Another Prominent Emergency Physician Unjustly Fired in the Middle of COVID Crisis

ER Editor: Yet another doctor gets fired for speaking out. Now it’s the turn of Belgian emergency doctor, Dr. Pascal Sacré, who has written clearly and outspokenly at the French version of ( against the virus scam on many occasions this year.

To our knowledge, he joins a growing list of prominent doctors including Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Christian Perronne here in France, Dr. Mohammad Adil in London. Remember Dr. Cameron Kyle-Siddell, who famously spoke out in a video urging doctors to stop using intubation as they were ‘treating the wrong disease’? He got demoted from being head of an ICU in New York. (Start at 30 minutes in this Del Bigtree video.) Of course, Prof. Didier Raoult of HCQ fame has been thoroughly persecuted by the government and media. If you google “doctors fired during pandemic”, you will find other names added to this list who haven’t made headlines.

Below, Dr. Sacré lists a sampling of the doctors and doctors’ groups elsewhere who continue to speak out, whose voices, backed by legal expertise and action, are only getting stronger.


Dr Pascal Sacré, a resuscitator unjustly fired in the middle of a COVID crisis: Right of response


There, it happened.

For my words, my words, my writings, I was dismissed like a piece of waste, a thief, without the right to answer.

An experienced, competent emergency doctor, appreciated by my colleagues for my actions in stressful situations, fired in the middle of COVID!

For words, for an image.

All they had to do was reassure people, defend the doctors, alleviate and wait for the storm to calm down… and then talk.

I write, it’s true, things that disturb, dissident points of view, those who follow me on this site since 2009 know it.

When I started writing again in 2020, about the political management of the COVID crisis, but also generally about the endemic corruption of medicine, science and official bodies in Belgium, I felt that it would be risky, really risky.

But I did not give up because I will never let my life be controlled by fear.

Some people say that I am unconscious. Do you think that after 17 years of treating people, in emergency, and stress, often for 24 hours at a time, I could have done all this while being unconscious?

Some people say that I am irresponsible. I have always taken on my responsibilities, preferred writing to speaking because it allows reflection, rereading, and I have always turned my tongue 7 times over in my mouth before finishing an article and sending it off with all its sources and references. I have always respected the rules of the hospital, of society, even when, as they stand, they seemed crazy to me and likely to cause more harm than good. I have always put the safety of my patients above my convictions, preferring to explain, to convince through words and writings.

Some say I am a disgrace to the profession. Those who say this are ignorant of my profession. A lot of people talk about critical care, especially today with COVID, when critical care has been around for 70 years, but do they even know, these accusing people, what they are talking about? We can’t pretend, this is live, live, surrounded by death and suffering, we don’t know how to lie and if we do, we get out. I’ve held onto it for 17 years and I only had to stop suddenly because of people who don’t like what I say, don’t like my opinions!

Some say – the best one – that I am anti-everything. Those who say that are certainly much more so than I am. I will tell you all the things I am for:

  • The truth: in any case, the permanent search for it, and accepting the fact of being wrong
  • Tolerance of other people’s ideas, opinions and writings
  • The will, in turn, to be able to express my ideas, opinions and writings
  • Respect for nature and animals
  • Relief of pain and suffering
  • Life in all its facets, music, sounds, songs, dances, colors, and therefore the acceptance of death, because one cannot live like this without accepting the idea of dying at any time.

I only wanted to ask questions, to give my point of view without ever imposing it on others, to question, to nuance, to contextualize, to reassure when others only want to terrorize.

I was condemned, thrown away for that.

I was forced to abandon my colleagues in difficulty, summoned to leave the building set on fire by people who should not so easily spit on the help of one of their own, an emergency physician, for words, a picture!

That’s how it is.

They have that power.


  • Professor Didier Raoult (France)
  • Professor Christian Perronne (France) (ER: He was recently fired)
  • Professor Toubiana (France)
  • Professor Toussaint (France)
  • Professor Gala (Belgium)
  • And all the other doctors, caregivers and health professionals


Netherlands:  et

US America’s Frontline Doctors:



Flemish Belgium:

  • Translation: 70 Flemish doctors demand the abolition of masks in schools



  • Translation: Almost 300 doctors and scientists denounce disproportionate government measures 

We are all of them.

There are thousands of us.

Thanks to all of you who want a world where the word is respected, truth is defended, freedom is a reality.

I will never let fear rule my life. Don’t negotiate with fear.

Dr. Pascal Sacré


Another Prominent Emergency Physician Unjustly Fired in the Middle of COVID Crisis

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