Assume the best in people not wearing masks or lose business.

I get offended when I am asked to wear a mask.  If I am asked, ‘are you able to wear a mask Sir?’ I do not take offence.  But the blunt ‘Can you wear a mask please?’ is actually pretty rude.  If you are running a business, you will lose customers by being rude to your customers.  If I get the blunt version of the question, I hesitate to return.

The poster has it right.  Assume your customer is not stupid at least, and may have a serious medical condition, where a mask is a substantial extra risk to his/her health.  Think about it.  Does it help the NHS to have customers collapsing on the floor deprived of sufficient oxygen?  I have had enough ambulance rides for one lifetime thank you.  I want to do what I’m asked and keep out of hospitals.  Mask-wearing would not help my condition at all.  There are many like me, including asthmatics, people with lung problems, people with slow heart beat, insufficient blood pressure and so on.

Come on businesses.  It’s time to wise up.  Stop gawping at television screens, and start thinking about the health of your customers.