’re going to rush through a vaccine!’ and they did. What was the result? At least 500 Americans ended up paralyzed because of it,” Janda said, adding that the current race to produce a COVID-19 vaccine has led to several companies such as Moderna, which stands to get $1.5 billion from the U.S. Government cutting back on certain measures for their testing.

“That Moderna vaccine was given only to healthy people — these are people that did not have diabetes, they weren’t obese, they didn’t have underlying cardiac conditions or pulmonary conditions,” the doctor and policy expert stated, noting that some of the people who were injected with the still-experimental vaccine experienced side effects from it.

According to Janda, this current push for the development and forced distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine is indicative of Big Pharma’s desire to cement their hold on America, as well as keep their pockets lined with the people’s money. (Related: Fascism on display: The NIH owns HALF of Moderna’s new coronavirus vaccine.)

“It is all about the money…it comes down to their ever-precious dollar and how much can go to their pockets,” Janda continued, noting that it is because of this that Big Pharma and their allies in the American government are doing double duty to push aside and even scrub information that could spell trouble for their money-making schemes.

“Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, zinc — they’re pennies, but when you start looking into antivirals, if you start looking into vaccines, you’re looking at a hundred bucks, two hundred bucks three hundred — you’re looking at big bucks and that’s what drives this and that’s what’s so sick,” Janda stated.

As of this writing, the coronavirus pandemic has infected over 5 million individuals in the United States, with 171,823 deaths.