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AV11.1 David Dubyne
COVID-19 is Nothing but a MASK …
for a Multi-Century Crop Loss Cycle!
David Duybne is now confirmed as an AV11.1 speaker and brings his valuable and eye opening insights to current geological and geo-political changes and to quote Henry Kissinger some 50 years ago …
“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
1). Global crop losses being masked by the USDA and media.
2). Rising food prices and breaks in food supply chain.
3). Move to set up African Sahel as new agriculture zone.
4). Electrical supply by the new Renaissance Dam for East Africa.
5). Global stable coin USDC through Algorand And Stellar to facilitate cross African payments for those on the new growing areas of Africa.
6). … and WE (the collective WE) are being taken for fools as Henry Kissinger stated:
“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
However, US strategy in the late 1990’s deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad, leading to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agri-business corporations.
What the USDA strategists failed to take account of, was the speed with which the Chinese government accellerated its global agricultural land grab in sub-Sahran Africa, Western Australia, South America and the balkanized Soviet states in the Eastern Urals.
Consequently, with everything that is unfolding right now Western Government’s are effectively performing political, well-being and economic sleight of hand, to prevent us from comprehending the full magnitude of the deception!
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Introducing Gray Fraughen’s long awaited book exposing the language that has been hijacked by the Vatican (amongst others) to develop and maintain the dystopian Control Agenda since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476AD and the return of the Knights Templar to Jerusalem in the late 12th Century.
(this is a book that will rock your world and should change the way in which you view the world!)
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The Occult
Book Preface
It’s Just a Ride– Bill Hicks
Chapter 1 – Spells
Chapter 2 – 7300 Phonic Languages
Chapter 3 – Occult Banking Terms and Water
Chapter 4 – Etymology and Spells
Chapter 5 – Sign and Sight Language
Chapter 6 – What is Lawful and Legal
Chapter 7 – The Birth Certificate
Chapter 8 – Certificate of Live Birth
Chapter 9 – Clothing and Markings as a Language
Chapter 10 – Music and Miss Marple
Chapter 11 – The Police, Pirates and Corporate Cheesemakers
Chapter 12 – The Courts and Hidden Actors
Chapter 13 – Ceremonies and Events
Chapter 14 – Secret Language and Society’s
Chapter 15 – Fun with Flags
Chapter 16 – Numeracy as a language
Chapter 17 – Cartoons, Micky Mouse and Maps
Chapter 18 – Books, Letters and Post
Chapter 19 – Ice, Death and the Church
Chapter 20 – Money and your Soul
Chapter 21 – Architecture to paedophilia
Chapter 22 – Conclusion
First 2500 copies to be signed by the author
 (Reminder not to leave things til the last minute as the telephone and Email hotlines will be under enormous pressure in the 24hrs prior to the event. Email tickets@alternativeview.co.uk for a call back)
31st OCTOBER 2020
6.00pm Brian Gerrish – Intro & Welcome
6.15pm Brian Gerrish
7.30pm – BREAK
8.00pm Alex Thomson
9.00pm Alex Thomson Q&A
9.15pm – SHORT BREAK
9.30pm Brian Gerrish
General Q&A
AV11.1 – SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2020
9.00am Brian Gerrish – Intro & Welcome
9.15am Patrick Henningsen (USA)
10.00am Patrick henningsen Q&A
10.15am – BREAK
10.45am Paul Seils (QLD – AUS)
Is Australia the Blueprint
for Total State Controlled Lockdown?
Report on Life from the Worlds Biggest Prison
11.30am Paul Seils Q&A
11.45am – LUNCH BREAK
12.30pm Gemma O’Doherty & John Waters (IRL)
1.30pm Gemma O’Doherty & John Waters Q&A
1.45pm – BREAK
2.00pm – David Dubyne
2.45pm – David Dubyne Q&A
3.00pm – BREAK
3.30pm – Debi Evans
4.15pm Debi Evans Q&A
4.30pm – BREAK
5.00pm Gary Fraughen
5.45pm Gary Fraughen Q&A
6.45pm Dr Graham Downing
7.30pm Dr Graham Downing Q&A
7.45pm – BREAK
8.15pm Thomas Sheridan
9.00pm Thomas Sheridan Q&A
9.15pm Ian R Crane
9.45pm Brian Gerrish
Conference Summary & Closure
10.00pm – AV11.1 CONCLUDES
AV11.1 Livestream – It’s Almost Time
After an Alternative View there’s always more. In 2015 a general election followed a few weeks on the heels of AV6; In 2016 the EU referendum too place less than two months after AV7; then in 2019 a further general election followed on the heels of AV10.1!
Now after seven months of financial, political, emotional, physical, familial and spiritual assault, HUMANITY finds itself on the cusp of total lockdown pending the imminent manipulation of a further global financial collapse. The past seven months have seen the lamestream media bombard their respective readerships with fear, despite the failing evidence to support the hypothesis that Covid-19 presents any real threat to organic life on planet earth.
However, although the drama still has to play out I think we can agree that the socio psychopathic global corporatists are discovering that for every step they take towards the dystopian nightmare curiosity is stimulated amongst many who have never considered that reality is anything other than that presented by the lamestream media.
Nu-normal? That’s not for us. We may find that we have to comply with some of the physical ‘lock-down’ restrictions, but we can remain free in the knowledge that we have not conceded our sovereignty and therefore remain free in our thoughts and spirit. We can see and reflect on the humour of a ‘mad mad mad’ world, as it adopts a global dictatorship via the lies and propaganda of a supposedly deadly pandemic called Covid-19.
Let’s remember Covid-19 the mischievous little virus, who attacks ‘non-conformists’ in pubs and restaurants; those who fail to enter by the correct door, fail to walk clockwise staying in the yellow and black safety lanes, or fail keep away from the bar – apparently a known hotbed of viral dangers!
Luckily Covid-19 goes to bed early so if you’re away home by 10pm (soon to be 6pm) you should be safe, provided you don’t chat to six or more in the car park as you depart.
But good news is on the way … as a certain Mr Gates has assured the UK government that Covid can be dealt with by his untested, unlicensed and unwanted vaccines; which are already causing unwanted, unexpected life changing effects. It will not be long before the first cases of ‘Guillain Barre Syndrome’ appear as this has been a manifestation of enhanced flu vaccines (swine flu, bird flu, SARS), etc. and now Covid-19 since Donald Rumsfeld convinced President Nixon to unleash 40 million vaccines on to the US civilian population following a single case of Bird Flu at Fort Dietrich. The 1976 vaccination programme was called to a halt as it became apparent that he risk associated with taking the vaccine were far greater than any benefit the vaccine supposedly offered. We should all therefore relax and be grateful to Mr and Mrs Gates, Big Pharma and the New World Order, as they surely it is evident that they have all got our health and well being as their first priority.
Yes … just a little jab and we are guaranteed safety. Having taken the jab all we need to do is to apply for the Covid-19 passport and life returns supposedly to what is constantly referred to as the Nu-Normal! Unless of course Covid-19’s little friend ‘Ian Fluenza’ 🙂 comes along, then we might be at more risk than we were from Covid-19. But that’s just an insignificant little point, according to Boris and his very well paid (by Bill Gates) SAGE advisers. You see, the thing is our bodies were just designed wrong from the start and they have been hopeless at protecting us from disease and pestilence over thousands of years! Not to worry though, because Bill and Melinda, Big Pharma, the World Health Organisation, oh, and the Banks, are going to re-engineer us, so we can lead full, happy and compliant lives.
What about the collapse of communities, society, and the economy? Oh there’s nothing to see there. Move on. Move on. The Fourth Industrial revolution (technocracy), Agenda 2030 and the Rules based International Order for which the rollout of 5G is an absolutely critical factor are coming … but no need for little people to worry their little heads about that lot!
However, thousands of people have been sacrificed. Especially the elderly. Boris and the highly paid sage committee are puzzled. Apparently, they had no idea that locking up frail, sick, vulnerable elderly in closed ‘care-home’ environments, with those that already had Covid-19, would lead to vastly increased death rates. Luckily they have saved money by reducing the old age pension pot and redirecting those funds to the carefully crafted control mechanism AKA Furlough. So everyone wins!
Then of course there’s the enjoyment of working from home, rather than having to spend time commuting and/or interacting with other potential infected people. Public Health England says people may look ok, but really they’re ‘Secret Disease Carriers’ and if you get too close or, heaven forbid touch, then you could DIE! Therefore, best remove yourself from all HUMAN contact and help promote Artificial Intelligence.
If you’re thinking that you’re not happy then watch out because protests are banned. Well, they’re supposedly allowed by law until people actually have the audacity to go to them. Then the police become aggressive and ensure that lawful protests are closed down. Confused? No that’s not confusing. That’s the nu-law; we can’t have people challenging the idea that COVID-19 has brought the nation to its knees, or questioning people locked in their homes through curfews or daring to challenge the official advice of “Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives”. The government thinks for us now, so any questions are just right wing extremism, verging on international terrorism. Well, the BBC says so, and they are always right. Aren’t they?
If you are one of the many drowning in the soup of Covid-19 nu-speak, nu-normal, lock-down, social distancing, face-masks and staying 2m apart, then join us at AV11.1 as we bring people together on a virtual forum to hear what some of the most insightful researchers, analysts and commentators are ready to share to help us comprehend the magnitude of the bio-spiritual assault currently underway.
Essential AV Viewing
Ian R Crane. "New World Order" at the Open Mind Conference 2012, Part 1
Ian R Crane
Ian presents on the ‘New World Order’ and their planned agenda in a very insightful talk from 2008. Ian doesn’t claim to have any special insight, he simply read the script! One of the great things to emerge from the Covid-19 scam is the exponential increase in others who are now reading and analysing those scripts.
AV6 - Dr Graham Downing - DNA Codes Under Attack: The Vaccine Agenda
Dr Graham Downing
Common sense dictates that we pause and investigate just what IS happening to us. When it comes to vaccination and GMOs the word Autism isn’t far behind…and the observation has been made that autistic children are the modern day Canary in the coal mine and are a dire warning of what is to come for all mankind.
AV11.1 Livestream – Navagating through the Chaos
Join us as we take a close and informed look at what the mad mad world is really about, what is happening behind the Covid-19 smokescreen and help us prepare our individual and collective responses to the unfolding tyrannical agenda.
Can learning the truth be enjoyable in these worrying times? Of course! As with any roller coaster ride, the experience is always more rewarding and feels more secure when holding hands with family and friends.
As for two metres? Let’s get a lot closer than that, and put the whole thing under the AV11.1 microscope. And have some fun adjusting the focus. No-one said this was going to be easy and the fact you have read this far is proof of itself that you are an integral part of that element within HUMANITY that is committed to be part of the resistance. I have been on the case for twenty years. Many others of course have been on the case for a lot longer and those of us in the physical realm at this time are undoubtedly standing upon the shoulders of those who paved the way before us.
Now, thanks to the rapidly accelerating dystopian agenda, many are coming to awareness for the first time. In closing, to quote Alternative View past speaker, Terry Boardman,
“The 21st Century: Humanity Comes of Age”.
Ian R Crane
AV2 - Terry Boardman - The 21st Century: Humanity Comes of Age
For those that have eyes to see …
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