‘As we forgive those who trespass against us’ – No we don’t. Nor should we.

These words from The Lord’s Prayer are not helpful.  A Satanic Cult is running the world, torturing and murdering babies and all ages of human in their rituals and drinking their blood.  This pleases their demons and their Gods who reward them with enhanced powers and give them instructions for their programmes – things like COVID -19 and The Great Reset, demolishing the lives of billions of people, and sending billions to discontented deaths where they can present no challenge to the devilish spiritual forces that the Satanists work for.

Christians follow their religion as prescribed in the bible, which was written by Romans (The New Testament) who decided to create a new religion for the Gentiles in the 1st century AD.  The Catholic Church suppressed humanity for nearly two millennia using this religion, until the Enlightenment and The Reformation, which occurred once The Orange Order finally broke through, defeating the Catholics at The Battle Of The Boyne.

The Orange Order was founded by Mary Magdalene in the city of Orange in the South Of France in the 1st Century AD.  She and her husband Jesus were the richest family in both Osrhoene and Judaea, and they fought a war against Rome from AD 67 to AD 70, which they unfortunately lost when Vespasian arrived in Judaea with an overwhelming force of 60,000 legionaries, and King Jesus was betrayed by one of his own side secretly working for Rome, Josephus Flavius.

Jesus and Mary M were the combined heads of the Nazarene Sect of the Essenes (The Dead Sea Scrolls was written by this sect – their contents suppressed by the Catholic Church).  They banned animal sacrifice in Jerusalem and the practice of usury (charging high rates of interest) – and the practice of human sacrifice which were the previous methods of the Satanists that ran the ancient world.  Jesus was captured and imprisoned until his death (in Chester) while Mary M was allowed to move on.  She moved to France where she founded the Orange Order and maintained the freer approach to humanity challenging the Roman Catholic Church’s brutal totalitarian suppression.  Her descendants, the Cathars and the Huguenots were massacred by the Catholics and suppressed, but they were never defeated, finally breaking through and launching Protestantism, achieving a temporary reprieve for humanity.

Today all those freedoms are being lost once more and a new totalitarianism is being brought in by the baby-murdering Satanists who now have taken over all the levers of power in the world.  The churches are suppressed as potential centres of opposition as they are secretly run by Satanists at the helm, including former centres of freedom like The Church Of England.  Christians are trained to turn the other cheek, to forgive the trespasses of others and not to fight back, to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  That notion must change.

Money is a system of enslavement, which people must soon find a way around.   If the government and its agents are destroying our economy, we should not forgive but resist.  Panic is the method of our enslavement.  So people should stop panicking.  And start resisting.

In many cases Christians are working to resist.  But they are unaware in most cases of the depth of evil they are fighting against.  They must look into who Jesus was in history, and not follow the watered down biblical versiojn, the character created by the Romans who wrote the New Tetsament.  The church seems to say that the battle against evil is won.  Sadly it is not won.  The real historical Jesus lost his war against Rome.  He had tried to stop the rituals of the Satanists, connecting to the Devil, and for a while he succeeded.  His wife Mary continued the fight, and started the Orange Order, which for a while succeeded.


But now the Satanists are back – in full flood.  Inspired by the historical Jesus and the forces of goodness, people can yet turn the spiritual war around.  Forgiveness is not a part of this battle, but determination, open-mindedness, and reconnection to the spiritual power of Jesus, whose name the demons and the devils detest, as they know he is the o0nly force that can stop them.  See my recent article under pages, or my book.