A view on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Some Source material in four 1-hour videos:

Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Covid Economic Reset

I much prefer written material as sources, but sometimes you miss nuances in the way this subject is presented. It will not be possible to summarise all the content, and I will not try, save to mention that they had an arguement in 2019 as to whether the US Government was able and planning to shut down all the schools. The takeaway: Track and Trace is about your children, and 2030, and not about you. Hence, Part 3 from 00:41 on is chilling, particularly the part about Scotland and one minder per family appointed by government.

I can add a partial view that may help by adding a financial dimension to this revolution. Around ten years ago Microfinance was the new buzzword. Help the poor in places like the Malaysian Jungle by investing small amounts of money is selected projects. The projected ROI was around six percent. But most of the projects seemed to be women setting up market stalls to sell clothes in Chile, though there was one woman wanting to breed pigs in Malaya. To get your interest on your investment, somebody hade to take a motorcycle into the jungle to check on the project and collect the money. It worked out that yes, there was a six percent return, but the Pig Project was paying 40% on the investment to cover overheads and management costs. So, Not what it Said on the Tin.

There’s a book that covers most of the recent history of Microfinance “Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic” by Hugh Sinclair. From the blurb “… a new breed of loan sharks who make us believe they are helping the poor when they are actually exploiting them.” The takeaway : Microfinance disrupts existing microeconomies by financing loss-making activites which displace productive work in ways that extract capital from vulnerable communities.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a subject that the MSM should be all over like a rash, but there’s precious little easily available. Hopefully this adds to any discussion.

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